1999-09-06-TM Building Blocks

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Topic: TM Building Blocks

Group: Hamilton TeaM


Teacher: Malcom

TR: Tara Logan



TARA: In the stillness this morning I felt a strong prompting that a lesson was forthcoming from you, our teachers. I look out my window and the trees are yet green but out front, leaves are already falling in the drive. Tomorrow my grandchildren start back to school. It is as if we are starting on the final count down to year 2000. Also we are nearing one full year of teacher communication in this manner in Bertram's teaching base. It has been quite a year!


MALCOM: Yes indeed, little one, it has been quite a year for you! For us! For the Mission of Michael worldwide! We do all grow and mature together in this mission. Each contributes to the whole, and indeed to the Supreme!

As you realized in the stillness this morning, we have been laying foundations, solid building blocks that will accelerate growth in this mission base in Southern Ontario and indeed throughout all the world.

As more is understood, more will be required and the capacity for understanding and serving will be increased. More and more knowledge is flowing to all of you now because you are able to absorb and understand more.

Gradually you are all becoming more efficient at time management, self discipline and setting priorities, yet do not forget the need for recreation, work and service, along with your pursuit of knowledge and truth.

Always must you remember to set time for being with the Father in the stillness. This is your anchor, your root, your starting point for each day. From there you flow upward and outward in love and service. When your priorities are in order then is your life in order and in harmony. Everything flows smoother and in harmony with the will of the Father, when you ask that He be an integral part of each moment of your day. Then shall you walk with God in the awareness of His presence with you and He shall direct your path in your service for Him among His little ones brought into your sphere of influence. He is indeed the vine and you are His branches. You have been pruned and nurtured and fed and now must you produce fruits of His spirit in your life. His spirit essence will flow through you, His mind, His nature will become a part of you. Thus do you experience soul growth in your struggles in life, in your nurturing process. It is for you to be a willing branch, naturally yielding to the flow of love coming into your very nature, into your own personality, from your First Source and Center. Thus are you on your way to "becoming perfect as He is perfect."

We, your teachers, have been sent to you to assist in this nurturing process. So long have you been undernourished and impoverished on your sphere of nativity. All that is in a process of correction and will continue so, as more and more help arrives to assist the work of Michael in this mission and in all other true spiritual endeavors overseen by Him worldwide. Rest assured all is going according to plan.

Michael is most pleased with the progress of His mission and in the growth of His children being called now, being prepared for service now, and in the immediate and far future.

We must all go forward now in dedication, in faith and love for Michael, and His Mission on earth today, each willing to do our part in His service. We are here united as a team to see this mission come to full fruitation, each one doing his part faithfully, patiently and in perfect harmony with the will of the Fathers.

The little ones are returning to school and the year is indeed marching on with new beginnings and yet we can rejoice in the fruition of the year now passing, both personal and in the work worldwide. Rejoice, rejoice and be exceeding glad for the love and mercy of the Fathers upon us all.


I will leave you now, bidding you a very prosperous and rewarding day. Ever your teacher guide and companion, Malcom.