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Topic: Survival

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Jessona, Daniel, Minearsia

TR: Bill K., Bob S.



Jessina (Bill): My greetings to you all. I am Jessina, a visiting teacher offered a chance to address you this evening on the subject of celestial artisanship. Because of your commitment as individuals to the Morontia life and your desire to express truth, beauty, and goodness in your lives, you have qualified for assistance from celestial artisans.


Celestial Artisans

This is not an unusual undertaking, however, for throughout the ages we have assisted other talented people and we have allowed them to glimpse morontial truth and to hear the melodies of the spheres. You see, when you are willing to do the will of the First Source and Center, you thereby open up your soul to the interactional possibilities of all the celestial personalities which in fact surround you daily. In this world where Michael has bestowed himself, great honor is attached to the opportunity to assist in the enhancement of these correcting times. Therefore, we are using every channel, every opening which exists in the interface between human personality and celestial personalities. I have not come to this group to offer my services to you particularly, but I am in agreement with Bakim that all of you are eligible for more assistance than your minds can imagine.

So, my friends, what I wish to convey to you in a nutshell is you don't have to wait until you pass on to the Mansion Worlds to expand your potentialities. No, rather can you step out in faith to do that which you desire to do, but which your have held yourselves back from doing because of self doubt, cultural guilt and that worst of tyrants, unreasonable fear. I heartedly recommend that you take seriously Bakim's offer and my offer which is to open yourselves up, to fulfill the deepest longings of your hearts as it is possible to do in the mortal garb. And now I must make my good-byes. I thank you for your willingness to be in attendance at this meeting and to listen to my words. Good evening.

Daniel (Bob S): My friends, this is Daniel, your teacher, guide, friend and part-time companion. Yes, it is true that I on regular occasion visit the members of this teacher base just to say hello and avail myself first hand as to your individual situations. When possible I speak to you during that event but most often it is a visitation from a distance. Tonight I wish to greet each of you who has made this extra effort to be in attendance for it has been of late more difficult for many members of this group to open their lives to these Friday night meetings. Let me personally thank each of you tonight who has made the effort to be here. I trust your efforts will be rewarded. Now we will move on.


Minearisa (Bill): Greetings my friends. This is Minearisa, your instructor in residence, your friend and your mentor. I have not taken the opportunity recently to address you. However, it does not mean that I have lost interest in this teaching base. No, quite otherwise in fact. I have great interest in the progress that each of you is making in morontial character development, enhancement of fruits of the Spirit, and in successful outcomes to the tremendous ups and downs of life. Tonight I wish to amplify some of the [thoughts that were presented by our guest teacher, Jessona, upon the topic of enhancing your potentials.

You see, my dear friends, you are all capable of more accomplishments than your minds will allow. You have been so long in the dark closet of doubt and the severe winds of fear that much of your energy, until it had been released by contact with spiritual reality, had been consumed in counter productive experiences. I do not need to remind of you of those dark closets of doubt, of the despair which touched your minds at times in regards to the purpose of life, the reality of God. I do not have to spend more than a moment reminding you of the overwhelming strength of those fierce winds of raw fear that clutched at your soul as it were and attempted to strangle the life out of you. Those days are behind you, but my point in all of this is to say that due to the fact that you are here on Urantia, this benighted planet of the Lucifer, Caligastia betrayal, you have not had the positive emphasis which an ordinary planet would instruct its citizens with in regard to maximizing your potentials.

Please understand I am not going to make a speech for you to become salesman for some material product, some curative wonder drug, or anything of that nature. In actualizing your potential I wish you rather to truly look into your hearts and find what it is that you would truly love to do, that you would love to be, that you would love to accomplish. And if you can discover these longings lurking in your soul, then I wish that you would take them before the God and Father of us all and say "Father, I have these desires, do I have you permission to exploit them, to pursue them, to find fulfillment in them? Are these indeed worthy goals for me to invest my energy in?" If you will do that, you will be in the will of God, for you will be sharing your inner life fully with our Father. And if you will do that and you will gain approval of some, possibly all, that will indeed make it possible for you to plan, to prioritize, to organize and to act, to do what is necessary to achieve those potentials.

Yes, I know that the book describes an unlimited future for development and this is of course completely true; and yes, I know that some of you feel that your days are shortening and you can almost see around the corner of middle age to that last phase of life. But my friends, in your culture far too many people throw in the towel, toss in the spade, wrap up their dreams in the cloths of old age and allow the dust of time to settle upon them. It is not necessary, none of it! It is foolish to look upon those last years of your life, whether they be few or many, as a decline and a narrowing. Oh, no, my friends, those last years can be the grandest of your mortal career for you have the wisdom of your experience and you have true spiritual guidance that you have longed for all your lives.

You mortals are most favored for you start at the bottom, the start of real creature experience and you if you choose can ascend all the way to the doors of Paradise and to the very presence of the Deities. But that isn't the end. That is just the completion of perfection to a perfected state, for then does your universe service truly begin. At this point we do not know what all this will mean but we are instructed and therefore we instruct others that there is no end to the potential of your existence, that you will discover God on finite levels and on absonite levels, and perhaps on infinite levels. This is the big view, but it is important that you keep it in mind so that this life does not become the be all and end all of existence, for this is not at all the case.

Yes, some of you will wake up on Mansonia #1 and will curse that your life did not end—not you in this room-but some on Urantia may curse that their life continues. Well if they retain that hostile mood, they have the right to terminate their existence forever. But many more will be joyfully amazed that God is much more loving, much more fair, much larger in concept and reality, than the finest thoughts of the smartest theologians; and that you were not given these desires to accomplish and to fulfill yourself merely to have them die and fall to dust in your graves. No , they are real desires with real satisfactions.

I thank you for listening to my passionate rendition and now Daniel and I will open the floor to your participation. Are there questions, comments? Please feel free.


Atheism, Afterlife

Virginia: Teachers, I know that at times this has been touched upon, certainly there was specific reference to it by Minearisa, that some, when they wake up on the mansion worlds, will curse, as you have said and others will be pleasantly surprised. And I can't help but think of many friends that probably I can see on both sides of that experience. I guess my question is, those that would profess atheism here, what immediate new information that God is good (do they get)? They wake up. That's a lot for me. I am just wondering what can change their mind so that they see the God of love that we believe exists

Minearisa (Bill): I am Minearisa. I will respond. You see, someone who is a convinced atheist dies at the end of their lives with the belief that they will never regain consciousness, that they cease to exist. They have for longer or shorter periods of their mortal life structured their universe reality along these lines of great despair, perhaps. Upon awakening in the resurrection halls of Mansonia #1 these individuals are often completely disoriented and confused. They do not instantly become believers in the existence of God. It takes a great deal of contact with the teaching and education of the first mansion world for them to become persons of faith. Their survival of death does not automatically convey the world view of a believer in the magnificence and love of God, and whether they verbally curse when they realize that they are awakened or whether they despair in their hearts, always is there the opportunity when all information is available to each mortal survivor for the choice to be made, whether to throw in the towel or whether to continue and affirm the ascension career. I am not giving you a complete answer about every mortal for I do not know that research, but this is some of what I have been able to glean from survivors from the rebellion planets in particular. Do you wish further commentary?

Virginia: No, Minearisa. Thank you for that explanation.

Minearisa (Bill): Does that fulfill your expectation? What do you think?

Virginia: I think it fits my expectations. I guess I don't really know what my expectations are, Minearisa. I am thinking of people that I know and love, and respect, and I would like to believe that they just rejected religion and the various definitions of God that they've heard. I don't know. I want the glow of the angels to happen for them so that they know—that they are pleasantly surprised.

Minearisa (Bill): You are largely correct in that most atheists have rejected the concepts of God. Very, very few have truly had enough information to reject the career of ascension. However, there are some, not necessarily atheists, who have allowed their minds to drift into evil, sin and iniquity to the point of no return, not many, and fortunately not often. They have deprived the God of experience of one aspect of the completion of the Supreme and their failure to be there can never be replaced with exactly their contribution, but will be replaced with another. Another question or comment?

Culture, Rebellion

Ken: Yes, Minearisa and Daniel and our visiting artisan. I believe that is what she was. I thank you Minearisa for this lesson that you have given us on the way the Melchizedek school is being conducted, the intimacy of the contact between the teacher or professor if you prefer, with the student. I thank you for recapping and answering the question that I presented to the Father about my doubts that I had. I thank you for that. It has answered some questions, but I would like to ask you personally for me, what do I fear most in accepting the will of the Father? How can I overcome this doubt of my expression of wanting to express the will. I don't know if I made myself clear. I have doubts of my ability.

Daniel (Bill): My dear friend, I am Daniel speaking. Your experience of doubt as I understand it is largely a matter of cultural conditioning. The concept of God as a punisher, while consciously being repugnant to you, was nevertheless a part of your cultural experience; and by that I am not restricting it to any particular environment. In the culture of the United States of America there has been a complete plethora of opinions, preachments, warnings and threats that God is an angry parent who keeps a record of wrongs and has appropriate punishments for those erring children that He wishes to inflict tough love on, or some version of this. I am not saying that you ever personally believed that, but in the unconscious mind all these messages reside and one can only lose their fear of doing the will of God when they lose their fear of God himself--every last vestige of fear, when they can understand that the Father is nothing but enormously generous love. He has no interest in punishment, no interest in torture. That is obscene in his eyes. He only desires the growth, the flourishing, the blossoming of each of his children. That is his will for each child, and in order to do that He needs to be in intimate interface with each child. So the cultural stuff is there in the unconscious. It needs to be completely looked at intellectually so there can be no trace of a rationale for a belief in an angry, vengeful, punishing, monstrous concept of our loving God.

And logically whose will is probably more beneficial for the individual? Their own limited, finite, ego-driven will, or the goal and direction of that perfect Fragment of the divine within who has chosen you and chosen to go with you forever—to become through you truly personal at the same time that you become fully enhanced in that perfect marriage of fusion. Has this been of any assistance, my friend?

Ken: You're telling me that I still have fears of a vengeful God.

Daniel (Bill): At an unconscious level because of the cultural milieu in which every child in this country on this planet lives.

Ken: OK.

Daniel (Bill): I know that you do not feel that you were taught this kind of God in you childhood. Is that not true?

Ken: That is true.

Daniel (Bill): I am saying, Ken, that still this fraud of fear is foisted upon this planet. You will have to learn by your own experience that the will of God is good and tasty and delicious and satisfying. And my friend you have made considerable progress in my opinion!

Ken: I value your opinion. Thank you, Daniel. You have loaded my plate again this evening. Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): Do not be overly distressed with my emphasis upon the cultural aspects and do not take any responsibility for those messages personally. It is a form of abuse, for Lucifer, his rebellion, was abusive. He presented falsehood as truth, and not only tried to persuade but was successful in persuading millions of will creatures, angels, midwayers, you name it, to believe in the malevolence of the Michael order of Creators, that they purposely made up a fictitious God in order to enhance their own power, that they were not to be trusted. You see, this is the cultural milieu that I am really using as the backdrop of all this. The rebellion planets of Satania have nothing like the normal experience of a planet whose spiritual administration is intact, who's Adam and Eve are there to talk with and see, and to uplift as they do so well. Great is your struggle, all of you on this world! I tell you that for I come from a world well advanced in light and life. And the things that we behold on this planet are shocking; while the progress that you all make is absolutely amazing.

Ken: Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): You are welcome.

Survival, Rejection

Bob: I'd like to follow up with a thing that Minearisa talked briefly about. As you read the Urantia Book, it often says that there are individuals who chose not to go on. And the book says that so frequently I'm left with the feeling that maybe that number is large. Yet my logical side says, no, I don't think so. That's got to be a small number. Are you able to address that? Probably not in percentages, but could you address that? What is the frequency of survivors? How much can you tell us about that?

Minearisa (Bill): I am Minearisa. The frequent mention of non-survival in the Urantia Book is due to the experience of very primitive men and women whose minds had not evolved to the extent that survival was a majority experience. That's part of the answer. And Thought Adjusters gain great experience themselves in working with these primitive individuals, few of whom actually attain survival.

But your question had more to do with the person who had a bonafide chance of marriage with their Adjuster and turns down the prospect. You see, in order for that decision to occur there must be a full understanding of the ramifications of accepting or rejecting the ascension career. On this planet with its distortion of truth such an opportunity for such an understanding is almost never occurring. The result is, then, that these decisions are more frequently made on the other side of mortal death. When the book says a non-survivor, it does not necessarily imply that the decision is made in mortal life. As to percentages I am not familiar, nor permitted to discuss that, my friend.

What matters is that you have made that choice. You have betrothed yourself to your Adjuster. You have made what we call the supreme betrothal, the engagement, the commitment to marriage, to fusion. Ultimately you can never make that decision for any other person. You may try to influence, you may try to portray the loving God whose journey is nothing but pure pleasure despite the struggles, but you can't choose for them. About all I am allowed to say is, do not become like your population of TV watchers who hear bad news repeated so often that they feel that perhaps the majority of life on the planet is dismal and frightening. Emotionally they feel that, not intellectually. But realize that when the revelators write about non-survivors it is such an appalling decision for one who understands the joys of ascension to see another person self extinguish, that it is hard to describe those terms without a certain cast of reproach, a certain attribution of laziness in the tone.

For God the Supreme we have to do something, we have to become. Our potentials have to become actualized. That is our task. To serve the God of experience we have to share our experience with him. God the Supreme is really more like a mother. We are born in the womb of God the Supreme and we are her children. To throw in the towel, to commit cosmic suicide is a terrible insult to our mother. Be glad, as the Master told his disciples, that your names are written in heaven because you have chosen the grace, the love, and the fellowship journey to the Source of your life.


The hour has gone by quickly and we will now terminate our meeting. Aaron would like us to stand and hold hands while he pronounces a benediction.

Aaron (Bill): I am Aaron, your brother. As we hold hands recognizing our brotherhood and sisterhood, our common status as children of one God, I ask you each to lift up your souls and offer them again to the light of the love of God which can illumine every corner of them with life giving energy. Father of fathers Who dwells in light inaccessible in the glory of Your home in Paradise, we your children point our hearts towards You. We desire to learn all we can as we romp through Your universe of infinite potentials and find them expressed more and more completely in us. We know that we are a family and that we are needed each to the other, to be brother and sister. We know in this way we reflect Your magnificent love for You desired to create personalities that You could have communion with. Look down upon these my little brothers and sisters who have given of their time tonight to be here, and in Your looking let them turn their eyes to see that Your face of love gazes without reservation upon each one. And now send them forth with joy and lightness to do the work which You desire of them even as did Jesus our Sovereign pray: "Nevertheless not what I desire, but Your will be done." So be it. Amen.