1999-11-14-Trial & Error

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Topic: Trial & Error

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Darid, Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): I welcome you here today, my dedicated and disciplined students.



We have been engaged in this process together for some time, and as we endeavor to expose different levels of reality, it may be viewed much as peeling the leaves back off a plant or a fruit, each layer being a new experience and exposing underneath it a fresh, new level. You peel away the outer level and study it to discern its value and its merit in relation to your life experience and glean from it all that you are able. Then when you re-approach the fruit you find a new level of reality to peel away, further exposing the luminous light source inside. With every layer of materialism you peel away, the layers underneath are less opaque, and more of the light of the Father contained in the fruit shines through, causing different colors and patterns to appear on this fruit as you strip away and become familiar with all the various levels which cover up the inherent light within.

Wise students such as yourselves realize that there is no great hurry or speed to be applied to this process, as the layers peeled off are enjoyable and worthwhile and have value to be determined and recognized. They may indeed be tasty leaves to relish in the exposing of the fruit. You find the desire to slowly savor the bites and smells and sights and experience as ones to be absorbed. It is not even possible for any student to rapidly set about to peel and expose this fruit, as time is required in the experience of exposing this light. You must thoroughly appreciate and adopt these experiences so that they are your stepping stones toward exposing the entire fruit. Yet you all are attracted by the lure of the sweetness you perceive to be inside, and this drives you forward to desire to peel the next layer, to tackle the next phase, to further uncover the truth, the light.

Each one will have their fruit exposed at different levels as they spiritually and mentally are ready to accept the task. You are correct in that the fruit is very sweet; the lure is very appealing, and I assure you that on each level of existence we all have our own fruit of the Father we are endeavoring to expose, not only to ourselves but to all those around us and to the Father.

This job is what we have been engaged in this period we have been involved together. Many layers of truth and reality have been peeled slowly and lovingly away from your individual fruits. They beckon you with the sweetness and the brightness of their luminosity. I daresay that in your life experience you may indeed believe that at times you have exposed down to the very core of your fruit, but I assure you the levels and the layers continue to get sweeter and more potent and more powerful as you apply yourself to uncovering them. In even deciding to address or handle this fruit you are in growth mode. You are in experiential mode when you engage and peel another leaf, another layer, from your fruit. This is growth in action. With each of these efforts your internal light shines and resonates with your fruit you are exposing, as your fruit you are exposing.

This is the job we have been delightfully engaged in. I assure you that the levels of luminosity of your individual fruits is great and the potential for greater luminosity is greater still. I very much enjoy being a part of this process with you as I attempt to expose more of my gracious fruit to myself and to the Father, as well.

I have no other imagery for you today but would step aside to allow space for others but remain in attendance should you desire to engage me on any point. Thank you.



Darid (Jonathan): This is Darid speaking. I greet you all warmly. Let me add a few comments to our lesson today.

As each of you is revealing the luminous essence of your being through this process, you can look around the gardens of the Supreme and its orchards and take note of the great variety. There are many ways in which this inner revelation expresses itself. For instance, as you unfold your layers you note that your manifold levels appear at times different than another's, and yet the same process is undertaken by another individual. You may, for instance, be like a head of cabbage; another, an onion; and another, lettuce. Central to the unfoldment of each of these plants is the expression of creative force. Central to each of your unfoldment is the creator force. Even the full revelation of your deeper self will appear different than another's yet at the same time similar as does the flowering of each vegetable reveals a different flower, a different seed, yet in the end the same regeneration of life. Knowing this, tolerance and understanding is far easier to hold for oneself. There is a great beauty in the multiplicity of this very same principle that is being undertaken by each of you and yet unfolding in such variety among all of you.


I would now like to offer to you some thoughts that may help to strengthen you when you are facing some difficulties. Often times I have observed that the human tends, when uncertain about the forward movement of events or steps to be taken to accomplish a task to reach a goal, to use the expression "trial and error". It is to your credit that you are willing to experiment and even face error in order to approach your goal, for it is true that in order to discover, in order to traverse uncharted territory, a certain amount of error is inevitable. Let us redefine the expression. Let us call it "trial and adjustment", for error unfortunately implies a certain worthlessness, inappropriateness, inapplicability. But you know, as you have worked so diligently on your spiritual growth, that these errors really, when they come into existence, apply to the process. They force adjustment. They further illuminate the steps desired. Each error is a positive, progressive mistake rather than a negative, prohibiting occurrence.

Mark: Is it correct to assume that these layers are not discarded but absorbed, becoming part of us as opposed to used and discarded?

Darid: I acknowledge the correctness of your observation and would point out to you how, when a rosebud opens, each layer that has peeled back enhances the beauty of the overall expression. Each layer contributes to the completeness of its inner drive. That is why it is good to accept ones past with all its experiential bumps and dings, so to speak, for it is all contributing to the ultimate expression of your being.

Mark: Another petal on our flower.

Darid: Correct. And if I may shift to another article, to consider our element of truth in this lesson, you are aware of your plant form the artichoke and know that the outer layers can be coarse and the inner layers tender. As one refines their spiritual dimension, this tenderness is revealed. And so it is true with the character of mankind.

Michael (Mark): I would greet you today; this is your brother Michael. I desire to come here today to seize this opportunity in your discussion of the exposing of your divine fruits.

I wish to convey to you that I know each of your fruits. I see them as they are at this moment, and I see them as they are in completion, in infinity. I am so pleased to see your efforts to expose this love/light to yourselves and to your world, and I delight to see your missions in states of completion. I assure you that you are well engaged in this process and that this effort on your part pleases me greatly, for when you apply your efforts in this direction, you are surely and certainly proceeding in my direction and in our direction to the Father. It delights me to see the steps as they are taken and to realize the glorious outcome of your endeavors. I assure you, my children, they are glorious. It moves even me to witness this in you. You have my appreciation and my love and my gratitude that you reach for me. I also give you my assurance that I, as well, reach for you. Take this as my personal promise and look for this to be a part of your daily existence. I will reach out, and you will reach out, and together we will make this contact.


Thank you, my dear ones. I leave you now in peace.

Nebadonia (Jonathan): I too speak. This is Spirit Mother and creator associate of Michael.