1999-11-28-Spiritize The Mind

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Topic: Spiritize the Mind

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings my friends. What a wonderfully wide window of opportunity that lies before us. Every day that goes by I am more in awe of our Father. He has shown me many things that keep me elevated in faith, sound in mind and overall feelings of well-being. I still have yet to meet with our Father in Heaven face to face, but still I can view His wonderful works every day.


When one is of sound mental balance then is Father allowed to spiritize the mind. Your mortal experiences are the educational diagrams from which Father teaches values and meanings. He is always aware of your shortcomings and areas in which you need attention. Experiences do occur through the divine hand which teaches you what you need to know to advance spiritually. Of course, this is not surprising. Everyone here has experienced Father's open windows of opportunity. Synchronistic events are necessary to bring you to a place where the mind and soul is ready to learn.

I am most grateful for the tender watchcare Father has provided to bring me to the place in which I learn best from. Difficulties come and go, but the calm and well balanced mind is able to draw value and become more spiritized. The spiritized mind is equipped to handle a more adventuresome spiritual life. Difficulties become challenges that provide spiritual joy in an otherwise mundane mortal life.

We have had our lessons on the ego animal-like mind. We have studied the benefits of good mental balance. We are ready for a step up to the spiritized mind. The Master, as faithful and trusting in Father as He was, maintained a wonderful mental balance and was in no danger of ego default. Of course, we still have the ego that plagues our life with mental imbalance, but know this--that there is hope that even Father is able to reach you through this and aid in spiritual progression.

My friends, you have that faith and you are well on your way to mental stability. You know that the hand of God is working every day. You cannot actually see Him, but you can indeed perceive His fine works. How are you able to perceive His works? Yes, exactly, through the spiritized mind. When one has cleared the Father's domain within then can the spiritualization of mind begin.

Is life just drab and ordinary day in and day out? Only if the mind is not able to view the spiritual meanings and values. Can you be with spiritized mind and be beaten down by the worlds cruelties? I should say not. What does the spiritized mind entail?

COURAGE to view everyday tragedies and withdraw the meanings and values therefrom.

WISDOM, wisdom to know that mortal life is a time for learning and not punishment. Things happen and the spiritized mind must find the philosophic meaning therein.

STRENGTH, strength to endure the cup of "come what may" and rise above inner agenda's to divine direction.

Unearthly abilities or morontial capabilities is what a spiritized mind can expect. To know and understand mortal adventures and question not Father's motives.

JOY, deep and abiding joy is a benefit that the spiritized Father indwelt mind can receive. When one is understanding spiritually the worlds "why's" then can you perceive Father's immediate hand and all the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness produced therefrom.

LIBERTY, how liberating is it to know our Heavenly Caretaker's are willing to handle the big things in mortal life. We are responsible for our small parts, certainly, but the bulk of what mortals usually worry about can be bestowed into the hands of very capable Heavenly Caregiver's.

Does this spiritualization of mind change your way of life? Yes. Will you change? Probably. How can one taste the divine adventure and then forsake it for something so colorless, so plain? You, my friends, are adventurers and candidates for spiritization of the mind. You already have made known the price you would pay for Father's sake. You have already defined your responsibility in the Kingdom, to Father, to yourselves, to your fellows, yes.

What things may happen in mortal life to further spiritize the mind? How can you most effectively withdraw the meanings and values from these events? What are the spiritual fruits produced from mindal spiritization? How further may your foundation change? Have further discussion on these questions. That is all.


I am always available during your journaling time for your questions and extra needed help on these various topics. As always my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.