2000-04-02-Tomas' Intro Coeur d'Alene

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Topic: Tomas' Intro Coeur D'Alene

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Tomas, Malvantra

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers, Daniel Megow



Elyon (Jonathan TR): I am happy again to make this connection, to be in your presence to share. I enjoy your informality and your relaxation.


I know that in the years past I have mentioned new phases that lie in store for you, and you have been curious as to the nature of those phases. Now you can use your hindsight to discern and evaluate those very phases. You are beginning another phase with the addition of another teacher into this classroom. There is great camaraderie among us; we do enjoy sharing with every student in every classroom in these Melchizedek schools. We do enjoy accommodating the services of a fellow instructor in our assigned classrooms. You have not been without a multitude of guides, but this day I would formally make this statement that Tomas joins me, your teacher Elyon, as a coordinator of activities.


Over the course of many years I have enjoyed witnessing the enlargement of your field of reference. You truly are developing a sensitivity toward morontia perspectives. Your insight has increased as you have taken this high-sight, the view of the morontia that overlays your physical world and condition. This high view is an anchor when the storms of change toss you about. It was never intended by the creators that you would find in every difficulty an easy solution. But it is intended that as you cooperate with the bestowed spirit influences that you would find a suitable solution, one that will bring personality advancement. It may be that your encountered difficulties are left un-remedied, but in the course of your experience, you will have emerged with greater soul acquirements.

I have spoken in the past of you as co-instructors, and I have done so in the endeavor to support your advancing status as one who will increasingly represent the light of Michael upon this planet. Your growth has enabled me to acknowledge that in you all, and I have done so that you may possess that belief yourselves. Oftentimes in the development of character, an individual will not recognize an attained quality until the individual is able to label, to categorize, that quality, to transform it into a tangible perspective. As the character develops, it emerges in what appears to be a nebulous way, for the events of life are not linear when it comes to growth. Events must transpire, and when a subsequent event is needed, that may have to wait for years, and quite possibly it had occurred years prior to the primary, the first event, and it requires time for you to associate the secondary event, which in time occurred earlier, for the growth to be attained. Once you have made the association and recognized it, then you take on bonafide possession of this status. You grant yourself qualification. You continually practice the development of morontia high-sight. Though you will be reminded continually that your world is largely physical and oftentimes distracted from the spiritual pursuit, let yourself believe fully that you are transforming your being into the status of a morontia being.


Consider the realm of your next life to be as a mirror, that as you grow now and look up into that mirror, it will reflect back to you your attainment. Just as you use a mirror in your daily life for grooming, to set yourself aright before you make your entrance into your daily affairs, use the morontia mirror for grooming, for that perspective of oneself that you may adjust your tie, that you may straighten your hair, that you may reflect the morontia into your daily life. Stillness is sitting before this mirror.

I have with me several who would love to make their comments, so I will recede for the time being.

Tomas (Mark): I greet you this day under the watchful care of your excellent teacher Elyon. This is teacher Tomas, and I simply wanted to make your acquaintance, as it were, by announcing my presence so that those in this group may become familiar with my presence enough to recognize and embrace my attendance at your meetings. I am thrilled to be welcomed into association with this group and look with eager anticipation to the growth of this group by two more individuals with whom I am intimately associated. Change is indeed in the air, and we see this as the coming together of many positive attributes and the creation of many new options to be exercised as the dynamics in the group are enhanced. I am especially pleased to be welcomed into this association, as I view the potentials inherent in this relationship to be vast and exciting. To combine forces with Elyon is indeed an honor; I view it as such and look forward to making any contribution I can in this Teaching Mission process. I have every reason to expect great spiritual strides as we all offer our input to the process. As you know, we rely heavily on your motivation to be about this process. Through my observation I am satisfied that in this regard I may count on each of you gathered here today.

That is all I would interject at this time. I am pleased to be here and look forward to future encounters with you individually and as a group.


Jonathan: You are certainly welcome here with us. Looks like you travel faster than Angus and Gerdean.

Malvantra (Daniel): Greetings, Malvantra here. I would like to say that we Melchizedeks see this coming together of the two teacher/students, Elyon and Tomas, to be a fortuitous happening. Their individual styles of presentation are different and unique and yet exceedingly complimentary. They will be able to present to you different perspectives of the same conceptual lesson and, in doing so, you as human student teachers will have a much broader and more encompassing picture of the realities which we all together are trying to teach.

I have one other short comment this morning. It is in relation to the morontia mirror that our good teacher Elyon shared with you.

Yes, indeed, you should look into it often to see how your morontia selves are appearing so that you may groom them for optimal performance. I would remind you at the same time that you as budding morontia individuals will also be using this mirror to mirror outwards to others what it means to live a morontia life of soul. Your individual lights will shine out, and the love of our Father and of Michael and of Mother and your teachers will reflect off your mirror so that others may see and be attracted to a life in partnership with our Father. The morontia mirror is a two-way mirror. If you will look at it closer yourselves you will discover that indeed it is a three-way mirror.

I have great love for each of you. I would let you know that already you are accomplishing much of Father's will in your lives. As was said previously, much of what you have truly become you do not yet see. Let go of your ego fear and allow yourself to see the beauty and truth of your own intentions and the reality of your personal spiritual growth. It is not egotistical to recognize that which your soul has accomplished. You have accomplished it with cooperation with your fragment of our Father. Your soul knows that this is so, that you have not accomplished it alone, all by yourself. It is because you have each come closer to your Thought Adjuster that you are beginning to become brilliant reflectors of our Father's life. I am quite proud of all of you for what you have overcome to reach here and for how very much you have grown in such a short time. Carry on in your Father's light and be assured that we will help you toward every sincere step that you take.

Jonathan: Elyon and Tomas together makes this the ET group. Enlightened Teachers, Experienced Trainers, as well as Extra Terrestrial.

Harold: Could you elaborate on the three-way mirror concept?

Malvantra: I would prefer that you review the lesson, and in stillness that will be revealed to you, for each of you will have a different and individual understanding of that third part.

Harold: I came up with love is a three way arrangement: We love others, we love God, and we love ourselves. Each side of the triangle is dependent on the growth of the other sides. Maybe that is an interpretation of the mirror, seeing yourself, others, and God at the same time.


Malvantra: That is an excellent analogy. You must each look into your soul to discover the third part of the mirror. I have given you a clue.

Good day.