2000-04-09-First Source

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Topic: First Source, Sovereignty

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Ham, Tomas, Lantarnek, Elyon

TR: Jonathan, Gerdean, Mark Rogers



Ham (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, I am Ham. I am here today as I elected to do so. I have a keen interest in each teaching group and was desirous to witness the joining of two great teachers and their associates. I am not here to present to you a formal lesson, just to extend my love and my greetings.

Tomas (Gerdean): I am Tomas. Good afternoon. Often I affectionately refer to myself as Tomas, the opportunist, and I will take the opportunity this afternoon to present a few words to you and to enjoy your energy, and augment the energy of this realm by my personality presence. It is a joy, in truth, to be here and to feel your open hearts encircuited by Michael's energy and our Father's love. Words which I have brought for you today have to do with sovereignty.


Sovereignty, Supreme

Sovereignty is a big word which instills ideas of government and grand schemes, and yet each of you, in fact, is a sovereign state unto yourself. Your self-governing aspects lie within your relationship with your indwelling Adjuster, and its rule in your hearts guides and generates your personal kingdom. In this state of sacred sovereignty you individually will live in Light and Life. When you conjoin with others, your personal sovereignty is extended, expanded, enlarged, and altered in the incorporation of the personal sovereignty of each of you. The old way would have you give up your personal sovereignty for the good of all, and our concept of sovereignty would have you incorporate the sovereignty of others in such a way as to merge and meld your individual sovereignties to a greater state of Light and Life. This is a process similar to molecules that gather together to create an organism. Each molecule is essential in order that the organism have all its living parts. As you are all essential to the configuration of your group Light and Life.

Allowing the Father to remain your Sovereign Ruler affords you the faith and trust that your brethren, your neighbor -- extensions of the Father and reflections of His truth, beauty, and goodness -- are also in keeping with those same attitudes and feelings that you have with your Sovereign. It relates in its essence to each of you being yourself, and as you become more and more your true self, you expand reality so that it fits appropriately with the adjoining reality, enlarging our Father on Urantia in a very real sense, yes, contributing to the Supreme.

It is a supreme pleasure and privilege to be welcomed into this community. The previous years' experience in relating to you mortals of spiritual hunger has witnessed incredible and real growth in many ways. As we expand and enhance our previous teachings and learning, we grow momentum toward better days ahead. It is always invigorating to enjoy the company and stimuli of others, and this community is a raucous display of fraternity, which, with appropriate sovereignty, will grow into a mighty living citadel of the spirit for our Father's glory.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): Greetings, this is Lantarnek. I recognize that each of you seeks the First Source and Center. You are keenly aware of our continual encouragement toward your practice of stillness, and, if you center upon this source first, much of the meaning of the teachings of Michael take on deeper significance.

Many have stumbled over the phrase, "to love another as you love yourself", for there is confusion over the value of self and caution regarding the over-evaluation and importance of self. The Father is your source and He is your destiny, but you are the journey between source and destiny. It is the Father's will that you unfold from Him and back to Him and that you reveal to Him your discovery of reality, your explanation of the exploration of the universe.

The nature of the First Source and Center is that of absoluteness, all-encompassing of totality and extending beyond totality. Your expression is one of the emergence of minuteness into magnanimity. The Father welcomes this expansion of yourself and has pledged to be with you and to become as you in this course of unfoldment. The realization of the value of individuality and the coinciding understanding of the presence of the Father in every individual ought to forever displace the sense that the love for oneself is a perilous notion. If it be the will of the Father that He indwell you to commune with you, to reveal to you, and if you think but that you are unworthy, reflect for one moment that if He could bestow upon you Himself, then you have value. The extension of this reflection in the realization that all others around you are equally endowed with His divinity, you can realize Michael's truth of loving another as yourself.

The First Source and Center is the secret to all subsequent activity, thinking, realizing, and again brings me back to my emphasis that you spend that time with Him in solitary communion.


Elyon (Mark): I bring you my warm greetings today; this is your associate Elyon. No instructor or group of associates can be more pleased than myself and the others at the formation of this group and the potentials rising to the surface in the crowd.

We have been once again reminded of the importance of the stillness and the power of the group association, and it is now laid at your feet for you to activate at your will. Your eager faces staring toward the truth are a joy to behold, and your embrace of the truth is splendid to witness. The building blocks are immediately before you, and we watch in awe and joy as you grasp and assemble these blocks. We refrain from instructing as to exactly how to assemble them, but we are ever on the sidelines cheering you on as you take these steps yourselves. We have before us powerful opportunities. Life, however, this life is short, is brief. Having had the tools and the materials set before you we must be about this task at hand. We will find great joy in working together in these tasks. Many will be drawn to our projects as we are engaged in light building. As we work on our structures of light, new opportunities arise and different materials come to hand, and it is a creative endeavor to utilize the forces and the materials at hand to accomplish this undertaking. The creativity is yours; it rests in each of your laps. The initiative, the drive, is yours from deep within your souls. What is left is to simply go about the mechanics, go about the step-by-step procedure to start with something small and arrive at something much bigger.

It is a joy to witness everyone in their own developmental stages and to see that separately they are awe-inspiring, but together they are overwhelmingly magnificent. Each one of your points of light originating here shines out and around and about you. Collectively assembled you represent a beacon, a veritable lighthouse, to those around you. We encourage you to shine brightly in these endeavors with joy, to radiate this love energy out to those around you that they may witness the fragrance, witness the light, and be drawn to you and to your message of peace and of love. You have been graced with a number of associates eagerly anticipating their interaction with you. All that is left is to complete the circuit and engage your higher self and your associate assistants to follow the highest path. You have my commitment; you have our commitment that we will be there to cheer you on, to encourage you, to counsel you when necessary, and that the road before you is truly one filled with light and love and one we share.

Thank you for your willingness to embrace this process, for your willingness to reach out beyond yourself. This act of your faith is what is required to mobilize these forces. You are shining examples of this process.

I move aside for others, but I leave you with my affection.



Gloria: Recently I've been taught how to go into my crown and move my energy there. I used to pull everything into my body to do things like healing. Now it seems like I'm going up and out into dimensions outside of myself. When we did the silence I felt a healing spotlight going around above my crown chakra rather than flowing through my heart. This is different. I'm learning to live less in the physical and more in this realm. I'm still in touch with the physical. I'd like validation if I'm understanding.

Elyon: Elyon here, I will address your question. My friend, you have been engaged for quite some time in active pursuit of the understanding of energy manipulation, how it flows and how it is channeled. You have taken great strides in your understanding of these forces. This is an important aspect for everyone here to understand. Life itself is energy. It is the conscious manipulation of this energy, to channel it and to cause it to flow in certain directions which dictates the movement of your, not only spiritual progression, but your physical movements as well. Everything you do in this life is as a result of your conscious desire to shift the energy required to make that action occur. Whether it is the simple raising and lowering of a limb or the act of a deep healing, it is simply energy applied on different levels. It is your concentration and focus of this energy application at different levels that dictate your effectiveness. Once you understand that your existence is energy and the flow of energy and the direction of energy, you then become conscious of the effect the redirection of this energy will have on your being.

You have for sometime been observing these forces at work. You are well familiar with the physical aspects of energy required for movement, and you are growing in consciousness of the effects of spiritual energy transferred and channeled appropriately. All of you will become more sensitive to the application of these energies as you grow in awareness of their effect and impact on your direction. It is an evolutionary step for you to learn to redirect your energies so as to provide the desired results.

Gloria: It feels good because it's not so locked into the ego and physical. It's part of the expansion I've been going through.

Elyon: Absolutely, and at this point it is most valuable to you to observe the effects of the different flows of energy, this way or that way, in or out, however you may perceive them, and to become aware of these effects so that you can recreate this energy flow and subsequently the desired effects.

Gloria: Fun. Cool. Love it.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): This is Lantarnek who would like to contribute.

If I may draw an analogy to your lawn sprinklers or perhaps your showerheads, that your chakras are as the aperture through which water may flow and be distributed. In your work on your morontia soul you have focused your attention upon these apertures, making sure they are open and that the energy flows through them. You have become aware of the most important aspect of this device and that is the inlet. Your crown chakra is as the inlet aperture for a sprinkler. It is important as an ascending being to remove any restrictors that would withhold the flow of the energy of the Father. Your work has been focused upon the nature of the configuration of this device which is, in reality, your physical makeup. Now you have taken the next step to be aligned with the energy itself, to be part of the flow as well as part of the apparatus that distributes the flow.

I hope I have helped in my contribution.

Gloria: Very much so. Thank you.


Tomas (Gerdean): I will also add for the sake of balance and to embellish upon a concept I discussed earlier, that of sovereignty. You have been working on the self-mastery of your system, your being, you are now ascending to your area of energy in which a morontia reality is introduced and reigns upon the rest of your system. The body chakras, the heart and instinct and so forth, are related to your physicality and your emotional responses thereto. As you understand yourself better and allow your association with spirit to curtail your urges and intellectual drives, you seek more of the spirit-rich realm and the seventh chakra, that lotus blossom wherein your soul is also blossoming. So, what you re doing is ascending in self-mastery.

I am aware of your emotional response, and I understand your recognition of validation, but you ought not be surprised to discover that you have begun to also probe the seventh adjutant mind spirit of wisdom. So, you may assimilate into yourself as symbolized by the seventh chakra the adjutant mind spirit of wisdom that will enable you now to maintain your sovereignty over yourself in Light and Life. It will render you now more pliable when you will be prompted by the Spirit of Truth, for your ego influence is healthy and is eager to respond in a healthy way to that which the universe provides for you.

Gloria: Thank you. It has been a lot of work getting the ego to integrate.

I feel like I have had a love feast. Thank you everyone for sharing.


Ham: This is Ham once again and I greet you in closing. It has been a feast, indeed, a celebration, a closure, and a beginning. It is a joy to be a part of your lives and to watch you grow and to appreciate your assistance for each other and for the reality that we all hold high. Let's picnic on the lawn, and we will be with you throughout your days to come until we meet again. Good afternoon.