2000-04-10-Life Giving Energy

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Topic: Life Giving Energy

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a beautiful evening in which to gather and reaffirm our faith, and recommit to the cause. I do indeed look forward to each week when we can view with our own spiritual eyes Father increasing among us. EMULAN would have some words for you.

Greetings, my friends. I too feel blessed to be with you and know that we each play an integral part in the Brotherhood.


In the days of old families would dwell in the same homes. There was never a time where a friend or neighbor could not just come by. There was always room for one more at every families table. In these small communities there was a definite need for the Brotherhood just to actually survive.

The adversities of that day and age, individuals needed one another because hardship came too easy, and there was mutual understanding that one could depend upon their neighbors. When hardship struck, compassionate, practical, God-loving and God-fearing individuals found it altogether right and proper to assist their neighbor, for when hard times came to pass, they would expect the same assistance in return.

With modern technology making life more convenient man has learned to be independent. Independence is a wonderful thing when the economy supports the whole. Conveniences are practical and helping society to evolve, allowing more time for those things that are really important like: family, stillness, and service.

Technology in this day and age however has brought with it much competition, and with the fading or distorted spiritual practices, it was easier for man to become individualistic. Man does not so much rely upon his neighbor anymore, but he is now seemingly competitive to do better than his neighbor.

There are still God-loving individuals who serve to be of spiritual use and find fulfillment in that. There are still those God-fearing individuals who will serve because they fear God's wrath. What reason have you now to uphold your brothers and sisters? Is there the desire to have more than your neighbor or at least as much?

Love, my friends, is a living energy that without humans literally can die. Look at a baby who has not experienced the love from a parent who would rock himself, craving the loving parental arms and stimulus around him. Look at these children who grow without love. What becomes of them? They are also unloving and unproductive.

Love, my friends, is a flowing life-giving current which sustains all things, which heals all things, which unifies all things. Can a man serve in a world without that life-giving energy? Can he build a product which would replace love? Can one build a school where children dwell, and be slothful and looking for gain, when he thinks of his own children?

What good is this mortal life without love--love to give and love to receive? How will competition or individualism fill the emptiness where life-giving energy should be? How will individualism serve the whole? There is no question that each person is a distinct and unique child of God in which Father knows on a very personal level. You should not downplay the importance of this, and yet not become so wrapped up in it that all else is less important.

Michael is the founder of this Brotherhood. He is at the helm. He would see it His honor to fill His pan with water and wash your feet as He did those apostles of old. He does not distinguish one foot from the next, be you man or woman, young or old, rich or poor. He has made your place in this Brotherhood. He counts Himself as one of you. He is a Creator Son, Brother\Father, and yes--Sovereign of our universe, but He counts Himself a brother in this Brotherhood.

He cannot make your lives easier in a technological fashion, but He would certainly uphold you or teach you and bestow upon you that life-giving energy in a brotherly fashion. Welcome Him among you. Allow Him to take your feet and make you feel a part of His Brotherhood. Welcome Him among you. Know that in your dealings with your fellows He is one of you.

How can we take the Master's example of not being able to distinguish one foot from the next, but only have the willingness to be there for your fellows and pass along this life-giving energy--love. Love surpasses all pain, all those petty differences, all those hurt feelings that someone does disservice to you.


This week, my friends, put love first as your focus concerning your dealings within the Brotherhood. Ponder upon the Master's symbolic spiritual cleansing. Allow Him to be welcome among you as one of you. I am with more love for you each time we meet. I would be willing to answer your questions during the week. Abraham and myself bid you farewell.