2000-05-14-Babies, Adjusters

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Topic: Babies, Adjusters

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Lucio

TR: Henry Z.



Henry: Father Mother God, we ask your help in making our heart a little more comfortable with your presence.

Henry (TR) JarEl: Greeting to you my friends, it is I JarEl. Before we get started this evening, I am going to open up for anyone who would like to bring in any messages this evening, the floor is now open.

Larry: Thank you JarEl, just as Donna and I have dedicated our lives to doing God's Will, we have now dedicated our lives to each other and on Mother's Day I asked her to marry me and she said she would so we will be getting married in September.

JarEl: Congratulation, good choice Larry, also a good choice for you Donna.

Donna: Yes, thank you. Yes JarEl I am very happy about this state of affairs. And I'm looking forward to our future together working in the service of Michael and the Correcting Time. I think we work very compatibly together and I am looking forward to the future.

Lucille: We hope to have the wedding here?

Donna: Yes. Of course any and all of you are invited.



George (TR): Good evening, I a Lucio, George's personal teacher. I gave this message to George not to long ago in hope that he would relay this to you. It pertains to a soul and its relation to another soul in term of intimate relationship. I call it soul relational status. There are five levels of soul relational status. The first being soul relational status, which is the state where two souls have agreed to join in a blissful relationship and succeeding. There are many attribute to this relationship, which are love, compassion, understanding, comprehension. The next level in intermediate soul relational status. This level is when the two soul are eager to consummate their relationship, to bring it up to the next level, they are constantly struggling, but they are trying. The next level is pre-relational status, this is a state where many people will find they are at this moment. Their relationship is valid, however, they are not in agreement, not in a state where the souls understand each other or accept each other. The next level is un-relational status. This level pertains particular to a stranger, an acquaintance, it may include kindness but not love. And finally the last level is the undeveloped soul status. This level person is unable to have any sort of relationship. There are two more to the either extreme. One being fusion and the oblivion. Thank you.


JarEl: Thank you. Is there anyone else have anything to say. Then I will continue. It is very good to be here this evening. I am thankful to speak to you in person, so to speak. This evening I will continue the discussion on the part and the whole. Mans' intimate relationship with the spirit within is whole.

Adjuster fusion makes it complete. It does not change either status. The human counterpart must still grow, still experience, still attempt to transcend boundaries and become more light and to continue to grow into perfection. Man does not become God by fusion. Fusion is an intimate and blissful relationship to me God and man in which both have acknowledge their commitment to work as one, for the one and is their part for the benefit and good will of the whole. This whole relationship between God and man is a part of the Supreme. Which at some point will be completely whole and yet at that point the Supreme Being will become a part of the on-going evolving deity manifestation of God the Father, the First Source and Center. Lets look at complete systems.

Lets take your physical presence here, human and mortal flesh, your body. In and of its self, it is a complete system. It is able to operate right below your consciousness to maintain a certain integrity and to serve the will function of the human mind that you can direct movement, involve in sense perception communication, and even attempt to grow in awareness both physically, mentally and spiritually.

This body, this complete system carries the human personality, yet you are a part of this whole system. The system would be useless without you as its focus and main partner. And then, ironically enough, this system needs to be separate from you in order to fully function. If it had to rely upon your consciousness to breathe or perform any of the other more intricate molecular, chemical, cellular functions, fluid and tissue manipulations of the body, many of you would be in worse trouble than you are now. So this complete system operates within every part, and is designed to function perfectly.As you know throughout time, you begin to comprehend that it( the body) is not a perfectly working system; that it has inherent flaws, limitations and compromises. And you are either helping the system in its vitality and its ability to function at an optimum level or you're not just maintaining a functioning status quo with the system. So in this respect the human mind and the human personality relate to the whole body by thought patterns, behavioral patterns and basic emotional and attitude patterns. These all effect the whole.

When you really begin to sit and think with this awhile you will begin to comprehend that everything you do effects the wholeness, the health and completeness of your system. Once you begin to comprehend this level of existence you begin to see that you as part of society and the brotherhood also begin to effect the outcome of the whole group by what you do, by what you think, how you act, react, what you are working towards, what you offer as meaningful production and work. You begin see that this concept of part and whole has a dimensional aspect that begins to immediately disperse an inner work into patterns of existence.

You have many segregated groups in the world; segregated by national boundaries, segregated by belief system, political and economic structures, occupational divisions, gender, relationship, about everything that you can imagine, separates people, put them into groups. But the world is not designed to be a conglomerate of parts. It is designed as a symphony, as a melody, a family where all parts work in relationship and function just like the parts of the body.

With function, the heart is pumping the blood, the lungs are doing the breathing, the brain is doing the thinking, the regulating of the body temperature, the regulation of the tension in your body. The nervous system is sending messages, relating messages back and forth. The skeleton system is supporting your structure. The skin is holding everything intact. The muscle are attached to your bones, so that they can move and you can give expression to your life.

The Master's incarnation of life event, intended to help man see and understand this family relationship, this brotherhood concept centered around the Will of the Father. Father-Mother God is the center, the attention and the focus and around that the activities of men and women organize around it. Michael diligently tried to establish an organization that was devoid of preference and division. He respected where his apostles were. He didn't coerce them or force them. When they came to him with problems, with John's followers, what to do. He said, "Well figure it out, meet with them and I will accept whatever you decide." He left the work up to them.This is the pattern.

He very much could have easily told them what to do, kept them as little puppets, as part of a watch, he the main spring. But he knew that on a simple level the real model of brotherhood would eventually prevail on Urantia. He knew that in time a generation of people would begin to sense this identity within, this identity with Spirit, with presence, with potential, with insight. And he also knew that down the line, generations would be born that would serve the Spirit and begin to hold in relationship and synchronize all of its parts. The Teaching Mission very much has operated on this principle. There are individuals who have taken it upon themselves to bring you messages. There are individuals who have taken it upon themselves to help transcribe these messages, organized group activities and get together. Still this yet very small group, in the United States, has minimally organized its self, just mostly functional organization and allowed for the dynamic of individual and groups to express themselves and to share and sponsor each other, time and events. It is very much modeled, patterned after the way that the Master trained his disciples and the Women's Corps.

So as you begin to see this relationship between you and God, begin to sense this relationship as the link which helps you to link onto the greater relationship of the family of man, the family of mortals on Urantia. Trust in the link, trust in the Spirit. For our purposes this evening I'm not going to take this discussions of the planet into the myriad metaphorical relationship of the part and the whole. But tonight just focus on seeing the very simple way what we have, what you are given and how to best integrate it into the greater good of what happen to you.

This has been an ongoing theme the past number years, not only in my discussions with you but in general with the Teaching Mission, lessons and discussions in general. It is important that this patterning take hold, that it takes hold in you as individuals and it begins to takes hold as individuals in society. Michael is determined to help you do it right this time to hold for as ever long, it needs to be held, this world in loving hands, loving consciousness and spirit compassion - to help all of you to see your way through to the times that are upon you now. So trust in the whole and dedicate your part to the whole. Thank you, I will answer question that you have.


Lucille: JarEl, you mention the word 'you' in relationship to your body in the beginning. And emphasized that the 'you' consider of the mind and the personality. What other things are involved in the 'you'?

JarEl: Well I would say that the spirit within is a part of you. The Adjuster is a very large part of you. The decisions you make are also that part of you that is defined as you. There is the concept of you. There is the actuality of you. And there is the becoming of you, so you are dimensional, is it not?

Lucille: Yes, it changes as you become more spiritual too.


JarEl: This is correct, it becomes more defined as you. And the part that is experiencing is having to grow and expand to begin to accept more and more, till you can accept everything-- think about it. God can hold everything and accept it all. God lives within every human being on this planet and look how complex the planet of human being real is. And God is holding all of that. God is in residence and God is accepting of the human quality. And yes it is true that God is a lot more accepting than most of you are, because God knows that in time most of you will shift and change and grow. Since God is outside of time, God holds the ever present now.

When you get in touch with the presence and stillness, in a sense you're going outside of time and space and into the presence of Paradise which is an ideal. It is literally a quiet space, it has not time. It has dimension. Yet it contains everything there is and it holds it. So God is that part of you which has the capacity to accept and hold everything. So as you begin to grow, hold more and accept more you are becoming more Godlike.

Lucille: That is beautiful, thank you very much.

George: Is there some reason why certain things are not revealed to us from the Celestials.

JarEl: There are many reasons George.


George: There are many questions that I have. I am sure that other people have. I assume that the reason a lot of these question have not been answered so we can come up with our own answers and we can make our decisions as to what course we want to take. But a lot of time these event happen in your life hit so close to home that one can't help but to question. Just recently my sister had a miscarriage and I wonder again whether that baby has survival potential or not. Or weather it just of no importance.

JarEl: You ask real tough questions.

George: And are these..I sure because there is controversy about this.

JarEl: I know.George: If we were given direction I am sure people will use is. That is not my hope, I just want to have peace of mind for myself.

JarEl: I will take a chance and put it to you the way it is. Every time two human beings come together into intimate contact there is a potential to produce a real and actual being. From the Universe and spiritual standpoint this is viewed. This is why tremendous amount of angelic activity is involved in pairing couples. Now, I would take you through a story. When the Prince's staff, the material staff on the planet, they were not allow to reproduce material beings. But as beings, non-the-less, their pursue for intimate contact became so clever that a way was figured out in which they could have the connection without the physical consequence. And what happened? They reproduced non material beings.

So, getting back to your question. One would have to presume that on some level if an intimate and intentional relationship manifested an invisible being, (within the physical level of the Prince's staff) with the right condition and the right circumstances and the right physical genetics, this relationship or this coupling will produce a full term developed fetus which will become a human baby, then that baby is born. In due time it is raised by its family, it receives an Adjuster - it has a chance to make a difference on this arena of Urantia.

If the process is halted at any point it may or not go on. There are many factors which play in to this. I am not going in to these details. I am giving you enough information for you to see on your own. To have some understanding of your question. Many times these partial term premature births that do not take place in the physical level do take place on another level. And all will creature and willful life has a tremendous respect and presence in the spiritual. So that while it may be the right of individuals to decide whether they to carry a baby full term or not once it is initiated, in no way erases the reality and presence of this baby. So rest assured that many who do lose children may at some point in their career be reconnected with these children if they so choose. The Universe is also merciful, it is not witless, it offers options all along the way. Just like a sleeping survivor can be resurrected at a certain time, so can these babies. Does this help you George? Or is it more confusing?

George: It help me tremendously JarEl. I have one final question if you don't mind. If and when these babies survive, do they appear in their undeveloped stage or are they...


JarEl: No. No. Just like a deceased mortal appears in its undeveloped personality in the body so does a new born appear in the morontia form. The human condition has been removed from it. What you have to understand is that there are a lot of agencies involved in the production of a human being. Least of which are the two mortals that without thinking in the heat of passion make a decision that they may or not have to live with. But there are many more agencies involved. For example there are agencies that are developing a customize personality for that baby. At the time of conception, at the moment of truth sends the Universe a call sign to bring up another personality into being here. So since it is customized, you see the personality does not come until the Adjuster bring the personality. Yet because it is customized, the personality completely overlays with the already existing child, even at that young age of five years old or six years old whenever the Adjuster comes to indwell this being. So, the same thing will happen if the child does not get to play out its life on the planet. It goes to the Mansion Worlds, the parents or the mothers are offered the opportunity to reconnect with a child she may or may not have remembered. And if she so chooses and this baby is given to her and it is indwelt by an Adjuster it has the personality that has been waiting for this life. There is a whole spiritual dimension that goes on. More then you can even imagine. This is why there are sciences in the spirit, developed to foretell and predict the types of beings that will be needed to carry forth the future. And in doing so, to go back through the genetics and to be able to bring two people together to produce eventually this particular person. Not unlike the small amount of information that was allowed to be revealed in The Urantia Book, that the celestial searched for a fitful carrier for the fetus of Michael. Because Michael did live in the womb of a human mother for nine full months before he was born. So, I hope this gives a little dimension for you.

George: It does, thank you.


JarEl: I would add just one thing to what I have just stated. On the sphere of Thought Adjusters, the Father's World of Divinington which is one of the sacred spheres of Paradise, the inner worlds of the Father- imagine the activity of Thought Adjusters creating personality profiles for all the beings, being born in the seven superuniverses. Just imagine and imagine that from the point of inception to the point of indwelling there is barely enough time to work a model up, test it and select someone to deliver it. Thank you.