2000-05-15-Your Fellows Are Your Lessons

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Topic: Your Fellows Are Your Lessons

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Greetings. I am ABRAHAM. I am always learning each time we meet because I am your teacher and friend. I have learned certain lessons that would bring me to the spiritual level I am at now. You have become a part of my life. No matter where we go from here, you will each be a part of my memory of history. Through the negative or positive you have each taught me lessons that add to my harvest. I would consider it an honor to have been part of yours.



To understand the inter-workings of the Brotherhood is pertinent to your spiritual growth. To endure with your fellows is to be accepting of the lessons that will add to your spiritual harvest, good or bad experiences--it is quite valuable. A child who has been abused or neglected is going to take that experience and learn from it. He can learn to become enlightened and better from it--not to repeat the cycle, or he can become deeply scarred and angry, and take out his frustrations on his children.

Your fellows are your lessons. They are key in advancing spiritual levels. Even in negative experiences there are growth promoting factors that give you skills to use in the future. We are each so very different, and yet we need very much the same things. It is sometimes difficult to become involved in another’s life, because we all know deep down we are to a point responsible for each others spiritual harvest.

Many circumstances occur where you are a part of someone's memory of history, someone's spiritual growth. It would be easier to not become involved, but where are the lessons in that? Where is the spiritual growth? A person who would happen to meet up with a vagrant, who is asking for money, knows too well that money could go for what feeds his overall problem.

How simple it is to turn your head and walk away and go on with your daily living. How conscience clearing it would be to give him the money and walk away feeling, "I have done my part." How many would stop and engage in conversation with this man, with what appears to be a lower level human being? Who can find a few spirit-led words to plant within this fellows mind to encourage and inspire? What good will it do to show you care? My friends, you have no idea how the mere act of showing you care energizes a person. It turns them in a divine direction even they question, "why would they care for me?"

To meet and speak with this vagrant could have quite a few possible lessons in it: to be non-judgmental, to show you can care for someone who does not measure up to societies ideals, to find inner courage to speak with a stranger, to have understanding for those less fortunate, to remove fear with an ever flowing current of Father's love from you to your fellow. These are all valuable lessons in what could be five minutes out of your life. This vagrant may be your assignment--you may be his.

This week seek not the way of ease but the way to understanding. Know that involvement means receiving lessons. Involvement means feeling that ever-flowing current of spiritual love, recognizing that love that Michael has for you, you can have with your fellows. Remember to be observant and just allow the unfolding. Look for the lesson in your confrontations with your fellows.

Many want to serve Father but say, "I know not how." To become involved with those you meet without worry that they may infringe upon your time, or divert your attention from those things you think are really important. We each have something to learn from one another. We each can add to each others harvest. We can also take away, my friends, by apathy, or fear of getting involved can delay another's harvest, just as it can yours. In one another we find God. We can bring out the best or worst in each other. We can add or delay the spiritual harvest. I can take questions.


SARAUNA: Abraham, my daughter and her roommate really have been enjoying your lessons and have sent a request. Her roommate, (?) would like to know if it is possible to get her spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: I am told her spiritual name is Vanessa. I am told they are together finding a wonderful path in which contains many wonderful lessons and memories to cherish. They each do well and have the power to make many lives better. Their association as friends helps to create new ideas and be balanced. That is all. Another question?


SIMON: Abraham, thank you very much for your lessons. I am very enthusiastic about sharing your lessons and others I find on the Internet. I wonder if you have any insight about sharing those? Sometimes I feel awkward or maybe a little over zealous.

ABRAHAM: Understood. My first recommendation is to live a spiritual example and allow the joy of Father to be seen in your light and free countenance. Next, I would say to engage in conversation to see if they are open to receive such teachings. If they show interest, then by all means proceed. If not, I would wait and perhaps bring the subject up again at a later time. Your best bet is your instinct on these matters. You know, my son Simon, if an individual is open or not. We must always use caution when sharing these lessons because many times it is connected to ego. For example, one may share the lessons to be helpful and because they truly care about people, and perhaps another may share these lessons as if to say, "look at this treasure I have. Let me enlighten you." A person can receive a lot of undo gratitude or energy for sharing them. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, in talking about working with our fellows, being in service to others, how can I maintain balance in that and take care of my health?

ABRAHAM: It sounds as if you are moving at a safe faith\trust level, and yes, Father does aid physically where He sees fit for you to perform certain tasks. Even illness is a lesson in itself, and it is altogether wise not to overdo, but where there is faith and trust, there is focus on Father, and not on self. There is energy going towards accomplishing those tasks and not towards feeding the illness. Many individuals who are very busy make not time for bad health. You need to be balanced in this of course, but where you have your thoughts on others--there that energy manifests into service. There is balance to be had in all things, and my daughter, you are very well aware of your health difficulties enough to know when to slow down. Your extending yourself in service to others though is quite healing mentally, spiritually, as well as physically. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you very much.)


MIRIAM: Could I ask a question about Midwayers? What do you think of them--like do you chum around with them? Do you talk to them? Are you buds? Do you visit? Is one here now? Who is he? Does he know us? Does he like us? You know, just kinda like a warm and fuzzy approach of what are Midwayers doing these days and how are they doing?

ABRAHAM: Yes to all questions. I am in such gratitude to these marvelous helpers. They are quite like you, my mortal friend. They are humorous, and at times, emotional. They are quite eager to be of assistance, and succeed and fail, just as we do. They perform a great many tasks from things menial to things historical. The Midwayers that are in attendance tonight I have known for a very long time, and they are as close to me as you are. Is this answering? (Yes and thank you and I would like to thank them.) Certainly. Understood and you each work more with them than you know. One more question.

CALVIN: I guess I'd like to see if you have an opinion on hosting the conference next year. We have our opinions, but would you like to add yours or just no comment on the subject?

ABRAHAM: I am in support of the group consensus. I will be supportive in whatever you each decide. I understand this to be a delicate issue now. I shall be on hand to help wherever I can. Let me assure you our Mission is still building its foundation for a strong and meaningful duration of time. We will have ample opportunity to serve without the pressures of time. Do not worry. Is this helping? (Yes. Thanks.)


I am as always with gratitude to be a part of this family. I am always each week with more love for you. Do not hesitate to seek my counsel during the week. Until next week, shalom.