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Topic: Like Mindedness

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Damalia, Tomas, Darid, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Jonathan



Social Architects

Damalia (Gerdean TR): Greetings, I am Damalia. I am a social architect. I have been privileged to visit with other groups at other times. I am always glad to see you reference the social architects when you discuss your spirit friends and spirit purpose, for there is indeed a realm of reality which relates to our work with you, and we are glad to see you yield to the leading that would draw you together as like-minded religionists. Like-mindedness is not necessarily in that you here all have the Urantia text as a foundation, because we will work with any and all other sorts of personalities which have a common interest.

It is a progressive step forward when you hear through the broadcasts within your own mind those signals that would gravitate you toward those who would be most conducive to your own furtherance and development. Creativity, broadcasting, music, and the like are a dominating factor of this segment of students. There are other known groups involved predominately in healing or recovery or philosophy, and thus your community develops the fragrance of that which lends a sense of like-mindedness that extends beyond the spiritual theme and breaks down into your lifestyles, skills, and abilities. We are quite thrilled to behold the emergence of these many groupings of individuals who potentially are capable of impacting upon Urantia as a result of the solidarity and authority of the essence of the personalities comprising the community. You give validation to one another and stimulation when you share your interests, as Rodan has adeptly pointed out.

There are many morontia companions present observing your exchanges. The exchange of information in the realm of interest that you share gives rise to culture. It is the culture of your groupings that will pass on your value. So these family units, these social gatherings, are our work, if you will. We are quite happy in observing them become a reality and compatible with one another and appreciative of the affections of the other communities. There is not alienation or competition in our way of life, but encouragement and comfort, stimuli and progress. It is no wonder you are all feeling activated. We have a great configuration in which to further our beneficent functioning.

I thus greet you today and make my personality known as a way of underscoring your understanding of our work as social architects. Thank you.


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you once again. This is Elyon, your friend and associate. I have a viewpoint to express.

Truly it is of great value to everyone to hold with importance the tasks you seek to further and accomplish. This is good, for lack of importance depletes the energy that is needed to reach the goal, but I must also offer you that morontia viewpoint, that you also understand that much of what is undertaken on this native sphere of yours is training for even grander endeavors in the lives ahead. I may draw analogy to a sand box. When you observe children at play in a sand box they are very intent upon their work. They move their toys and build their mountains and carve their tunnels. They create their edifices, and yet you know that when the play, "work", is done the sand crumbles; the forms are lost, yet the child learns valuable skills and not only in construction and creativity but in cooperation with others playing in the sand pile. Children grow and the these same children create businesses, build edifices, plow highways, many apparently more important projects than this sandbox play, yet the application of the skills acquired in that sandbox to the adult activities is the greatest derivative.

You know upon your world that there are civilizations that have come and gone, and your later generations discover the remains of these cultures lost to time. The grandest project we all undertake this day and in the eons ahead is the building of the time/space community of Light and Life. Every step we take at every hour in our day not only directs us toward that goal, but brings upon each of us a new skill, an added dimension of personality expression.

When a contractor builds a building oftentimes things must be removed, pits dug, trees cut, land pushed about, and then that is undone when the project is complete. Holes are filled. Trees are planted. The apparent tearing down and breaking up is not destructive but contributory to the constructive goal sought. Therefore, as you each undertake a task, do realize that morontia parallel, the acquired skills and the Supreme goal, this will lighten any sense of defeat if a project is abandoned or blocked and unaccomplished, for it is one step in the bigger journey. But you must wholeheartedly approach any project for the greater benefits to be derived, for lackadaisical and uncommitted approaches will weaken the morontia benefits to be derived.

Thank you for hearing from me today, and I will look forward to your sand pile play.

Tomas (Gerdean): I am Tomas. Good afternoon. I will not talk all day; I will, however, support our day's investment in extending a sense of greater reality out into the community and beyond, connecting with other communities, thus contributing to a global tapestry of Light and Life. This will come in the form of what is real, what is meaning and value. The material reflection of the spiritual reality is indeed like the sand that shifts with the weather conditions, with time. That which has been built which is value is eternal. That which is constructed of the essence of spirit is a continuum in and through the Supreme. Thus nothing of value is lost. The transmissions that get stuck in cyberspace, the love letters that are not sent but pressed to the breast are still a reflection of a reality that goes into your continuum. The definition of love may need to be redefined, but love in all its reflections is a relative reality which becomes a part of that which you are and that which you, by your choices and your feelings, will pass on to the next generation and the next by the value that you live and impart.

Are there any questions this afternoon?



Tom: In our text it says that mind is a temporary intellect system loaned to the evolving mortal soul, or something to that effect. Since we have a disparity of mind function, is the mind circuit we are loaned uniform in all of us, tempered by our genetics and the decisions that we make? Secondly, when we reach the morontia worlds I assume another mind is loaned to us. Is this mind based on the usage of the mind we have on this world? For example, if we were slothful, substance abusers, or selfish would that determine a greater or lesser degree of mind on the morontia worlds?

Tomas: It is a big question. Perhaps I can attempt a response. Perhaps Elyon will embellish my response which will set aside for now the various personality manifestations of mind based upon on how you think as a creature. Define mind more as an energy system that is utilizable because you are sufficiently endowed with acumen that it can function. It is loaned to the mortals of the material existence much as electricity is used here or other essential fuels and tools of functioning in material existence. The morontia mind is the mind of the Universal Mother Spirit, infinite mind. That is the mind you aspire toward and in some cases are accomplishing or at least beginning to "grok". Yet you must use your human intellect, mortal mind, in order to function here and make those decisions which will enlarge and enhance your ability to depend upon the greater mind. You are given mind to use much as you are given your material body. It is a system of functioning which will serve in the development of your greater reality.

Would you care to add, Elyon?

Elyon (Jonathan): I have but one perspective and that is to relate to your current technological device, the computer, and illustrate that the components that drive the device, your chips and circuitry, can be compared to your neural structure and brain that have some inherent capabilities but that is their extent. When a computer is initiated with power, all you perceive on your screen is a prompt after which it will sit and wait for will to apply itself, for you to think. Your early computers required much operator input before any activity of a significant nature could take place. Now in the evolution of your technology you have operating systems that can provide a lot of your intelligence.

Nebadonia has bestowed upon your physical structures the human operating system of mind. The operating systems you have today in your computers are specific to the computer, based upon the design and manufacture of that computer. Therefore, if you change to a different architecture, you must install a new operating system. This is why your intellect is a temporary loan, for when you step up to a new computer system, a new morontia vehicle, you can no longer use the operating system of human intellect.

I hope I have supplied a contribution to your inquiry.

Tom: Is this like the parable of the talents? If I develop a given talent will more be given to me in the next level? Conversely, if I just hide it under a rock will I be deprived? On this world some people are brilliant and some are ignorant. Sometimes it is through no fault of their own; sometimes it is.

Tomas (Gerdean): Intellect is an independent factor from mind. Intellect has no bearing in a spiritual search. God is no respecter of persons in that regard. Even the brilliant can throw away their lives while the most simple can live a life heroically. The important thing is the decisions that the mind makes. Those are not necessarily intellectual decisions but decisions to grow closer to the indwelling reality, the greater reality. Distinguish between mind and intellect.

Ginnie: I understand that once we make a moral choice we attain an Adjuster. Once we have an Adjuster who becomes personalized we don't get a different mind. We have the same mind all the way through our ascending career. Am I correct? I see the mind as personalized. It grows but it doesn't change.

Tomas: To the extent that you identify with and become more a part of the First Source and Center you are correct; you begin to operate with a new mind. But that is a developmental process, for the human mind is still necessary in order to build those sand castles and garner the experiential wisdom necessary to make the decisions that will further your spirit reality and thus your greater mind.

Elyon (Jonathan): You might consider mind as a concentricity of circles, that the mind you have today is the smallest of circles, an arena through which your thinking may take place. As you develop and grow as a spiritual personality in concert with the Father's presence, your mind arena expands. You will retain the value of a spiritual nature from your mind experiences of today, but your mind will no longer look like the human mind that you have now. It will expand into the greater cosmic arena of superuniverse mind and eventually merge in the mindedness of the Supreme. When describing this mind we must articulate the levels that you may better understand how mind is applied in your current life station.

Philip, I wish to address your talents question. I noted that you paused when you asked that if a talent were not used that you may perhaps be deprived later on. I noticed you discerned that deprivation would not be the method of the Father, that if you have but one talent and not ten and seek to apply this talent you will be rewarded with more in future times. The only means whereby you may be deprived of further talent bestowals is your own willful rejection, and that can happen, as Tomas illustrated, with the most brilliant of intellects. You may have but . 01 talents and, if you exhaust your ability to use it, you will receive manifold more.

Not every individual discerns the talents placed upon their personality as a possession. You need not be concerned as to whether you have discovered them all, only that you apply what you have discerned, for some talents are resident within the personality potentials which can't be activated until you have traversed many levels in your ascension career. The mind appears limited while housed in your physical form, and some of your talents will not be able to be activated today. But your practice in the activation and utilization of today's talents will make it possible for you, in the greater mind circuitry of the morontia worlds, to activate those latent potentials.

I hope I have been helpful.

Tom: Yes, thank you.

Ginnie: We still hang on to the idea that if we don't do something we will be punished or deprived, even though that's not the case with God. It's something that is latent and will be developed later on.

Elyon: I[sympathize]] with you fully, and I would share with that you that the training of us teachers in the Melchizedek schools prior to this mission assignment was also in this very regard, that we teachers may not be received by those of your kind, that we may be received for a duration and then rejected or dismissed. Even those of my kind are counseled to know and understand that this is not punishment or failure; it is simply the course of events based on the spiritual accomplishments and status of many involved individuals. So, yes it is good for you to discern this now and begin your work on it. Realize that it will continue, for there is a complex social structure and much goal attainment ahead for everyone.

Darid: This is Darid. I wish to express to Evelyn some counsel. You mentioned your associate and the sense that perhaps this individual has felt that she has offended you. My advice from what I can discern is that this individual is sensitive to territory. She is alert to the potential of trespassing. You might alleviate her concerns by inviting her into your territory to perhaps hold the other end of the tarp, to hold the bolt while you place the nut, to provide a sense of shared ground that she may trust there will be no offense. I hope that perhaps this may be applicable in the relationship you are involved in.

Evelyn: Good idea.


Merium (Gerdean): They have sent me out for the curtain call. This is Merium, like Loretta Young, swooping through the door in all my charm to embrace you and dazzle you with personality presence. I have two cents, one of which is that for all our show and pomp and circumstance, for all our sophistication and attempts to hide behind who we think we are, we all truly yearn for and long for that spiritual intimacy which only can be found through communion with our divine Parents and as that intimacy may be discovered in our fellows. The other penny for your thoughts is that even as we love to party and enjoy the dance of life, there are in the quiet recesses of each corner efficiency experts who are waiting to sweep the floor. So I dash off in order for the stage lights to dim and for your dramas to begin. Throwing kisses, farewell.