2000-06-18-Divine Patterns

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Topic: Divine Patterns

Group: Cincinnati TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra

TR: Stephen



From whence comes this divine spark of light, this essential spark of life? Who are the divine parents? Who watches over us? Who guides us in our ways? As you read, who leads us beside these still waters? Who among us remembers them? Who are our divine parents? Our destiny unfolds each day as we attune ourselves to the divine spark of internal guidance and never-ending purposeful, directional, composite attunement with the universal, all-forgiving, all-merciful and compassionate Father-source of all reality and all living things.

From whence do your patterns come? How are your mathematical computations arrived at? Where did this quantitative analysis originate? Who are the master mathematicians? Who keeps track of all the numbers? Where do the numbers end? Who counts all these numbers? Who's aware of every number? How can anyone remember all these numbers?

Only God truly has such a memory that encompasses all eternity. Beyond the confines of human mind, beyond the confines and boundaries of limited understanding, you cannot grasp the significance of the mathematical patterns and exquisite formulas designed from Paradise and entrusted to the beings that you read about, delivered by executive order in exquisite variety and by chemists who have the source of loyal attachment to the Paradise mandate to dispense Trinity patterns throughout the ends of the universe. These patterns are brought home by the ascendant scheme of pilgrim transformation. Forever will you know your badge of honor is attached to your unending desire to fulfill the mission as delegated by those whom you study of. Forever will you remember your own mandate to be true to the word of love and to delegate your service to each other. Forever will you be, instead of wishing to be- you will actually be in reality, a son and daughter of the living God eternally partnered for the formulation of the divine plan.


Shalom "akolechum " y benvenuto!