2000-06-18-Stillness, Light & Life

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Topic: Stillness, Light & Life

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra, Tomas, Elyon, Jessona

TR: Daniel Megow, Gerdean, Jonathan




Malvantra (Daniel TR): Isn’t it amazing how in stillness -- and attempts at stillness -- you are made aware of many sounds that you did not hear just seconds before. Greetings, this is Malvantra visiting today. I have been in this area for a few days now.

The sound of a clock is very interesting. It is repetitive and yet, when other things are going on, it is almost soothing. You can count on it to be the same at all times unless, of course, its energy source is running down. In a clock that is wound it must be rewound, and then it can carry on its repetitive function. Many of you enjoy the ticking of clocks. While you are listening to it you are basically unaware of the time that it is signifying, yet each tick of the clock is a step forward in time.

There are things in human life that may be likened to the ticking of a clock, indeed, the beating of your heart, the routines that you do regularly; yet while you are about your business you do not notice any of these things until your energy begins to wear down, and things do not seem to go quite as they should. On the material side, you eat food or rest to replenish the energy to keep your clock ticking, but it is also very important for you to rewind your spiritual spring, for when that gets worn down things do not click nearly as well as you would like them to. Give thought to recharging your spiritual batteries daily, winding your spiritual spring, giving food and, when needed, rest to your spirit. Your spirit is who you truly are, and it is of utmost importance to keep it in the forefront of your consciousness.

Allow your physical mechanisms to be the ticking of the clock in the background which goes for the most part unnoticed. If you keep the charge on your spirit it will as a result keep the charge going for your material selves.

Since there are others who most assuredly want to talk today, being that I am but a visitor, I will step back now and enjoy the rest of today’s conversations.

Tomas (Gerdean): Greetings, I am Tomas who will reinforce Malvantra’s message. Indeed, the practice of stillness is a key word of the day. I would like to once again review with you the focal point of stillness based upon your being a microcosm of Paradise.

In Paradise there is the original I Am, original thought, which opted for association, and the Word came into being, and there was at once an arena, a field of action, and the deed of life is. Here today we find ourselves in that which is. Indeed, the clock ticking is representative of your very existence in time and in space which is measured as a part of the arena in which you find yourself. When you find yourself in your arena at a moment wherein you would like to indulge in a bit of stillness to recharge your batteries, you may sit down in acknowledgment of your place in the universe and begin with the external arena in which you live, wherein you find yourself working and praying and making those actions which are a result of your thinking and responding to others.

Many times when you sit down to meditate you find the Father is far away, and you are completely consumed by the apparent activities that meet your immediate mind: the neighbors, the bills, the job, the family, the health, the very material considerations of your mortal life. This is appropriate, but you should recognize your time and space. We come then into the Word, the word being the connector, the prayer, the attachment to the Second Source and Center, the Eternal Son, the connection between you and your creator and his Creator, on into infinity. Thus you have enhanced your situation in time and space by allowing yourself that divinity connection that will lead you home. And where is home? Well, outer space, of course.. The Isle of Paradise? Yes. Havona? Certainly. But also within, inward and upward as the Indwelling Adjuster is representative of the First Source and Center. So, once again within your very existence you have within you the source of all that is, in increments that are understandable to you. As you have approached the Word and given recognition to your reality, you are elevated to the awareness of that which has brought you and your reality existence into being. Perhaps it is through your own mortal decisions that your circumstances are now presenting you with opportunities or problems. This is your life; this is your experiential arena. This is your palette upon which you co-create. At the heart is the timeless ticking of the pulse of God that is life itself.

Rest in the appreciation of life, your life, as you are learning how to live it and enjoy it, as you are appreciating its stimuli and growth opportunities. Rejoice in the experience and, having found the joy living in stillness and having acknowledged this to our Father and to yourself, return then into the arena wherein you find yourself and take the reality of the Father with you and spread it throughout the land.

In the final analysis there is little to distinguish the inner life from the outer life. Aspire to ascertain your inner life in others as you pass by. As our Father’s reality is reflected to you from your fellows, you have acknowledged another step into Light and Life. Enjoy the journey.

Good afternoon.

Light and Life

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you. I regard you each as my friend. I am Elyon.

I have been instructed in my ascent about the nature of evolutionary worlds and have come to better understand the manner in which these physical planets become stable and ready for the ages of Light and Life, the spiritual civilizations that reside upon them. When one has witnessed the deliberate construction of an architectural world, one sees the beauty, the interconnected repleteness, that can only be had through a designed sphere. Not all evolutionary worlds upon attaining the Age of Light and Life will have this same completed stability. Scars of the evolutionary course will remain. Every world will demonstrate its course through its monuments of nature.

Today I wish to compare an evolutionary world with your spiritual life, for each of you is striving to attain Light and Life in your individual way.

Worldly knowledge is accumulated much like the landing of meteorites upon your world contributing to your land mass. But spiritual knowledge comes from within, just as the volcano will release new magma to form new continents and other land masses. Oftentimes the up-rush of spiritual realization is too hot to handle and can be upsetting to what appears to be your stable land forms, your crystallized and settled opinions and concepts. But when the revelation is complete you find that you have gained spiritually. It appears there is more of you than prior to this time, yet it has been divulged from within and has already been part of you.

In the course of your growth, these continents of spiritual understanding, of living experience, can clash and, like your earthquakes, can cause disruption as you learn to adjust and learn to stabilize your diverse experiences. Yes, worlds like your own have oceans. This can be likened to your lack of vision. Continents appear separated because of water, and you must set sail and discover new shores about yourself. Yet, as you become more integrated, you will discover how complete and interconnected all your spiritual knowledge is.

The stillness is a form of spelunking, of going into the inner recesses of your own spiritual world, there to discover an inner beauty, the gems, the treasures, the riches contained within you.

But I also encourage you to not only go cave exploring but rather also be a deep sea diver. Learn to understand the interconnectedness of your various lands of knowledge. It is out of the oceans of potentials that your life is fed.

I encourage you to be mountain climbers and to seek those vistas of your own being that you may better view your entirety. Climb the mountain of your acquired skill. Climb the mountain of your prior attainments. What you have lived to this point in time is a trophy of a hard course that you followed. Let these be cherished; let them be that vista point from which you may see your future. Every soul is like an evolving world. You have all in your sphere to help you reach Light and Life. The very heat at the core is the Father’s presence, and it is vitally important that an evolutionary world be hot in order to sustain life.

It is my desire to receive your comments if you have any at this time, and others of us stand ready to address you, for we are a sizable corps today.



Tom: I have a question for Jessona.

In our text there are numerous references to the “Father’s will”. One says it is the Father’s will that we become holy, just, and great. Another says it is the Father’s will that our righteousness consist in love, mercy, and truth. If we analyze the word “mercy”, it is applied love. It is better understood if we are just, fair, kind, and patient. Likewise, to be holy would be to practice the Father's presence, and to be great would be to be the server of all. These words are like icebergs with many meanings and values. I’m curious about “just”. Could you expound on this word?

Jessona (Gerdean): Jessona here. I will borrow from the Ancients of Days who are perhaps the epitome of justice wielding power. Their justice is infallible, as they are able to take all things into consideration. They have a virtual omnipotent view. They are able to see reflected the entire value of the individual and are thus able to be just in their renderings.

There is so much, as you say, that is hidden. There are indeed many tips of the iceberg showing, but there are so many depths of experience and causal history involved in a creature of time and space that one truly must be supernal in order to be truly just. But we aspire to know what it is to be just, and in this attempt we would be mindful of the fact that we do not know everything that has gone into the creation of this personality, of this character.

It reflects a fruit of the spirit, sincere fairness. You must be sincerely fair in making your assessments about your fellows. In those cases wherein you waver, it is better to lean toward the side of mercy.

I am appreciative of the smattering of prayers that were presented from other worlds that give examples of other mindsets in their relationships with deity. I am reminded of the prayer that suggests that we be forgiven for showing mercy, for in our attempts to be just it is often true that in our ignorance and our naiveté, in our attempts at mercy we are overly accepting, all encompassing in our forgiveness. Even though you may be critical of one another, it is also true that you are very reluctant to fatally judge. The human psyche is an extremely complex instrument made more complex and convoluted because of what it has had to endure. It makes for one fascinating study of an incredible species of being. It enables us to more appreciate our Creator whose mechanical universe has been created with such elasticity and malleability that so many variables can become a part of the experiential existence, and yet and still the spirit can rise to the top like cream every time.

Have I helped you understand what is just?

Tom: There are some things to consider. It sounds like it’s impossible to judge because we don’t know enough. It sounds like we don’t know enough to even be just.

Jessona: This is true.

Elyon (Daniel): Elyon here again. I would play with the word “just” a bit. The Father is infinitely just. Add the word “add” to “just” and you have “adjust”. Father is the adjuster. The way for you to be certain of being just is to just add the Father. That’s all I wanted to add. Thank you.

Malvantra (Jonathan): I greet you again, Malvantra. It is tempting to be involved in this dialogue. Let us approach this topic from a different angle.

If one of you were to use the system of measurement metric and another your common, standard system of inches and feet, you would arrive at different numbers for an answer. Spiritually speaking, fairness is the application of the understanding that the systems are different but the answer is nonetheless correct in each. Just is to know that it is right regardless of the manifestation through the form of measurement. The effort of a human to become just is the effort to discern, as Jessona has stated, the totality of which the Ancients of Days and the Father are most privy to. You will, due to your current standing, be off by a few decimal places or fractional accuracy, and this is the importance of love and mercy and fairness and patience and kindness, for, to illustrate, your number pi is giant. It is where you stop, where you are content, that you say this number is “good enough”, yet you could continue on for great lengths of time justifying it. Short of the presence of the Father, one must apply these other fruits of the spirit, and it is well said by Elyon that your true justness comes from His presence.


Just one more thing, just in case you need more; just, in a different application, can indicate singleness, the, ”I have just one.” I call you to the Master’s admonition that the “eye be single”, that you be focused toward the Father and His will continually, and you will find that “just” quality that you are seeking.

Tom: Thank you.