2000-07-17-Trust and Suspicion

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Topic: Trust and Suspicion

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, my friends. I so look forward to our meetings each week. Always are we learning individually, but when the learning is as a collective group there are much more ideas, meanings and values to be had. I have always appreciated each unique individual within this group. There are so many varying views that aid us each in our own understanding. One such individual in this group also provides greater growth in thought, my friend Emulan.

EMULAN: Thank you, Abraham. I also benefit from your knowledge and the kind manner in which you relate to me. I can always count on loving, truthful words from you. I am in gratitude to you, Abraham, for allowing me to gain experience in teaching. Your mentoring skills have proved quite beneficial. I also thank you, my friends here, for your patience and allowing me to speak in the manner from where my character resides.


Continuing on the lesson of trust and suspicion I would say there are many factors that cause individuals to have to keep repeating this lesson. There are underlying intentions individuals may hold that would make them view others as having the same intentions. Where your intentions are, there also is your perception of reality. A person may have certain thoughts, opinions, views that they just assume others also have. These thoughts, views, intentions are deeply imbedded within the mindal structure, and what you intend towards others is a reality you may perceive coming back from them.

A young lady who would find it energetically fulfilling to gossip about others may just assume others are gossiping about her. This is her reality. What she has sown in her actions she has reaped negatively. Her true intention is to reap the energy from her fellows as she provides them with information, fact or fictitious information. The possible guilt she may have coming out from within the good of her soul causes her to reap what she has sown. What she would do perhaps immorally she assumes others also do. This causes mistrust and suspicion of her fellows and is literally disconnecting the energy in which she so desired. It is not gratifying and ego uplifting, but rather empty and causing feelings of guilt. In guilt we tend to self-punish.

When we suspect others have intentions to do something negative toward us, is it because it is our underlying intention or what we would do? With all due respect to our older citizens of Urantia, I could say that some tend to be caught up in old ways and have set patterns, some--not all. In these set patterns there is no new flow of ideas, possibilities. Even the younger citizens who may still be able to flow with new ideas have experiences that would teach them to handle certain circumstances with the same pattern. Some patterns have proved to be useful in dealing with difficulties, some have proved to only put you in a repetitive cycle of the same lesson.

When you are feeling mistrustful is there some underlying intention that you would handle some circumstances in this fashion, therefore must your fellows do the same? Are the intentions from a spirit \ soul side or an ego \ animal side? I understand mortals always desiring to be one step ahead as if it is self-protecting. You may perceive at times you can't afford to be trusting--the repercussions are too fearful. In learning to lay down this childish thing look to your own intentions and ponder their origin. Are they from a divine nature or a human? Are you projecting your intentions off onto others, assuming that they would deal with circumstances the way that you do, causing you to reap the harvest therefrom? Do you not agree in this thinking there is not the flow of new ideas and possibilities?

Can we set our sights on Father to ask for greater understanding, a more open heart and mind? This is circuit creation. Even in this circuit creation should there be any negativity, Father surely would have you know it. What rest, what rest for the mind to know that there is such a flow of ever changing possibilities. We need not repeat the old tactics to just wade through our difficulties. We have an inflow of new divine information. We can learn our lesson and move onto the next. We can feel that sense of accomplishment and spiritual joy while being able to minister to others.


Be aware of your intentions this week and how you may project them off onto your fellows. Is this causing mistrust? The human mind is a web of experience; trapped within it is old and worn out ideas. To relax and not assume things never change is to clear it for new and better information. This is all. I would take my leave having you know that I am with more love for you each time we can meet. Until next time, farewell.