2000-08-05-Self Love

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Topic: Self Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Legion, Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


Q: Please clarify the self-love that I have understood as important to the ability to love others, and the self-love that becomes blind to others and God¹s love.


Love, Ego

Legion : "It is a matter of independence, or belief in one¹s independence, the belief that you can to do it all, be the only one. Self-love, which is the discovery of God Within, is fully cognizant of your interdependence. You can not grow without help. You can not love all alone. Sometimes the joy of love, and the extreme sense of power that can come coursing through the ego-body when one is fully immersed in the flow of God¹s love, creates a sensation so grand, so omnipotent and invulnerable, that human beings are tempted to believe such power is theirs to keep, to own, to direct, and to control. This is an illusion. You are not alone. You are never alone. We are always here and God¹s love is always available. The key to it all is God¹s Love.

My dear one, you encounter this temptation in the process of transmitting. As you grow in your ability, and as others open up to asking and wanting to hear, you may imagine that you are unique, which of course you are, as everyone is. You, or others, may imagine that you have a unique power, a specialness, because you are the transmitter. In truth, this power is not yours, but God¹s. It is God's to give, and yours to receive and to transmit. The more you are willing to receive God¹s love, which is God¹s power, the more you will experience the ability to transmit and to create your life according to God¹s will. This may appear to be miraculous, and thus the ego-self is tempted to puff itself up. The true Self, which is to say, the Self that is greater than the ego and lasts longer than the body, knows that God¹s will is at work in transmitting, or any other event of service. When your ego-self takes over, tries to be the only motivating force, an entirely different scenario begins and entirely different results obtain.

I have said before, the Self-love that I am teaching you is love for the Self that is God Within. Stillness is spending time with that Self. The ego-self of pride and arrogance treats the stillness as a self-reflecting mirror into which the ego can look and preen, or frown and complain. The ego-self is driven, not drawn. Even the ego-self that wallows in self-pity or cringes in self-hate and self-desperation is driven by the desire to be as God, to be the center of that ego¹s world. If one is willing to acknowledge that even your planet has more than enough egos clamoring all for the same omnipotence and control, then one is likely to begin to let go and recognize that your little ego is very tiny indeed, and not much of a voice among millions. If one is willing to relinquish that illusion and rather than calling out with your one and single voice, instead join with all those who call as one to God, then you will discover God¹s power moves through those who love God more than the ego-self. And in that experience, you will know that all those who truly love God are speaking in the same voice.

I have spoken to you before, the ego is constructed for survival in your realm, but if you would love, the ego must surrender to the greater Self within, the Self that is not visible or knowable except by love.


You are still learning to practice the stillness. You have achieved the ability to transmit, but you must nevertheless cultivate the stillness within at all other times as well. This does not mean that you can not laugh and play or carry on those activities that are common among men and women of your day. What this means is that you will always carry within you our peace. You will always have a consciousness of the stillness no matter what you are doing or where you are. This means that your thoughts, words and deeds will have as a steady background, and be informed by, the stillness. This means that even the most spontaneous acts will flow from stillness and be informed by God¹s love."


Alana : "Welcome. I am so happy to be with you this morning. I have been with you each day of your trial of disappointment and distress. I have witnessed your attempt and success at staying within the stillness throughout, but I have longed to speak to you, to give you the reassurance of my faith that you are learning to have faith even when your closest associates disappoint you.

You want to know how to continue to trust while among those who have proved themselves untrustworthy. There is the trust that walks the cement, that stands on two feet and builds relationships that may or may not founder. Then there is the trust that is akin to faith, the trust that extends itself above and beyond the visible, that includes such a big picture, such an understanding of the divine plan, that broken trust is rather like the scratch on a new car, the vehicle is "broken in" but continues to run. Over a lifetime you collect many scratches. From time to time you wonder if you have caused the scratch, or attracted the scratch due to your lack of driving skills. You imagine that you do not know how to discern who to trust and who not to trust. It is Father¹s will that you trust in Him. He will not abandon you as your fellow residents on your planet do when their wants and needs, their ego-will, take precedence over their commitment or desire to stay true to Father¹s will. It is Father's will that you love one another, and thus be true to that love which He has given unto you. You are enjoined by me to speak with the Father¹s love. Father¹s love will reveal untruth, disloyalty, deception. The Father¹s love does not punish. The Father¹s love reveals the darkness by bringing light.

When you confront those who disappoint you by their lack of love or their inability to respect your way of life, speak with the Father¹s love, not anger. It is your anger that continues to attract those who would drive your "car" as they see fit. It is wise and important to confront, or to point out the scratch, but when you can do these things without anger, your clarity of truth will introduce light. What the other person does with the light that you are able to bring into their life and being, is strictly up to them. You do not need to follow after them to be sure they "got it." Nurture your own light seeking. Sometimes you feel alone. Others fail you. But we will not fail you when you turn to us for comfort and love. We have said before that we can not protect you from disappointments, but we can lift you up into the Father¹s arms. We will guide you every time you ask and listen. Yes, you are about to make a major change in your life and there are those who would take advantage of your instability. But do not fear. We are with you and all will be well."