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Topic: Personality

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Athena

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, friends. I surely am filled with new energy when we can meet. The serene atmosphere we have this evening enables us to be clear in our thinking and receptive to new ideas. I would like to express my gratitude to you each here tonight for your faith in me as your teacher and friend. Our continuing growing, evolving association brings the divine world before our faces.

This evening I would like to introduce a teacher new to this group. I find her particular personality to provide us with a more balanced understanding in regard to emotions and behaviors from a mortal perspective.

Balance, Personality

I am ATHENA. I thank you for allowing me to speak. I am always finding my interests to be growing and changing. I always love meeting new beings no matter where they are from. I have always found the human mind, personality and behaviors to be interesting because there is so many possibilities and potentials to be had. There are so many varying personalities in the human species, let alone the whole of the universe.

We have individuals who are aggressive and seize life with both hands. We all know mortals who are passive and sometimes become overwhelmed by life circumstances. Some of you are somewhere in the middle and experience both ends of the spectrum. We all know individuals who have a constant need for extra energy and those who are a continuous supplier of energy.

Each personality will handle their emotions and behaviors differently and there is a call for individuals to be mediators and equalizers or bringers of balance, if you will. We are finding your training to be helpful in bringing balance among your fellows. Our purpose is not about any one individual, but about the well-being of the whole.

I do so admire Michael for His balanced personality. He was both a Father and a Mother combination to those that were fortunate to know Him. He was gentle with individuals that would receive Him as gentle. He was aggressive with individuals that would receive Him as aggressive. He had balance in mind, personality and His behaviors reflected that. He lived a perfect diet for life: Prayer, contemplation and a continued focus on Father provided Him with the spiritual nutrients He needed to have such balance.

He was not about male nor female, rich or poor, free nor bond. He was about being that true essence He was assigned to be. He believed He was a Son of the Most High's. He had envy nor jealous for no man. He had not wanted anything from anyone. Nobody on this world could give Him what Father could. He tended to His spiritual life before all things.

What would matter to you now should matter to you for eternity. Those things that are important today should concern eternity--all else is small details. This week we ask that you ponder the many sides of your personalities and know that God speaks to you from a standpoint of who you really are. What is your spiritual diet and does it have an effect on your eternal career? What can be done to bring out the best in yourself without relying on others to do it for you? I thank you for allowing me this experience and I hope I can return to better know you each. I return you to ABRAHAM.

Greetings friends and my gratitude to Athena for your lesson. I am grateful for your help. I would take a few questions.


The Teachers

TR: Let me ask one for Charlie B., and Charlie wants to know is there any geological factors to the teachers placements.

ABRAHAM: My son, our Correcting Time is in its beginning stages. There are many called, but it is taking time for individuals to answer. It matters not station in life for a teacher to come to an area. It is up to individuals who will receive our words. We do seek individuals who are less likely to need some sort of aggrandizement or special attention. We look for average individuals who are open to this method of communication and serving their fellows for free. There are many who awaken every day to the Correcting Time, and I would say to you that there will be many transmitters \ receivers and it will seem common place. I hope this answers. Another question?

MIRIAM: Allena's friend Mickey has become interested in your lessons and (we) have started sending them to her. She asked if she could ask a question about a friend of hers who is very ill. I apologize, but I don't have the specifics, but you might not want to get into the specifics anyway. I hope you who I am talking about. Mickie's question was, was her friends diagnosis accurate and should they follow along that line? Just anything you have for her if you could.

ABRAHAM: I cannot answer that accurately without more information. I cannot provide proof of my existence. (I apologize Abraham. She sent me the specifics. I didn't get that it was proof or anything. I should have typed it out. I apologize.) I would like to answer the question to be of better service. I am limited in what I can say, for we must keep our Mission grounded and away from mysticism. Is this acceptable for now? (Oh, certainly Abraham. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?


MIRIAM: I had a question about the Lucifer Rebellion. Whenever I think I know what patience is I always think about Father in waiting and waiting and waiting for the adjudication to happen. I guess I was wondering about Caligastia and all those folks that went with him, that hung out for all that time, and they were given plenty of time to change their mind, etc.. When the adjudication finally happened could you just describe that a little bit? Was it like they were absolutely rock solid and they said, no, we are not changing? Was there fear involved with them? Was it like the Ancients of Days saying, okay, that's it? Do you know what I am saying? I was wondering when it happened--why then? You know with the Correcting time and all--was it like the critical mass--it was just time for the healing to move on and for the quarantine to be lifted so that the circuits could open up? Does that seem like a question that you could answer to help me understand it a little bit more?

ABRAHAM: I can try. From my understanding the Rebellion was allowed to run a natural evolutionary course. There were those who repented and were taken back into the fold of Nebadon. There were those who were unchanging in their minds and posed a threat to the master plan. In the timing of the adjudication, it went with natural evolutionary growth, as does the Correcting Time. The Correcting Time has been functioning for many years prior to the adjudication to prepare the minds of mortals for the changes to come. The adjudication was somewhat separate from the plans here on Urantia, but works toward our benefit. With the resolution of the adjudication the circuits were reinstalled as was promised. The rebellious ones were no longer, so there the danger of further infecting Urantia was no longer a threat. Is this answering? (Yes--you know those folks who were no longer--were they afraid before they were no longer or were they just solidly where they were and wasn't going to change?)

Sin, Iniquity

So many years spent in selfish love creates a hunger that is never fulfilled unless it is given more self-love. Those rebellious ones were imprisoned inside the self, unable to go beyond to see all else that really mattered. It was as if it was drug addiction. They could make effort to escape their plight, but character weakness and faithless practices always led them back to the drug of their choice, that being self-love. It is acceptable to have a balance in love for self and knowing all goodness within comes from our internal God, but this was a self-love without God, without patience, faith and concern for the whole. Yes, there was fear, and yet no willingness to embrace new possibilities. There was acceptance though, as if the rebellious ones knew there was some type of freedom in annihilation. No longer were they tortured in mind and desire. A sorrowful, but valuable, time in the history of the universe. This experience is documented and taught in other universes. How helpful it has been to many beings, but most of all to the growth and the experience of the Supreme Being. All that goes into our Supreme Being, God of time, comes back to us modified with meaning and value. Is this helping? (Oh Abraham, yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, George Barnard is coming to the States--probably here now--from Australia. Do you have a comment about his work with the Midwayers to put on the record, and also a word or two of Athena--who she is maybe so we might know her better?

ABRAHAM: Yes, I know George and I am delighted he has had contact with the Mission participants. Many mortals will serve in various functions and he is quite gifted at what he does. His balanced demeanor gives our Mission a stable foundation to show that we are about everyday average reality. I have to wait to answer your questions about Athena. I think at a later date she can answer for herself. I do know there could be some confusion and allowing time to go by will reveal more clear answers. Is this acceptable? (Oh very well. I can see what you are saying.) Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, my mother is going through some health challenges. She has been to Duke University. Are there some words of encouragement you could offer?

ABRAHAM: My son Harrison, your faith astounds me. I know of the powerful love you have for your mother, and for you to ask me for words for her is touching. I will do my best. My daughter, there is always health issues to contend with when one advances in years. I would say however that your underlying fear magnifies your health problems. I believe you are a woman of faith, and yet still there lingers a doubt that this is our only chance for life. Allow me to calm your fears by saying I can assure you, that you, having lived a mortal life, have not even glimpsed the splendor that you are in for. Fear not the next life transition, for it burdens your life today. Live each moment in the fullness of knowing that God with you and He holds you in His watchcare. Only enjoy these moments for what they are and allow the future to take care of itself. Take comfort in knowing that the Spirit of Christ speaks to you small whispers of promises that are to be actualized in eternity. Is this helping Harrison? (Yes. Thank you.)

SARAUNA: Abraham, I have been wondering if you know who my father is communicating with?

ABRAHAM: I perceive it to be only a relative, not of special importance, as he thinks it might be. I cannot say much more on this matter. Is there something else you would ask? (I don't know how---I feel very small in this situation. [Inaudible.] Do you understand what I am saying?) I can understand. I cannot give you direct guidance, for that is Father's duty. I can only reassure you that you play a very important role, even if you do not see it that way. You do plant seeds by your words and show of faith, and they do have an impact, even if it is not immediate. Your focus could be best place on attaining clarity of mind and tending to your own garden of faith. Strengthen yourself through closeness with Father and our Master, who makes all things balanced and put into simple form. Know that in these lost feelings there is Sarauna who reaches and builds those spiritual muscles, and becomes more wise in thinking and mature in action. Fear not, my daughter, for the spiritual forces are with you. You have the ability to do many things. You need to begin from a place of clear thinking in order to receive divine guidance. Is this helping? (Thank you very much Abraham. Your words are always helpful.) Certainly.


I am always with more love each time we can all meet. I have enjoyed our interaction and I view you each to be my spiritual co-partners side by side with me. Yes. I am grateful. Until next week, shalom.