2000-09-04-Free Mind and Soul

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Topic: Free Mind and Soul

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Athena

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings friends. How well we all work together! New understandings, ideas, and theories are always building with new possibilities when we are within the same mind. Our receptivity to God-consciousness helps us to better communicate and understand one another, which is always growth promoting. I am always amazed at Father's hand in all that we do, even when we have not put him as our focus. We are always grateful for that saving grace.


I am aware, my friends, of the hectic lives you each are almost forced to live. I also know that much of your hectic lifestyle is self-imposed. I would like to incorporate a restful peace within our ongoing lessons. Emotions are always at their greatest when the mind is tired and clouded with day-to-day activities or trivialities. The discomfort in physical form can also imbalance our emotions. Along with pondering your spiritual diet, this week look to your physical diet as well to insure well balanced health to maintain emotional stability.

I am ATHENA. Greeting friends. I too am grateful for our interaction and look forward to knowing each of you better and assisting you in anyway I can. This week I have been assigned to speak a bit on a free mind and soul--spiritual liberty and a re-focusing of attention.

As I have studied your world I am astounded by the many demands you each must live with. Most tasks are never completed or only completed halfway. Your focus is drawn in so many directions that it is easily understandable that life is lived practically without your being aware of it. With all you must contend with there is such imprisonment in mind and spirit, and this is where true discontent begins.

True joy in living is overlooked, for your focus is set on doing those small tasks, material tasks that you believe will bring you less stress and more happiness. Ponder, if you will, what would life be like if you were indebted to no human or obligated to do naught else but to serve our Father? Would Father allow your bills to go unpaid or your children to raise themselves? No, of course not! As you focus on those tasks of living your attention is drawn away from the one who can help you most. Father is a master organizer while overseeing all that matters in everyone's lives.

Can you for a few minutes each day allow your responsibilities of the day to fade away? Can you be alone with God and redirect your focus on Him? Can you trust that He will not allow you to slip and become entangled in further difficulties? Can you commit to being committed to Father first while all else is secondary? What life changes must you incorporate into your daily living?

Before you go for your material communications to see what you have missed, check-in with your divine communications to make for a more organized and less complicated day. Complications in daily living are not a sign of productivity. They are a net to further trap more difficulties, adding to the stress and cloudiness of mind.

Jesus answered to no human authority. He lived a spiritually liberated human life and even that at times was somewhat limited. He abided by most human laws, but answered always to His Father first. His human emotions were well balanced while He thrived on clarity of mind to receive divine communication. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

A redirecting of your focus from the demands in life to the commitment you have for God is to have understanding of the meanings and values of the everyday occurrences in mortal living. I believe the human mind to be a great canvas in which we allow our life circumstances to paint on the canvas what it will. We have allowed our peers to have space on the canvas also. All our negative and positive experiences have added shades of darkness or rays of light. I believe every good thing comes from God. Clean the canvas, my friends, and allow God to show you true beauty, true contentment, rest for the mind and spirit, clarity in thinking and balance in emotions. My love to you. Farewell.

ABRAHAM: I thank you Athena, for your lesson and your unique flavor you add to our group. I would say that I am grateful for the trials I have experienced because my canvas is a work of beauty to behold. Father does organize, integrate, unify and explain all experience in your eternal careers.


This week, my friends, ponder the words of our friend, Athena, and forget not to find rest and allow that peace of this season to influence the busyness of your daily living. Until next week my love goes with you, shalom.