2000-09-10-Fear & Panic

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Topic: Fear & Panic

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Paulo, Lantarnek, Evanson, Elyon, Nebadonia

TR: Gerdean, Jonathan




Paulo (Gerdean TR): When you are afraid, you see, you have a tendency to take matters into your own hands, and many times you panic under fear. Panic is chaos. Panic is mayhem providing no solution. Giving in to fear is giving in to mayhem. "Fear not" is not only an admonition for the comfort of your soul, but as a reclamation mechanism of the chaos of which we have intent to stop that we can begin to be orderly in our procession forward into advancement, into peace and Light and Life.

"Fear not" is subjective as well as objective. For those of you who know how to "fear not" and what it means to know that there is no real need for fear, have that security, hence, that peace that passes all understanding that provides the pivotal point upon which you can turn toward fighting fear with your faith. The only fight you have is the good fight of faith, it is said. So what is there to fight that your faith may live and function except that fear which will turn you into a tailspin of chaos and disorder. What purpose would that serve, having committed our wills to progress?

Gerdean: I can't discern that person's name, but he's finished.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): Greetings to you all. I am Lantarnek.

Extraterrestrial, Socialization

You have read that it is not good for one to be alone, and physically speaking you are quite aware that a newborn child must receive continual accompaniment in order to survive. As one grows it is deemed beneficial that the child is introduced to peers and family members such that socialization may occur, that adoption of mores may occur, that the child would attain the skills for harmony and interaction. Likewise you understand that when the soul begins to grow and a comprehension of spiritual truths starts to lodge in that soul, it is also good to come into fellowship with other aspirants of Paradise, for this interaction tends to temper, to cushion, any possibility for fanatical assumption or behavior. This world at this time is alone. It is deemed important that Urantia no longer be alone. So, we are undertaking the great plan of socializing this world with other realms.

There was a time when you were as an infant abandoned at the doorstep, and rescue measures were taken, and you were adopted and your system sovereign Lanaforge has done well in caring for you. Today you are entering into your schooling, and you are learning how to interact with the other children on the other worlds. Right now you are reading bedtime stories, you are hearing about the other lands, about the adventures of other people, and you are conceiving in your minds what it would be like to interact and interface with them. Soon you will be placed on the school bus and you will enter into the playground of interplanetary and intra-cosmic association.

Inherent in human free will is the desire to discover, to invent, for this is the creative spirit. It is the method whereby the Supreme can discover time/space realities of the finite for the Father. Individuality is value. The Supreme is the supreme individual in the finite realm, and the Father wishes that this emerging personality discover and create to the maximum limits of possibility. But the Supreme must likewise not be alone. So, in the great plan is the epic of the Ultimate and the ageless of the Absolute. This overall pattern of reality displays itself even on your world where you are encouraged to stand on your own as a bonafide spirit entity, all the while associated in the family of the Father. Fear disrupts that connection and undermines even one's individuality. It undermines the sense of strength of being who you are and stable as you are. Out of the chaos came creation. As you creatively express yourselves, you are displacing chaos.

I have determined that I have said enough for the time being.

Lantarnek (Gerdean): With order comes peace, even as the Supreme provides a home for peace in its evolving perfection. The order is in the invention and the creation and the experimentation even as you bring it into existence in your lives, inasmuch as you are the hands, the voices, the physical representation of those concepts and ideals which will bring order out of chaos and advance the light of truth. The bringing into being of creation involves a period of turmoil, and this you know is the kernel of truth found in the adage that there is no growth without conflict, agitation, a stirring up of what was in order to bring into being that which can be. While you build your physical architectural realities, you pave the way for morontial realities to present themselves in your creations. You are thus authoring your contribution to evolving Godhead reality and socializing these growing realities as spiritual fruits, actual deity value which enables you to be sufficiently socialized in your morontial/spiritual sense, essence, such that when you have opportunity to engage, embrace, the morontial reality, that is at once your extension into the universe such that you can in turn and in time understand your at-oneness with other worlds.

You have a reality to offer, to bring, to show, to manifest, to indicate your help, your wholeness, your heart which is this bridge to other worlds, other spheres, other planets, that realize to you the knowledge that you are not alone in the global sense. Urantia is not isolated in the universe anymore. It is being reconnected. How redundant it is for me to say it is a process, and you are a part of the process. We have begun, and we have faith in you that your courage will help you forge your way into a greater faith in yourself and in your ability to follow through with your instructions from on high.

Thank you.

Gerdean: I believe that was a continuation of Lantarnek.


Evanson (Jonathan): Evanson speaking. If I could as Jonathan's personal teacher humbly insert a footnote to Lantarnek's Melchizedek-ian perspective, I would do so on the point of discovery and invention.

Discovery, though not wholly considered as I will present it, is often an absorption from the external of something new to you. Fear of the unknown can be displaced with an excitement toward discovery. How often has the unknown proven itself to be pacific and warranted no projection of fear at all? Discovery and the desire to discover can prevent the rise of fear. Invention -- and I do not mean this in the form of fantasy but rather in the creative expression of yourself in bringing about a new thing or reality -- is the technique whereby you may displace the fear of oneself, timidity, cowardliness; for the more that you practice inventing, creating, building up on your own of something, be it an object, be it art, be it a system of thought, be it a spiritual character trait; you discover self worth; you uncover the methods you are best capable of using and your areas of lack. Knowing these areas of lack strengthens you; it does not give you the sense of weakness having discovered absence of ability. It strengthens you for the subsequent discovery of the means and methods that are needed such that you can proceed in your creative expression.

You know all too well of Elyon's constant encouragement to be bold. You know that over time he has never asked you to be reckless. His definition of bold is to be strong, to displace fear.

End of footnote.


Angus: What's the difference between fear of the unknown and fear of the known?

Paulo (Gerdean): Reasonable and unreasonable fears are those fears which are based on an understanding of cause and effect and those that are strictly illusionary. If we were for instance to use the analogy of counting the cost, and it was ascertained that in your attempt to make a coup you found yourself without the necessary mechanical means to bring it about successfully or effectively, it may cause in you a consternation of awareness of your inability to pull it off. Depending upon the stakes, your fears may be aggravated, and herein is a fear based upon what you know in as much as your reality is a fact as well as an existential reality.

I am that same initial personality who is still unidentified. I would like you to observe my name as Paulo as a point of reference but not Paul of Tarsus.

Fear is a reaction in any event, and it is the reaction in you that is an issue and not whether or not a fear is reasonable or unreasonable, known or unknown. It is an indication of the many variations, the vastness, of the principle of fear which is in many cases a great motivator. So, not always is fear that pivotal turning point that renders chaos an inevitable result. It is also that point which proceeds into order and courage and faith.

Are these words in alignment with your concern, my friend?

Angus: If we are fearful of the uncertain, just replacing that uncertainty with temporal knowledge might alleviate some fear, but there must be more to it than that.

Paulo: It would seem advisable to be able to identify through your knowledge the many factors involved in the feeling, but the knowledge may or may not commit you to a course of action, because you have not had the confirmation within the Spirit of Truth that flings open the gate for your confident advance into the adventure, as compared to into the unknown. It is here that your faith is a springboard to your eternal career. It is here that you call into question, "Have I faith?" "What have I faith in here?" "How is my faith here able to lead me into the next frame of reality in this cinema of my life?"

Angus: So fear isn't always with us on our evolutionary path?

Paulo: It is a tool of your animal existence.

Angus: We will lose that?

Paulo: It will fall away.

Angus: Thank you.

Paulo: Don't thank me! I have nothing to do with it.

Angus: Thank you for the information.

Paulo: You are welcome.

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon stepping up to bat.

The instillation of fear into the human animal makeup had good purpose, for it is the alarm signal, and the human race has survived due to this alarm system. Now as civilization has progressed fear is redirected into applications that are not beneficial to the organism. Let me illustrate:

Your buildings have fire alarms. To one who has not experienced a fire, when the alarm signals such an occurrence, panic ensues. Hasty flight from the building occurs. It is the fear of the unknown. To the seasoned firefighter when the alarm sounds, though he may move quickly, he does so orderly, and addresses himself to the danger at hand. It is the same alarm. If I may call this alarm the original input of fear, this firefighter has experienced the fear of the known, but it did not cripple his ability to act. It merely alerted him to the immediacy of the need to act. What you all wrestle with today is the secondary and tertiary impulses that follow after the primary alarm that I am calling fear.

That is all from me.

Harold: I would like to know more about Paulo and what his function is.

Paulo: I am a teacher. I am unassigned. I am affiliated with all of those things and values that you recognize as part of your belief system. I am therefore another coat in your closet.

Angus.: Welcome to our wardrobe.

Paulo: You may use me to adorn yourself and to protect you from the cold of isolation.

Angus: I feel safe in saying thank you for that.

Paulo: I graciously acknowledge your hospitality and your superb humanity.


Harold: I've been trying to understand personality. Is there a specific point where personality becomes part of the human vehicle, or is it something that is gradually realized?

Paulo: If will you forgive me be a different answer from anyone who responds inasmuch as all of us have our observation points as to how your personalities are represented.

Many of the personalities on Urantia are so distorted as to be completely illegible. There are some whose cursive is so clear as to create no communication error. It is as you are instructed and enabled by your counsel to align yourself with that which is most "you" that your personality becomes more than it was. Perhaps you who have become superhuman have finally approached your personality with some degree of conscientious use thereof.

While we delight in your personalities as we delight in the cherubic faces of children, toddlers, it is also true that we delight to enable you who are more mature to apply your personality toward more gregarious, external pursuits than your own charm. It is an opportunity for your selflessness to be the reflectivator of the true personality which will reveal itself through your actions, as you are most effectively representing your personal microcosm of Paradise pattern through your Indwelling Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, and the self-acting aspects of your free will. Personality thus is a relative condition.

Harold: It's more a process of discovery than growth?

Paulo: Both. Like the fruits of the spirit, they are inherent in you but you must prune your branches, if I may use the analogy, to help your own spiritual development, your own growth. As you grow in the spirit your personality is more effectively utilized to reveal our Father. This is a part of your contribution, you see, to master the self such that it is freely giving itself in order for spirit to profess itself through you. This is the path to fusion. This gives God personality expression, that you have given Him the opportunity to experience by and through your willingness to share your gift of life with your Creator, knowing that your Creator has at heart your best interests as well as His own, a true conspiracy of the benign. It is alive and therefore growing, although your will contributes to its development.


Harold: Michael has said that, "Where two or more are gathered, there I am in the midst". He has also said, "Lo, I am with you always". What is the difference in the two situations?

Elyon (Jonathan): May I field that question? (Certainly)

He addressed his apostles and fellow believers when he made that comment to assure them of his presence. It is of record that when you gather in remembrance of him, believe and know through faith that he is among you, for in reality he is with you always. Before the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth it took greater faith to comprehend the presence of Michael. With the Spirit of Truth Michael's presence is effectively omnipresent in Nebadon. Through the human experience of social fellowship in a spiritual context one who is growing in faith can better feel the spiritual presence. This is why religious organizations are formed, because of this sense of community, common communion. Michael is with every single individual and was assuring those who at that time were about to face a dark chapter in their lives, the loss of their master, that he is with them and through fellowship they can mutually recognize his association with them.

Does this help?

Harold: Yes, it does.

Tom: I know the Father is within and the agents of the spirit are without. But I've heard recently that the Spirit of Truth is also within. Is this like a second adjuster? How does that function?

Elyon: Let me illustrate this verity to you in this manner: Imagine yourself a ball of cotton. The Father presence is within the filaments. The Spirit of Truth is as a dye poured upon the cotton. It is likewise within; it is also without. It's applied upon and absorbed where the Father is inherently integrated within your makeup.

Does this help.

Tom: Yes, thanks.

Elyon: I am Elyon, for the record.


Nebadonia (Gerdean): And I am Nebadonia, for the record. I will answer your question that you have not asked as to how can I be here with you in and through your reality even while I am at home in Salvington. I am, as a result of our sovereign, an extension of the sovereignty of this universe. I thus am at liberty to extend myself through my sovereign lord my reality. In rights, he extends his reality in and through his universe in and through my many agencies of angelic assistants. So, we are one. As he is, I, too, am here with you and not as a shadow of any greater reality but as a reality of my own personality.

Beautiful children of Michael and me, lovely family that you are to us, and prodigal sons come home, we smile upon your gathering and your efforts. We hold you to us in our heart, in the heart of the God of us all, that you may work His wonders in His mysterious ways in and through your ministry to others. Be at peace in your efforts, my sons and daughters. Boldly go, indeed, into your arenas and foster hope in the hearts of those who hold themselves outside this embrace which is open to all who will come. We will lead you. We go with you. We have faith in you as you have in us. The Universal Father, Eternal Parent in Paradise, is mindful of us, aware of us, in love with us, and will deliver to us that which we need to bring about His will for us and for His worlds.

Be of good cheer.