2000-09-10-Heart Room Part 1

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Topic: Heart Room Part 1

Group: Arenal TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion, Devina, Tarkeem

TR: S. Butterfield



TR : We dedicate our hearts and our minds to the greater good of all.

Welcome again. This is Alana.

D : Welcome Alana.

Alana : Ah, the boisterous one. (laughter) We are delighted today. We have been listening to you and we find the energy of each individual to be quite exciting, very much like your lightning and thunder storm. There is an eagerness that we respond to. As we have said many times, ask and you shall receive. Some of you are a bit surprised, or perhaps we should say, overwhelmed, at what you receive. Yes? (Yes.) I am here, and Legion, and if you should ask, Devina will come.


We would like to focus this time to the construction, once again, of what we have come to call the Heart Room. This is a practice that can be very beneficial when you are struggling to love those who seem determined to make it difficult for you. So, if you will, each of you please now extend in your mind¹s fashion, to the right and to the left, the opening from your heart and reach out to meet the extension from the opening of your neighbor. You will begin to see, as if it were an architect¹s drawing, you will begin to see in your mind's eye the lines of light that reach out from either side to your two neighbors, so that we may have a connection that goes at that plane, from heart to heart around the circle, as if you were holding hands, but it is indeed your hearts that are holding each other.

And now, if you have accomplished that, and I think you have, I wish for you to imagine the light from that line rising up between you, rising up, rising up, above your heads, as if you are creating walls to this Heart Room, walls that have no material substance and do not prevent passage through them. For your conceptualization, you see in your mind's eye, these walls of light constructing your group Heart Room. Yes? (Yes.)

Now you have constructed a Heart Room that has no ceiling. I wish for you to imagine that great open ceiling is matching up now, rising to connect with, to fit into the center of my heart, which is so open that the walls of your Heart Room go right through on to the open heart of Christ Michael. Now allow yourselves a moment in time that you may feel His love pouring down and filling this Heart Room that is yours.

This is very good. I embrace you all. Legion and I embrace your Heart Room. We surround the walls of your Heart Room. Now, I ask each one of you to feel from the center of your heart the power and the energy of our love which is surrounding the walls of your Heart Room. Feel our love pour through that center of your heart and explode through as a beam of light to the person across from you. For a moment, allow yourselves to see these beams of light pouring across from one to the other. I wish for you to see how that creates such a strength, a powerful grid of love.

I ask you to remember this as you spend the week ahead. Now, just for a moment, in order to give the transmitter a slight dose of her extra-light energy and love and a little bit of humor, we will ask Devina to come flutter about you.


D : Alana, thank you for being with us. (Alana : Thank you.) You know, Alana, you are really a sky diver. You take us into exciting existential places. I love your methodology. (Alana : Thank you.) She takes you. No fooling around. Welcome Devina, blessed heart of all of our hearts.

Devina : Hello Mr. D. I am just stroking your lady a little bit. That was rather a sudden ride for her. I shall leave you now. She (the TR) is well and Legion and Alana have more in store for all of you.

Legion : I am Legion. Greetings to all of you. (Welcome.) So, did you like what Alana and I "cooked up" for you? (laughter) (S : It was a beautiful guided meditation.) You are guided, yes. And yes, you are protected, always, by our love.

I would speak to you, E. You are having a new experience. One you have longed for, and one that we would wish all men of your nature to have. This will be a challenge to your sturdy, solid, comfortable, familiar sense of who you are. You have lived a life encapsulated. This is no criticism. This was a very good life, well lived. When you first popped out of that. (pause) she (the TR) sees a jack-in-the-box...I was saying to her...when you first popped out of that box, Jack!

What I am trying to say to you is that you did slip out of that capsule you were in, and you opened up your mind, your heart, and your body to a new view of how life could be lived, even where it could be lived. And that was good, for quite some time. It was hard for you to fully understand this larger view, this greater life you were living. Then, with almost no difficulty at all, with the surprise of a child who claps and smiles when the Jack pops out of the box, you put yourself on your little island by the lake. This is worthy and causes your many teachers great celebration.

Now I should, I am told, get to the point. (laughter) That naughty little Devina. She does keep a watch over me.

The energies, the new forces, that you are experiencing, that your teachers, and I as well, are giving to you in great measure, explosively even, are to be welcomed by you. You will learn to manage this energy and we are glad that you are not ashamed to reveal what is happening with you to this group. Such excitement is sometimes experienced as quite bizarre. Any new role is learned with some difficulty, or with the look of a fool stumbling upon the unknown. Work with us. You may ask at any time and we will come to you by many possible means to give you the information that you require. This is to say that you are free to ask questions in this group about your personal experience and we will enjoin the transmitter to make herself available should you need to ask a specific question and require an answer more immediately. She is capable of coming to us in her private time and taking down whatever it is you need to know.

Alana : I would like to tell you what Legion is not quite fully conveying. We believe that you, each of you, have made a greater commitment, a step forward in recent time. And so, we have chosen to "up the ante." It is not to be feared that we will allow anyone to abuse, or shall I say over use, your available resource, our beloved transmitter. We will always protect her from her own inclination to wear herself out in her desire to give and to "be good." We simply wish for each of you to know that what you discussed earlier is also recognized by those of us who are listening. You are ready. You are ready to move forward as a group.

Please recall in your minds the construction that I asked of you, what you have called my guided meditation. I ask, was that so clear in your experience that you now know that you can re-create with me that Heart Room without further guidance being necessary? If you can not, please say so.

S. I think that I would like to do that with you again. (Yes.)

D : Alana, as I understand the question, are we able to understand clearly what happened there, or what the steps are in that process, so that we can repeat it without you having to guide us again? My sense is that the experience was so intense that I would like it if you could summarize it succinctly for us. (Alana Yes, I will do so.)

O : I believe we humans that are trained a special way, speaking for myself, need the exercise to be repeated. I would like it to be repeated because it was very, very intense.

Alana : Thank you. (Alana asks N, who speaks little English, if she has any questions, if she understands everything. Tape is not clear.)

E : I understand.(tape is not clear)


Alana : Very good. What you have understood is exactly right. You can do this by yourself. I wish you to practice remembering the Heart Room. I am glad that the experience was very strong. I will repeat it. Repetition must now be understood as choice, each of you willing to create the Heart Room with me again, and again. First we will draw the line of light from heart to heart. Have you done so, my friends? (Yes.) We will raise the walls of light, yes? You will look with your hearts up through the open ceiling, through my heart, into Michael¹s heart . .. and now the heart room is filled with light.(very difficult to hear tape due to rain). I wish you to open your hearts, to feel the beam of light that comes from the hearts of Legion and myself to embrace your heart room, to see that beam radiating through your hearts and your bodies to the person across from you. This is the dynamic that your group is yearning toward and building together and you know it to be true and to be real, this is the power of love. As your group strengthens and grows, as it becomes the conduit of this power of love, as it becomes the conveyor of this gorgeous energy of love, as your heart room becomes so clear to you, the light, the energy, the power, the love becomes so confident in your minds, so confident in your hearts, that you have no doubt of your ability to construct it, even on such short notice as NOW! And NOW! And NOW!...this is what we ask of you, to construct it again and again. When you have no doubt about your ability to create this heart room again and again, that is when you will know without doubt that you can bring others into this group gladly, without fear. Thank you.

(The rain became very intense. It is difficult to hear. S asks if the face she saw several times during the week was Alana. Alana said Yes. Alana spoke to S about listening to S and guiding her throughout the week. Alana said that the face of S "is as beautiful as mine.")

Alana : From my heart to your heart, to all your hearts, I come with Our Father's love and Our Mother's embrace. Is all well?

D : All is well, and all will be well. (Alana : Yes.) You are becoming quite a lover, Alana, to everyone in this group.

Alana : Yes. This group was meant for my love. That is why we are all here, yes?

D : Thank you for your beautiful presence, all of you. And your presence with us throughout the week, and throughout the days and nights when we call upon you. It is very precious to feel that closeness and that we can call on you any time we need to. I know we have Thought Adjusters and the spirit of the living God within us, but there is something you are close first cousins, let me put it that way.

Alana : Yes. Before I close, I would say this. There is another friend of all who wishes to speak with your group. He has made himself known just now to your transmitter. She still has some small fears and doubts that prevent her from speaking his name. But we think she will allow him at least to bid you Hello.

Teacher : My friends, I am here. I am as the canopy of your forest, I am as the clouds to your sky, I am a blessing to your heart room. My task is to support each one of you in your separate and mutual endeavors toward raising the level of conscious and joyful L..O..V..E...love. It is a very simple word. Love. Love. Love. We are not asking you to save the world. We are not asking you to build a church. We are not asking you to beat up on those who refuse to listen. All we ask of you in this very special Heart Room that you have created of your own free will, and of your choice, and of your desire, all we ask of you is LOVE. I will be here with your delightful Devina, assisting your two very capable teachers, in teaching you to love. We hope, with your transmitter¹s ability, to present to you an understanding of the laws of love, as well as, how those laws operate in your world. This will be quite a task and it will be demanding of her, as well as each one of you. It is our plan that with your practice of that construction, the Heart Room construction, that eventually there will be another one or two of you who will be able to relieve her (the TR) once in awhile. Do not take that as something to fear, nor as something of a burden, nor a commandment. All is on time. All will be on time. And all is very well with you now. Thank you.

O : May I ask a question?

Teacher : Yes.

O : I would like to know your name and I would like to know if what Will said long ago is true, that it takes a certain chemical in the brain to become a transmitter.

Teacher : Thank you. Yes, to the second question, but I wish to say to you that you are always changing and you are always capable of change. There are no limitations that can not, if it is God¹s will, be surmounted. It is no special demarcation upon an individual should that person, as your beloved TR did, suddenly begin to speak our "language," as you might put it. So my friend, you are concerned for your chemical imbalance, but I must think that you are equally concerned that you are not worthy, and fear that is why you hear not, see not, speak not.

What I wish to tell you, sir friend, you are making progress. You have such a facility for "wagging the bone" she says I don¹t have that correct, but I think you understand. You chew on things. You worry, worry, worry. This you learned quite early. This you would gladly surrender. Let your gladness come through to me, and I will help you. It is no sign of your inferiority. It is no sign of your hopelessness in life that you have not heard your teacher speak to you in such a way as you can step forward with confidence and have him, or anyone else, speak through you, as I now speak through your beloved transmitter. Continue, please, to surrender the burden of your life to us, so that you may demonstrate the joy that is God¹s gift to everyone, even in the most trying of planetary circumstances. There is no God-given reason for you alone to be excluded from this.

And my name is Tarkeem. (O : Would you repeat that?) Oh, how you stretch her. (O : Sorry.) (D : I think she got it on the recording, don¹t you?) (There continues to be some interaction regarding the correct pronunciation of the name. Alana intervenes.)

This is Alana, now. I must ask you to pose no more questions. It is understandable that there is a certain excitement in some of you, but I will ask you please to remember that your transmitter has, as the result of life experience, a very personal and fully acceptable reason for a certain resistance to encouraging the idea that she can bring forth exceptional personalities. She associates this idea of the exceptional with giving us names. Of course, she does not give us these names, they are ours to give, but still when a new pattern of personality comes through to her, she is always welcoming, yet she has that little scratching on the corner of her cortex, shall we say, that says, "Oh my goodness, now I must get the name. I must get the name right. Someone will know that I have done it incorrectly." Her worry gets in the way. This is not a criticism. I think it is time to go. Do you not agree that she is very tired? (Yes.)


I wish to say good-bye to each of you this time and give you my special blessing. To you, Mr. E, God blesses you. I bless you. You are a very, very blessed man. And you, my Little One, you are a blessed "butterfly of light" to every one who meets you. You struggle sometimes with thinking that you perhaps do not understand well enough, or that perhaps you are not pure enough, or that you have abandoned all the goodness of your pure Catholic soul. My dear one, you are beloved beyond your purest heartfelt dreams. Continue to pray. S, if you wish, I will come to you, as I come to you now, with love. Good-bye, my friend, Mr. Practice. Will you please, Mr. D, close this meeting with a prayer? Thank you.

(D had to get up and greet someone who came up to the porch, unexpectedly. S said, "The prayer that comes to me is a traditional prayer, and perhaps that would be the way to end this meeting." Alana agreed. S led the group in the Lord's Prayer.)