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Topic: Reality

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Dear Friends:

Below is a lesson from teacher Welmek from Thursday, September 21st. There were some problems with the tape, so what I could not hear when transcribing is listed as "U" for unintelligible. Hopefully, this will not be a problem in the future and I will be able to hear clearly for better transcription. Hope you enjoy.


Donna Painter


This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. I am very pleased to be here with you this evening. This marks the beginning of a new group, a new group with whom I hope to have many intimate evenings of fellowship and instruction. I am your teacher but I am also your humble student as well. Throughout your eternal career you will find that who you are is a leaner at the same time that you are teaching. What does this mean to be a student/teacher? To me, in my experience, it means to listen carefully to what is presented before me, to evaluate, to synthesize it, to make an educated judgment as to its validity and to live with what I have learned to the best of my ability according to God's plan. And to share in interaction with others (unintelligible - "U").

Tonight we are embarking on a phase of universe discovery. I am here to teach you some of the things I have come to learn in my experience. I do not have an agenda for this evening as such as to offer these brief words of universe training. I would like to entertain your questions this evening in an attempt for you and I to become better acquainted one with the other so that I may better serve you and help you with the understanding that you have here come to glean. So I will ask you take a moment of silent reflection. Go within and ask the question of yourself that you would most like to know. When you are ready please ask them and I will be happy to answer to the best of my ability.


Q: Do you have a particular area of expertise that you could share with us?

Welmek: Well, you might say that I am adept at some of the intellectual processes of the human mind, understanding its mechanisms. I have many areas that interest me, but I feel that my best effort to serve is by helping you to come to a better understanding of human motivations and human mindal connections. Does this help?

Q: Yes, thank you.


Q: (U) My theory has been that the human brain does its creative work in the right hemisphere rather than in the left. The methods I use to get people to use their right hemisphere more than their left also helps to bring their alpha state down to a lower level. Is that correct?

Welmek: There are many ways that the creative process, as you call it, works. It is actually a little more complex than your human psychology has discovered at this point in time. Many waves of mindal activity are present when you "tune in" as you might say to the creative forces of the universe. When this happens, when you use your intention to tune in to these waves to this information, you are activating certain physiological responses, you are activating certain mental activity. The way that the activity works is through the waves that run through the brain. They are particularly concentrated in the right hemisphere, although they are not always just used on the right side. There is actually activity in the left side as well. Some people may tap into the creative areas of the left brain, some may tap into the creative areas of the right. It depends upon many factors…some are the patterns of mind and the way it has been conditioned to be used from birth, some are genetic patterns, some are the normal waves of universe intelligence that comes in to the particular areas. So to speak, they are hard-wired into the areas of your mind. What I would suggest is that when you use your creative side to lower what you do in the alpha waves is to lower your active mindal chatter to a degree that you can begin to "tune in" as you would a radio. Tune in very finely, center the dial on what particular frequency or creative radio station as it were. Then allow the information to flow. Does this help?

Q: Yes, very much so. Thank you.


Q: (U). Distractions seem to take me away from my center and stillness (U)

Welmek: When you tune in, ask yourself these questions, what does my heavenly Father wish me to know today? What lesson can I receive that will help me to go about my daily tasks with greater joy and greater peace? When you spend time in your quiet reflections, ask the Father to tell you this information…information about staying focused during the day. One day you will find that you will see a word that evokes a peaceful response. Some days that you will have a more creative output that will fill you with a greater sense of satisfaction. Each day is different and depends upon several factors: your diet, level of physical activity, level of hormonal activity, so you must approach each day anew. Ask what it is I need to learn today, what it is I can actually have as a tangible item that will trigger a peaceful response. When you ask the Father this, He will always give you what you need to experience. It may not always be a conscious thought, it may be a feeling. In your moments of pause each day, you can draw upon them and reflect back upon them. When you are still for a few moments, say about three or four seconds, ask for a reinforcement of this lesson whether is a feeling or word or concept. Let it wash over you, let it go into your body and breathe it in. Allow the feeling, allow the concept, the thought to expand into the cells, into your mind. Then go about your daily business. Does this help?

The Teachers

Q: (U)

Welmek: Well, this is indeed an interesting question. At present, I am stationed on your planet. I am called to assist in many capacities…as teacher, as administrator, as friend and companion. I live in a dimension, for truly there is no real counterpart in your vocabulary that can aptly describe where I live. I see you and your material world in a similar way that you experience it. But I "live" in a world that is quite unlike yours. I function in a realm that is not conditioned by the same laws of physical reality that you must adhere to. This realm has neither form nor substance that you would understand. Suffice to say that it is quite beautiful, quite harmonious and quite efficient in its ability for me effect certain tasks. You are much conditioned by the environment around you. You must contend with noise, traffic and pollution. And while I see this and my heart goes out to you--for truly this is very sad the things you must contend with--it does not affect me, I am beyond its grasp, I am beyond the material, I am (U). I am sorry I cannot be more specific, for truly this is something you must experience for it to be truly understood. Some day you will, my friend, and when you do you will be much in awe of God's plan and God's way.

Q: (U)

Welmek: I see you as a seeker of truth and knowledge. I see you as my brother, as a traveler on the road to eternity, I see you as a beautiful spirit, a child of the Father who is just embarking on his eternal adventure and my heart goes out (U). My soul rejoices that you are here with me this evening. I see you all as my dearly beloved brothers and sisters with whom I hope to have a most close and intimate relationship in the days to come. I see you as my friends, I see you as my equals, I see you as my students and I see you as my teachers. I am humbled to be here in your presence and very grateful that you have invited me here this evening.

Q: (U)

Welmek: Interesting notion you have raised. Time is still conditioning me to a certain extent. As you know, I am still functioning in the time/space universe of Orvonton. It does not affect me the same way that it affects you. My time spans are longer yet they are shorter. This is somewhat of a paradox, I know, but I (U) a perspective shift. Time is reflective to the state of being and the eyes that perceive it. All of your journey up until the part where you are ready to embark for the central universe of Havona, the great perfect realm on your way to Paradise, you will be conditioned by these factors of time and space. It is not something that can be easily explained. Again, I must caution you that so much of what you can understand is based upon your ability to experience it and to have some frame of reference so that you can relate to a being such as me who has such a different perspective. I will give you an example of my own experience. In my human form my sense of time was that things moved very slowly. Now I find that things move very quickly. But yet over the eternity expanse of time, I see the evolution of your planet quickening, I see the efforts of your lives as going quite quickly. But when you view this in the perspective of God's plan, it is happening at a much slower rate, because it is part of the evolutionary process. When I was in human form, it was thus. But now I find that as a morontial personality it is more fully developed; my sense is more peaked so I am able to sense more of the paradox, although I myself do not fully understand it. These are the true mysteries. You will not have full comprehension of time and space until you are more fully developed. So I would say, my friend, enjoy your time, enjoy your (U).

Q: How long ago has it been since you've been here in human form?

Welmek: I have been interred here for many years prior to actually speaking to humans, but I was never physically present on your world the way you are. I lived on a planet that is far distant from yours in the local universe of Nebadon. My planet was more fully developed. In your text of The Urantia Book you have planets which are described as being in the era of light and life. This is a highly evolved civilization that has eradicated many of the social problems that you experience. It is more of a heaven on earth environment which I fortunate enough to be raised in. However saying that, I will tell you this much: that your experiences here are also enabling you to have many experiences that I was not fortunate to have. Challenges that are placed in front of you that I was not fortunate to experience. (U).


Q: I'd like to get your suggestion because I'm going on a retreat where I want to change some habits and get into some healthier, more balanced living and to get your general thoughts on balanced living.

Welmek: Balanced living is very difficult to achieve on your world. I admire the Master and the exquisite balance and symmetry he achieved. He is your inspiration and model. There are many things I can suggest, and I will be most happy to discuss this with you in a session with you if you wish to have further elucidation. However, tonight I will suggest that there are several things you can do (U) One is to pay close attention to what you eat. Certain foods for certain people will evoke certain responses, physiological responses in your body and make you respond in ways that are more emotionally strong or stable, or able to evoke feelings of disorientation. So, I would suggest that you should go through your daily routine while you are on your retreat and record what is it you eat and then to also record, several hours later, how you feel. This will take some discipline on your part to do this. But if you begin to do this now while you have time, perhaps you will develop this to a point where you begin to have a habit of recording your meals and feelings on a more regular basis. So that over a longer period of time you can see what are the foods that produce positive results, which are the ones that make you feel sluggish or (U).

Another suggestion is to spend time in stillness and express some of the worries and fears you have in your dialogue with the Father. Do not be afraid to show him exactly how your problems are affecting you. He knows your situation, allow Him to help you through your worries, turn them over to Him. Be more forthcoming about some of your character flaws, be more forthcoming about them with Him. He understands you, but in elucidating them to the Father, you are in essence allowing yourself to divest yourself of those unlovely qualities that distract you from doing the Father's business. One final thing, and that is prayer. Pray for others. Spend time in your reflection and focus on what you can do for other people that will help them in their daily path. When you do this you accomplish two tasks: one is to take the focus off your own problems, you help the other person. This concept of service cannot be stressed more fully because it is what life is all about, you are going about the Father's business. You are serving your brothers and sisters. You are allowing the Father's love to flow through you more fully because you are not just using it for yourself, you are using it for other people. You are allowing it to wash through you, thereby increasing your capacity to take in more of the Father's love. Do you understand this?

I offer you this session as I offer everyone for more personal encouragement, more personal solicitation that you are loved. (U)

Fear, Courage

Q: I have a question that is personal, but I think that all of us here and society right now…I would just like you to address we can use fear and insecurity to be a motivator rather than a hinder in both personal interaction and in the society at large, how we integrate ourselves into it.

Welmek: Well, I feel that you have to a certain extent answered your own question because fear must be integrated with courage, it must be integrated with action, it must be integrated with peace. One of the most effective ways that you do this is to ask your spirit that dwells within to transform that feeling of fear into feelings of courage. When you are fearful, stop for a moment and ask yourself what is it that I fear? And when you have identified it, ask for the guidance, the insight necessary you need to overcome that fear with courage and action. When you do this, you are allowing yourself to expend the fear where it will actually start to dissipate and dissolved (U) and the more you can do this, the greater this fear will leave you. So that what does replace the fear? The fear is replaced by courage, by conviction, by a sense of optimism and a sense of confidence, a confidence that you have the capacity to move from inaction or inertia into action (U). Allow yourself to be fueled by courage, allow yourself to open up that channel and ask the Father to bring it more into your body. There is no lack of courage in the universe, there is no lack of any of the spiritual gifts the Father gives you, you cannot run out, you can never run dry, your Father does this when you ask to replenish your well. Each time you do this there is a (U)

To answer the second part of your question, what can people do collectively. Each person must answer this for him or herself. Are they going to retreat; are they going to fight with courage and conviction? The best way to motivate someone to do this is by your own courageous actions. When people see you acting out of your convictions with your sense of loyalty and duty to what you value as true, then you are being courageous and you are acting the way God wants you to act. This is very inspiring to your fellow humans because you see there are so few acts of courage in your fellow brothers and sisters who have not yet awakened to the spirit within. When they see this it triggers a response that actually sets them off. This is what the spiritual journey is all about. The more you grow, the more you want to help people, the more your actions will set in motion a chain reaction that will help people to go within. Does this answer your question?

Q: Yes, it was very helpful, thank you.

Q: On behalf of a friend and co-worker, he has been assigned a book which is about extraterrestrial beings and contact. He has received a warning from another transmitter, a channel, pretty dire warnings that these beings may not be benign and might have a harmful agenda. He asked me to ask you tonight if you have anything to say to him or to us who are doing this project about them. In a private session I will ask you more about them. But, in general do you have anything to say?

Welmek: In general, I would challenge M to ask what is the fear, to spend a moment in reflection and ask why has this person written this, what is this fear about? This is a challenge that may not be very easy to overcome because there be an agenda working here that is not known. I do not wish to comment further at this time. I would suggest that he spend a few moments in quiet reflection to clear his mind, to allow a deeper level of inner guidance to help him understand what he is dealing with.


I thank you for being here this evening. I am most appreciative of the trust you show coming here this evening. I hope and look forward to other events such as this and I hope in the future we will become close and dear friends. In closing I would like to pass the Father's love to each of you here this evening. May you feel His love deep within you. Open your hearts, open your minds, drink in His goodness, His peace, His wisdom, His freedom. (U) Good night, my friends.