2000-10-15-Midwayer Views

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Topic: Midwayer Views

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack, Lantarnek, Tomas, Elyon

TR: Gerdean, Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Circuits, Midwayers

Jack (Gerdean TR): 0802AB, Jack here, hello everybody. It is a great day for me to be able to be here and visit with you all. I don't make too many appearances in the states these days, but I'm happy to be because you are all being introduced to those of my order. I'd like to have the occasion to introduce myself at large to everybody who pays any attention to these transcripts, and say, "Hello, out there".

It has been a true adventure working toward these mysterious and exciting events in your planetary development, those days long gone and those more recent days preparatory to this segment of time wherein you find yourselves bridging the gap between the darkness and the light, between those days when we used to have to ask for permission to bring anybody into the mind circuits as compared to how open the circuits are today. The rush hour traffic on Urantia is incredible. It is a very exciting time even though it is sometimes dangerous; this rush hour traffic seems somewhat like bumper cars. I know no one will get seriously hurt, but there is a lot of jostling around and vying for position. It's to be expected, as you have heard the story; what do you expect? They're humans. Humans are amusing, exasperating, and endearing. I'm glad to be a part of your unfolding.

Alas, I'll be around a long while after you're gone already, so save me a place when you get there. I'll be along soon. Thank you, by the way, for all your help in introducing us to the material realms. We've had a bad rap. George knows we've been called ghosts far too long; poltergeists is another favorite reputation we've been stuck with. It's as if all the rebel midwayers and all the subconscious uprisings laced with fear have been labeled midwayer activity, and that has been a very unfair brand to put upon us. That's okay, however; there have been a lot of unfair brands put upon you also.

One of the greatest things about being a part of your awareness now is the adventures we can have together. It takes a while for you to get to the point of confidence that we are here and that you actually have sufficient will to enable us to do things together. You are suspect of your own abilities, your own not only psychic abilities -- which also have a bad rap -- but your competence in anything having to do with other than the material existence. But this is changing rapidly. The material realms have piqued, and now we are entering into an era of the mind en route to the spirit. You who are avant garde are way ahead of the game by having the experience of working with the teachers and in your own personal experience to have had spiritual experiences. But it is necessary for you to have seen the light in order to help those along, much as elder brothers help their younger siblings along.

Again, it is a great experience for me and for us in the corps of united midwayers to have reached a point in time where we may be able to anticipate your active cooperation and coordination in our endeavors to bring a little bit of Light and Life and levity to Urantia. Levity comes along with it, you see, because we have been far too serious for far too long. One of the ways we can open up the circuits is to lift our spirits high and laugh and rejoice. This really drives them crazy. They hate it when we have such a good time. I encourage us to be of good cheer. As the Master said, it is contagious just as love is contagious. You can be serious and reverential and respectful, even worshipful, while having a happy attitude.

I guess I'll move over. There are a whole bunch of personalities here this afternoon. In as much as I don't often have a chance to step in and greet folk, I thought I would take the opportunity today. G'day.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): Greetings to each of you.


Imagine Michael's concern upon winding up his bestowal career on this world how his apostles would conduct themselves subsequent to his departure. He knew he had their faith; he knew he had their love in spite of their shortcomings and their incomplete knowledge. He knew they were zealous. They had witnessed in those few years a man among men. They had observed application of spiritual truths in a commonplace life. They had seen relationship with the divine unencumbered by the ornateness of temple and the rigors of ritual and the laws of scripture. They had been instructed to tend to the ailing, to minister to the needy and to feed the hungry souls. They had witnessed his miraculous touch upon the ill. They had even observed the appearances of Michael's celestial associates. All this and still Michael had reservations.

Every individual personality is free to choose a course of action, a direction in which one feels capable to reveal the inner experience of friendship with God.

Aside from the teaching of the prayer of his youth, Jesus left no strict technique whereby his apostles may adjust themselves. Then was a time when the authority of the priesthood held sway over the creativity of the individual spirit child. Michael endeavored to break those bonds and start afresh with a clean slate and freshen the possibilities. Today you are in the era of the liberated Spirit of Truth. In this time period you are experiencing these freedoms, and you are being herein given methods and techniques whereby you may function individually in association with our kind and that you may apply to your human fellows in the course of ministry and also in the deepening of relationship.

Though the apostles were sent out two by two taking not a coin with them, you are being amply provided with sufficient rations, traveling gear to sustain yourself and to uplift another. Michael had but a few short years with his apostles while on this planet. He has had quite a few centuries with the many of you in his spirit presence. You are endowed from on high, and you are being trained from a little closer, and you are being supported from among yourselves. You are deemed capable and equipped to carry on the work.


Michael's experience of uncertainty supplied him with a Supreme value, and that is that his human children are capable of carrying on the work of the kingdom and to do so meeting the approval of the Father of all. This supreme experience of Joshua has been superimposed upon each one of you. Therefore dispense with your own uncertainties as they bear upon you and hinder your ability to express the spirit. Do not, however, ignore uncertainty where it is preparatory to the development of ability, but be on guard for the uncertainty that is unfounded, that ignores, that squelches your capable talents.

God is ever present. God is all-where present. But God is each-where present, discreetly in your midst, expressly focused upon you singly, albeit capable of doing so for everyone, everywhere. Know you are attended. A young mother with a new infant knows the experience that when the child is set down from her arms in a room and she is but one partition away in another room, the child will cry feelings of abandonment. Yet she is near and is as attendant as she was in that same enclosure. When the child matures, it knows that the parent is near, that the house, not simply one room, has become the associative construct. Soon this child can be overseas and still feel the presence of its parent. To those of you who face the challenges of the spiritual ascent, you are likewise having to develop this sense of connectedness with the Father, to broaden the arena wherein you feel closeness. The beauty of your textual revelation and its cosmological presentation is that the God afar in the sky is at the absolute center of everything. That makes Him closer to all.

As you each travel toward Him, you are in reality drawing closer to each other. Feeling alone in time of need, it is important to pause to re-embrace, and it is likewise very important to associate. You must learn to go off by yourself and be with the Father, and you must learn to congregate and be with one another. This twofold process re-associates you, reinvigorates you, and emboldens you.

I am Lantarnek.

The Teachers

Tomas (Gerdean): I am Tomas and part of God's everywhere-ness. I mentioned two weeks ago I was a mushroom, liable to pop up anywhere. The funny thing is where I pop up I stay planted. I am still connected to everywhere I've ever been. I still have ongoing interests in the Pittsburgh teacher base and in the Butler teacher base in Pennsylvania. I have ongoing interests and associations in Buffalo, New York, and Hamilton, Canada. I have students in Sweden and in Finland. I have amigos in New Mexico and brothers and sisters in Idaho that I continue to visit and teach and counsel with. I am now up-starting in Spokane. I am a real globe trotter on Urantia, as it were. It is convenient for me to work through this TR, however, I offer myself to any and all of you as you desire to work with me and to call upon me to come visit you or your group or your configuration no matter how intimate or large. I am a servant in this mission. I am not a possession of a TR nor a teacher base.

I am looking forward to tomorrow as I relish yesterday and bask in the beauty of today. These associations that you witness being constructed in our paths together are truly eternal. Our friendship is based in the same truths as those other poignant associations of spirit value that you share with your mortal, morontial, and spiritual associates from origin to ultimate destiny.

My words here today are in a continuing appreciation for the opportunity to be a part of your lives and to extend the love of the Master and the order of the universe into your hearts and minds to the extent I am able. I am looking forward to a sojourn now in company with Aaron and Paolo, however I am not married to any spot or any person, as I have said, nor for the most part are any of us, as we are here to teach and preach and minister as we are able. Therefore, join us in our future ministry to Urantia through the new address. I'll see you there and then and here and now. Good afternoon.

Elyon (Mark): This is Elyon, and I would mingle among you, my students and my friends, today. It is always a great joy to join with you at our regularly scheduled time to share, to learn, and to grow. I certainly do not indicate that this is in any way one- sided, as I gain much in the way of growth from working with you and observing, as do many others involved.

We were asked to imagine Michael's concerns and doubts about the unfoldment of his mission here on your world. I would spring from that to ask you to imagine how we the teachers felt when, upon hearing of the mandate of Michael and upon being accepted as a volunteer in this project, we were turned loose with the likes of you. This is one gigantic experiment, never having been done in this fashion before, a great period of trial and readjustment throughout the process involved in determining the most accurate and efficient use of this new line of communication we have established. You are in no small measure a direct measure of our success. You have shown us and entire legions of onlookers that you are willing and capable and faithful to this process we are establishing together. We are determining patterns even now which we shall use for many generations to come on your world as to the effectiveness of our skills to work together. You have provided us with reams of useful information which we compile to adjust our techniques, even from meeting to meeting.

Having had lessons delivered today and having already been given much to think about, I would recognize questions and solicit your comments to be answered by myself or my associates.



Jonathan: There was some concern over the wording of the technique on elevating the eyes while closed. Would you please clarify how that technique should be applied?

Elyon: Thank you, and I would defer to your comrade George's observation that when you reach this critical degree of elevation your eyes automatically recognize this position and respond accordingly, for each individual to visualize this exact angle of translation. But from what I and the others observed in your discussion this morning, it seems you have come to certain realizations about this yourselves. Both personally and collectively you have determined that this elevating of the eyes is simply a physical mechanism to trigger an autonomic response involved in your neurological system, that the exact technique may differ slightly from one individual to another. Again, I defer to your comments on this subject as being accurate and reflective of the truth.

Gerdean: Which is what? Twenty two and a half degrees, more or less?

Elyon: It is.

Tom: Could you comment on the variation between focus and dilating, the amount of light versus the length of focus?

Elyon: Once again, I witnessed in your discussion the distinction between these two separate exercises. I encourage you to practice both, that both have positive effects in the training of your mind's eye. It is this arena in which perception of other energy forms is readily made, and these two exercises both offer you actual physical hands-on techniques, so to speak, to manipulate the physical makeup of your composition to promote use of this neural pathway. These are exercises designed not to constrict you but rather to construct an image whereby you may focus on this phenomenon. Through repetition and approach you may become familiar with this physical orientation.

Does this suffice?

Tom: Yes, thank you.

Gerdean: Aren't we talking about "eyes to see" and "ears to hear" in that we are beginning to perceive through our mind's eye and hear the teachers through our mind's ear, so to speak?

Elyon: Aaahh, we are getting somewhere. We speak in terms of physical arrangements, combinations of neural networks, linking of information, and all these are necessary to you as a mortal of the realm to have something to hold on to, to focus upon, and something to practice. All these exercises are good in that they bring you to this arena of the mind's eye, of the opening of the mind, of the receptivity of the individual, and the organic and chemical conditions required for this entire reaction to take place. You must involve the physical vehicle in this process only to the extent that you learn how to remove it as an obstacle and align it as an antenna. The rest is in the arena of spirit, of mind, and does not depend on the physical characteristics of the vehicle.

Is this enough here?

Gerdean: This is good.

Tom: We were given an exercise a few years ago, "between the ears and behind the eyes". You wouldn't have an exercise for between the ears up your sleeve, would you?

Elyon: I would call to notice for you another growth ring in that, at the time that lesson was delivered, it was not received as it could have been. You as individuals had not reached the spirit potential to embrace a lesson on existing in the space between your ears and behind your eyes. You have flowered spiritually and are in a big growth spurt. It is only natural and right that you would spontaneously request this lesson at this time. This lesson had very much to do with the establishment of control over the physical organ which you are now coming to understand is driven by the mind. The mind is what inhabits this dimensional space inside your skull, it is what drives the bus, it is what conditions the response, it is what accepts the reality. So, now perhaps we try again the exercise to be in more full realization of existing in this space, in this organ, . .. your freewill in order to help with the process . .. which are you. You, existing within this organ and having control from this command center point of all that this organ drives, the arms, the legs all the way down to the toes, are in control from this command and observation point that is behind the eyes and between the ears. These eyes and these ears allow in light and images, allow in sounds and vibrations, wherein you make your observations and set your course. The practice of withdrawing into this point is a visualization exercise designed to help you realize just where and how this chain of command happens between the mind and the brain, all housed neatly in this space. It is an exercise in perspective.

I appreciate that you have thought to bring this ball back into play and what that says to me about your growth and the growth of this group, for which I am thankful.

Jonathan: We know that if one can subdue one's tongue one can be greater than a king who can subdue a city. Behind the eyes and between the ears is above the tongue. By focusing there maybe we can get a grip on that unruly member.

Elyon: I would go so far as to point out the link between what you have now been engaged in, in your training, and conversation of the discipline of going within the mind into a construct of your making. This is very similar to this exercise of going within to the confines of your mind housed within your brain. Is it not that this construct is there also? Is it not that the arena of spirituality lies there as well? This is the place of reference to which you will more frequently desire to return.

Midwayers, Jesus

Kirk: Jack, I hope the group feels the same way, I want to commend you for being a loyal midwayer. Most of your order went astray. Thank you for being there for us mortals.

Jack (Gerdean): Well, you are very gracious, young man. You assume a set of circumstances based on your own mortal conditioning, yet you are not too far from wrong. Be advised that much of our loyalty was due to sheer cowardice.

Mark: We didn't have to know that.

Jack: Would you prefer illusion to truth? Of course you would. I have seen again and again, and yet you will be encouraged to realize that we were so entirely smitten by the Master when he was here, we hurried to do what we could to make up for our lack of commitment and conviction prior to his incredible appearance on our world. You can never appreciate how we were impressed with this man Jesus. Even today you will find in our enthusiasm and exuberance to advance a motive to bring round his people to a greater appreciation of who he is and what he is capable of in terms of his incredible capacities, love being one of them. We were wowed by the Master and are still operating as a result of the impetus he gave only by being here. We were impressed right out of our socks. But I do appreciate your words, friend, for it indicates your empathic understanding of isolation and a severe detriment in parenting and many of the same delinquent circumstances that you have known in your lives here. We have so much in common. We have nothing but benefits to accrue as a result of our knowing more about each other and our mutual experiences here on this orb. I just don't want you to elevate me to any stature I am undeserving of. I am acquainted with humility.

Jonathan: You give new meaning to the difference between standing firm and scared stiff.

Correcting Time

Jack: Paralysis of the will is a way of justifying doing nothing. Very tricky minds you have, indeed. Surviving and making it is an employment we have observed in fascination for centuries. You are getting a little better at it. It's wonderful to see the circuits connecting and your potential coming into being. Maybe we can really get trooping here and make some progress while your impetus is alive and well as a result of our steadfast teacher corps and the renaissance that is upon us in terms of spiritual light shining here on our world.

I hope you know we have had many advantages given to us as well since the Correcting Time has been inaugurated. We not only helped bring it about, we have already benefitted from many of its perks. It is a great springboard for us as it is for you. We are enjoying the opportunity to catch on to each others' coattails for a grand ride into the dawn of Light and Life. Of course, that simply means a series of adventures into a greater appreciation of a greater reality. This can boil down to some fairly mundane behaviors, but hey, we are fairly mundane creatures in the scope of things. That's where the real work is done, in little minuscule moments that bring about an opportunity for you to make a decision that will advance our world or dawdle longer. You will find we are not dawdlers, we have dawdled long enough ourselves and found it wasteful. How many times we wished someone would take us under their wing and teach us, like your teachers are teaching you, how to be spiritually courageous, confident of your sonship. All these wonderful lessons that come in a healthy family. Our broken home destroyed much of what might have been, but we are not remiss in appreciating what our parents have bestowed upon us now in lieu of what was lost. We just pick up from here and carry our bag the second mile and make do with what we have. Considering the benefits of the circumstances we have been given, we have quite a bit to work with. We're not complaining; we're excited, in case you couldn't tell.

Nice chatting with you.

Mary: Who are "they" who don't like it when we are cheerful and joyous?

Jack: You know your teachers would have me by the ear for talking about 'us and them', which is a no-no in the curriculum. Even so I wasn't born yesterday and I know there are those who find great satisfaction in self-flagellation and in stark displeasure. So, they are the ones who would find your joyousness irritating. It requires effort to lift the mantle of grief and guilt and blame and shame, those things we are trying to outgrow in order to forgive and love and learn compassion and appreciation and joyousness, those things that are representative of the other side of the coin. Those who love the darkness hate the joy we have to offer. But we already know that is only a part of their deluded state of mind. It is a false reality brought about through false prophets who, many years ago, taught the value of doom and gloom.


Boo! We have a new agenda. Joy is a result of knowing God, knowing who you are, knowing how you fit, all those good things that you are learning through your applications of spiritual study and actualizing your potential. Joy is also a precious commodity which has a powerful impact. So, while I casually say, "They don't like it" there are those who so long for joy they are quite crazed to see you have it, and they may be dangerous or they may be putty in your hands. The opportunities you have for teaching and preaching, for ministering, are so many and so great it is no wonder you are reluctant to become aware of the possibilities that are presented to you if and when you get into that universe between your ears and allow yourself to see with eyes to see and listen with ears to hear what the universe would have you know and be and do in service to the Supreme.

Mark: I'd like to offer a public affirmation of faith and willingness to all the teachers and Michael and the Father. We want to work more closely and more effectively, to become more aware of potentials. Maybe through exercises we will come closer to these objectives. We ask for all the assistance possible in this endeavor.

Tom: I second that devotion.

Jack: I join with you in your petition and appeal to Michael to help us in our joint venture to elevate Urantia to the shrine it deserves to be. I am inspired by the inspiration I seem to have brought today. I could weep for joy, but let's not confuse the issue. Thank you.