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Topic: Harmony

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I am grateful to have you all here again this evening. Tonight, we shall discuss harmony.


Love is harmony. Harmony is a state when all is various and different and yet comes together in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Harmony exists everywhere in nature. All of the individual life forms, with their own individual imperative, somehow work together to create a balanced system where all are provided for and all have a freedom in their self-expression.

Harmony exists in the highest art. It exists in music, of course, but also in every other kind of art. When art is truly harmonious, it is also beautiful. There is also harmony to be found in social situations. Just now you each expressed your opinions and yet maintained harmony among you. You were able to do so because you have love for each other.

Harmony is God’s plan for each and all. The Father wills that all human beings should reside together in harmony and he desires that each individual should have harmony in his or her life as well. As you progress in your ability to love one another, so do you progress in your ability to have harmonious relations. All of your eternal life will consist of working in groups. You will all have tremendous opportunities to fine tune your own abilities to find harmony in every conceivable situation.

The immature person often finds that creating disharmony creates a place for him or her, that seeking out and even causing problems creates a way to distinguish oneself from others. This is true also of nations and groups of nations, tribes and families or groups of tribes and families, religions also. It’s like a child disrupting a group of adults and doing it to feel important, to feel valuable. So too, your entire world now is going through a type of post-adolescence when one is not sure if one wants to be a child or try to grow into adulthood. You are still at a stage where you are unsure of what adulthood means.

I tell you now that maturity requires the increasing ability to work harmoniously with increasingly different others. It is a shame that your inability to do this on a national or super-national level causes such extreme suffering as it does. Blaming others and the pursuit of revenge are all adolescent fantasies. Revenge is a childish thing which must be put aside in your own lives as well as the lives of larger groups. Peace and harmony will not become real on this world until your peoples can put down these toys of childhood, these half-formed ideas, and incomprehensions.

I would like now for each of you to discuss your own growth in the areas we have discussed, growth in harmonious relationships.

[too fast to record]

Ham: Greetings again. These discussions are very important because they help you bring things out and make them real to yourself. You have all made very much progress and you all do very well. There is no one who is left behind in these lessons, no one who is not progressing and growing. You are all enjoying this progress, even though at times if feels painful or feels very uncomfortable. The more you are growing, the less comfortable you are. That is why growth occurs in spurts, so you can maintain a balance while you grow.

Let us begin the question and answer section of our discussion.


Q: Elise requested a message.

Ham: Of course. My dear, you are doing well and are making good and steady progress forward. Sometimes, you tend to be in a hurry to do this or accomplish that. You like everything organized and when things are disorganized and not in the harmony you would like to see it causes you distress. But, you must remember that you can’t control everything that human beings have very little control over anything and part of becoming empowered in the spirit is the result of accepting one’s powerlessness on the earthly plane.

Q: May I have a personal message?

Ham: Certainly, my son. You are also someone who has an active fantasy life. You have an active, creative imagination which is wonderful. There is also a tendency to want to almost live in that world where everything is perfect, where you have complete control and this is true for many creative people. You are good at dealing with people, though, and you have come far in this regard in the last few years. Concentrate on being balanced. The more balanced you are, the happier and more productive you will be. Focus on balance and on how you can remain so even during times of stress and pressure. Rather than seeking for escape from pressure, which causes imbalance, think instead about absorbing pressure which creates greater balance. Increasingly become more and more at ease with yourself. Think about staying in the now time and really focus on this.

Q: Do you have anything to say to me as feedback this week?

Ham: Yes, of course. Sometimes when one is under extra pressure, one is also tempted to use those nearest and dearest to vent frustration or whatever confused feelings come up as a result of that pressure. And the same, of course, occurs with the other spouse. When her pressures are mounting, she tends to take it out on you in little ways over small things, just out of frustration and anxiety. But these periods of venting towards each other can cause harm to your relationship, even if that was never meant to happen. And so I must say that self-control must extend to all areas of life. Sometimes that which we value most is that which we take for granted. So you must both remember to be gentle with each other because you are both under some pressure right now and people under pressure tend to blow things out of proportion and get confused about priorities. Remember that you love each other and that your relationship has been the single most important one for both of you for many years. Something this precious and important must be handled with care.

Q: Charlie B?

Ham: Certainly, son. Yes, you have also some rocky areas in your relationships and you tend to forget about how important those relationships are. But, it is important not to forget this. Relationships are really the most important part of your lives. Relationships are where you learn about yourself and about other people and these are the things that the Father holds dearest. Be careful of the feelings of those you love. When you do this, they are automatically more careful of your feelings.


Until next week, my children, my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.