2000-12-07-Body Changes

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Topic: Body Changes

Group: Marin TeaM


Teachers: Michael, Anatolia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Session began with healing attunement for the participants centering in the love of Christ Michael. This was the message from Michael while the energy was flowing into the hearts of the students.



Beloved children, you are truly mine I know each of you intimately and perfectly. Envelope your beings in my essence, in my presence, in my light and in my life. I am your caretaker, I am your comfort, I am your sustenance and I am your rock. Draw close to me, draw into my being. Open yourselves to the love that is yours for the asking. Nothing else is real, nothing else is of importance but this love that flows from the Father, through me, to you and to your brothers and sisters. Put yourself into this [[The stream|river of life[[. I am your river of life. I am all that you need.

The healing energy that envelopes you now is creating a resonance deep within your being; a resonance that you will come to understand in the coming days. It is not of your making, but it is of your desire. The more you desire this harmonic resonance with me, the more I am able to come into your presence and fill you with the fullness of my love and peace and presence. Have no doubt this is real, this is the experience that you search for in your life. Do not doubt how much you are loved, how important you are to me and to the Father. Focus entirely, focus internally on this connection of the heart for this is your link with my Spirit of Truth. This truth that presses through each fiber of your being is what binds you to me eternally. You have origin in me. You have life in me. And now as your body is being reestablished in a new vibrancy, this Spirit of Truth will ring more clearly throughout your whole being and fill you with joy and light, and truth of your sonship with the Father, and the truth of your fellowship of your brothers and sisters and all of universal reality.

My children, I leave your presence in the care of your most able, trustworthy and caring brothers and sisters. But as I leave your presence, do not break this connection with your heart and my heart, for this connection can never really be severed, it is only your awareness that shifts and alters throughout the day. But as you hear the words of your teachers, keep also present in your mind this flow of love that exists between us. Allow yourselves to feel through the words of truth from your teachers the flow that they receive from me through them to you, and honor the Father of us all. Good evening, beloved ones.


Anatolia: My name is Anatolia. Good evening, my friends. Stay centered, stay focused, continue to breathe and allow the permeation of Christ Michael's love and healing power. Continue to let it do its work in your body. This work is very gentle, it is very subtle; but it is very powerful nevertheless And as we talk this evening there are many teachers working at your side helping you to transmute the energy to have to have it more fully activated in your physical being. Welmek is away this evening and I have agreed to continue the discussions.

This evening I would like to offer a brief discourse on what was begun last week on the topic of change. Welmek began to approach change from the various levels of universe reality. This evening I would like to focus on some of the changes that occur at the physical or material level. They are so important to you because they affect your lives so greatly. I would like to expand upon the definition of physical changes that Welmek shared with you last week. And then, as usual, if you have questions I would be happy to assist you in a greater understanding.

As you know, as you have already experienced in your life, change happens all of the time. There are very few times in your life when you have a total stable environment. There is always something to do that is new. There is always a new experience that comes into your life, a new person, a new opportunity, so there are very few times in your life where there is nothing new occurring. Have you grown accustomed to this yet? Ask yourself this question, "Do I really appreciate the nature of change?" I do not expect you to answer this question to me. I pose this as an exercise to go within and ask yourself. But this evening, as you are connected with the Spirit of Truth and to the presence of Christ Michael, I would offer this to you. To ask he who mastered life on this planet how he was able to handle the changes in his life situation, the death of his father, subsequent poverty of his family, the apparent rejection of his people of his teachings and his mission. These are things that affected our Master very deeply from a human perspective, and yet he was able to find the stability in his inner life that kept him grounded in doing and seeking the Father's will.

Changes at the material level can cause you much disturbance, much frustration, and much sadness when they are not positive or when you do not see them happening for your highest good. This is the time to reign in your frustration and to connect with the Master and the Father, and to see the truth of the situation that is occurring. Go within now and ask your spirit to help you more fully appreciate the transitory nature of changes at the material level; why they are important and why they are transitory. Ask how you can integrate their fluctuating nature more fully into the stability of your inner peace and your inner sanctum of the connection with the Father. Take a few moments of stillness and ask this. (Pause)

I will entertain your questions now.



Student: (paraphrased) Feeling an urge to move from operating from his head to his heart and asked the teacher to speak more about that. Felt that a unity was coming through his heart.

Anatolia: It is the momentum of balance. You as a human being are designed to operate from two sensing centers; from the intellect and from the heart. It was never intended for your being to be one or the other, it was always designed to be both. But, there has been a divergence in the energy focus; the propensity of the articulation of the thought to occur from one center or the other. This has occurred over the centuries due to various elements which were, at their center, focused on the biological evolution of humans going back to the times of Andon and Fonta. There is much in your text that talks about the different types and schools of thought. You can see this most distinctly between the eastern mind and the western mind.

There is a great divergence between the intellect and the heart. One is not greater than the other, but one cannot co-exist without the other without being an imbalance. This is the harmony that our Master was able to achieve, the exquisite symmetry between his intellect and his loving compassionate nature. He was able to look at the institutions that humanity had developed over the years and applied the divine microscope to them. He would dissect every thought, every dogmatic theory, from these institutions and apply the appropriate attitude adjustment to them. He was able to look these puerile concepts of the Father with compassion and understanding and forgiveness to the extent that he could forgive those who crucified him on the cross, because these were his children. They were acting in the ways that were so erroneous and so inconsistent with universe reality.

Now, what this means to you is that there is a great shift. A great realignment is occurring now that is helping you to sense more of the love, more of the empathy that you need to become a better servant to your brothers and sisters. You have excellent understanding of theological concepts. You have a certain way of living your life, your physical life that has become most comfortable, and yet within you there is a discomfort because there is something that you still wish to do and you have not achieved a degree of personal satisfaction with this. This is where you must let go of what you have come to understand as the way you think it should be working out. This is your agenda that you most let go. Allow yourself to be led more by love through your heart to find the expression of those personality complements that will give you greater joy and greater satisfaction. This is the way of trust, this is the way of hope, this is the way of faith. Faith mostly occurs at the heart. Faith can be intellectualized to some degree, but experientially it is of the heart. It is motivated by the heart and the heart must follow where faith leads.

Vibration, Body

Student: I have been experiencing a sensation in my body occurring on a number of occasions. Feels like a motor running in my hands, what is it? My brain says it is a nerve impingement, but my intuition says it's something else. Wondering what that is?

Anatolia: Humans are motorized, that is true. Your beings run, they hum, they are vehicles of energy and of life. Your central nervous system is the conductor of these energy impulses that transmute from the various levels of energy that impinge and surround and bombard your body, so to speak. Energy is coming into your being at various vibratory rates and at various intervals. What you now experience and will in the days to come is an adjustment and opening in your cellular connection to feel more of the life enhancing energy that is re-keying your body. This humming, this vibration, is all designed to up-step the harmonic resonance of your body to more healthy levels.

The vibratory rate of this planet has been very diminished for eons. Cellular evolution has been stagnant to some degree and now during this Correcting Time of Michael's loving ministry to all life, all living beings on this planet, all of the harmonic frequencies are being readjusted. Some people will attune to it more consciously than others. This is fine. In time everyone will be more aware of what has happened to them. But you have struck out on the path of light. You have selected to be an instrument of light. And now through these choices this light is entering your body, is adjusting your body, and you are becoming more consciously aware of what is happening.

It is a wonderful, wonderful occurrence. It is a time of great joy, of great transformation, of great inner changes. And this evening I say to you, my sister, to allow yourself when these sensations occur a moment of reflection in honoring what is happening in your body. Give thanks to our Father, Michael and Mother Spirit, to all of those who work in your behalf that you are able to sense this energy. This appreciation will also act to catalyze more energy and more light into your being.

Much healing work is paramount. This is an emergency situation and there cannot be too many workers to assist in this undertaking of bringing light and life to the peoples of Urantia. As a beacon of light, it is your privilege, your responsibility, and your joy to attune yourself to increasingly more refined shafts of light as they penetrate and permeate each cell. And as you sense this coming in to your being, I would ask that you give recognition to what is occurring in humility and appreciation, and allow the natural process to unfold in the days and months and years to come. Allow your celestial workers who are with you always to help you when you falter, to secure you when you are not sure what is happening. Take a moment and ask them to up-step the energy just one more shading and allow deeper re-keying. Do you understand?

Student: Yes I do. When this energy comes through does it happen cathartically or can it happen gracefully?

Anatolia: It is your choice. How quickly, how dogmatically will you hang onto ideas of the past? How gracefully do you want to surrender yourself to the love and light that envelopes your body and soul? This is your choice. If it is your choice for this to be a graceful transformation and transition, then you must be patient and allow the natural processes of your body to adjustment themselves. The body does not attune overnight. It attunes over a period of days and weeks and months depending upon the level of shadow that needs to echo from your system. But if you strike the chord of truth in your soul deeply and this bell of love rings and resonates throughout your being, your capacity to eliminate the shadow will be greater. Your body must still adjust itself and there may be period when you have slight symptoms of detoxification such as headaches, body aches, nausea and other rather unpleasant symptoms. But, these are just frequency readjustments, they do not mean you are ill, Your body is just trying to eliminate in the way it must these shadowy echoes of the past. Does this help?

My friends, as I view your lives, I see you both in times of great change. This potentially could be a time of great turmoil or it could be a time of great joy. How do you wish to see these changes as they occur? How do you wish to reshape the ideas of the past as they fluctuate in your mind's eye as they try to rework themselves out of your system?

Student: I want to say goodbye to them gratefully. And let them go.


Anatolia: Because they were learning experiences and this is all they were. There were a way for you to experiment with what worked in your life and what did not work. And if they did not serve you well then, what need have you of them any longer? So bid them farewell, you had them for a time, but now it is time for the new ways, the new ideas, and the new feelings to more fully permeate your mind, soul, and cells. Invite these new ideas in with joy, embrace these new feelings with abandonment, in surrender and faith. And as this transformation begins to speed you along a new path, deepen your connection with your Father and Christ Michael . They will help to stabilize you while the old ways leave and the new ways are established. Good night.