2001-01-13-Thought Patterns

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Topic: Thought Patterns

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Elyon

TR: Tiahuan, Jonathan



  • January 13, 2001

Tomas (Tiahuan): This is Tomas. I have longed to speak in this manner, and I appreciate the willingness of this one as we all appreciate the willingness of each to invite us into your lives to join you in your labor as you proceed in the business of doing the Father's will.


We have enjoyed your speech. We have witnessed the Father speaking in and through you, all of you. It encourages us as we seek to encourage you. You are inclined to think of us as pure, higher, and more experienced. Well, perhaps we are, but this is pertaining to quantity of such experience. My friends, my heart is moved by the qualitative depth of your own experience. Are you not moved by the depth of devotion, by one who turns at their moment of beginning upon the path of faith, though they have walked through darkness and the dangerous depths of their own deprivation? When they turn are you not inspired? You who have been along this path for some time, are you not energized by this beauty of a new discovery? Allow yourselves to be fed by the many in this world who are turning now in their own ways as they are able to embrace the reality of our Father. Join in their celebrations, in the celebration of their hearts. Then you will know how great is our joy to behold you in this moment, you who have been coping with the inadequate skills resident upon this planet's culture only because of the misfortunes of your history. But look at you, gathered about in the sincere and probing discussion of the realities of spirit. We join you as a team, and we relish this chance to draw near you.

Give yourselves credit where it is due. We respect the labor that you have done, and we rejoice to support you in all that you aspire to accomplish in the time that you are given. In the end we are honored by this company, the company of our Father within us weaving our lives together in this exploration of opportunity. It is you who walk upon this planet. We walk with you thrilled with this chance of a lifetime. My lesson then is in this gratitude, my joy enjoining with yours. Give it to others.

Thank you. Are there questions?


Healing, Free will

Evelyn: We got a call this morning from someone with a question. It refers back to Nebadonia talking about love warriors who, when we find faces of fear, can shoot love therapy. Can we ask the angels to use our bodies as conduits to shoot this love, whether we do that with the person's knowledge or not? I said I thought the answer was yes to that. Then there's the question of how we have old thought patterns and behaviors that are holding us back, for example, an inner critic. We can all imagine some kind of thought habit. Can the angels working through us dissolve these thought habits?

Tomas: You are the love therapy. Your angels, teachers, midwayers, Michael and Nebadonia depend upon you to be this medicine, the salve in your world. This is not injected arbitrarily; it is given according to the wisdom of God. As you gain in your potency by progressively doing the will of God, the medicine you are has greater effect. Most certainly we conspire to bring this about, but you all are the messengers, the medicine, the marvel of healing unfolding upon this world.

I hope this is of some help.

Evelyn: Would we be overriding free will to offer love and healing to someone who doesn't know that we are?

Tomas: Yes, I understand. This is where you approach the arena of the Adjuster. The Adjuster is supremely respectful, indeed, guards with careful devotion the sanctity of the prerogatives of the personality. Within the context of this personality's choice the degree to which they had invited the assistance of heaven, within this openness is where you are free to work. If the door is cracked but slightly, then blow love through this crevice as you can and will. But love precludes the forcing of the door itself. The Master stands and knocks. He asks for entry. He makes no demands, neither should you.


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings, I am Elyon. Thank you for welcoming me to this group. I know as a regular attender that you are always willing to take in the thoughts of myself and associates who attend these discussions. I wish to address the point of thought patterns, ways to go about adjusting your habitual streams of thought, and the inquiry as to assistance from your seraphic attendants or even us teachers in changing your thinking.

It is not within the powers of those like myself or your angels to weed your mind field. Rather our task, to continue with the notion of an open field, is to help those rocks that you wish to comb out of your field to rise to the surface that you may view them. But it is entirely your free will as to which rock, stone, or gravel you wish to remove. The formula at work is that each personality is making its contribution to the oversoul of creation. I may stand in my field, look over the fence into your field, and have an opinion of how you may arrange your landscape. I could give you cuttings, transplants, that you may apply in your landscape as you see fit. We would commingle in the sharing and as a partnership create a form of beauty for the universe to behold. But if I were to be the gardener of your field, it would become my expression and not yours, and this is true of the field of the mind and the arena of choice.

It is encouraged from our teachers that we share, that we broadcast widely what has been important and impacting on our soul growth and personality unfoldment, for it is in the cross-fertilization that the Supreme grows, gains strength, and manifests traits that were only lying in potential. The mutual exchange of ministry is for the upliftment of each one of us in the hope that our exchanges multiply the diversity inherent in all our potential, thereby manifesting a beauty far transcendent of what would be a monotony if all our patterns of behavior and thinking were uniform. To uproot, to change your landscape, requires that you, the property owner of your mind field, do the digging, make the choice of which to pull and which to plant. I, as your neighbor, and your angels are always willing to give you a start from our field if you ask. It will be given, and then it is up to you where and how to plant and how often to water and when to fertilize.

I hope this helps.

Mark: I have this boulder. I accept your role as neighbor. How is one's desire to rid the landscape of an unacceptable object reconciled with turning a problem, a boulder, over to God when seeking assistance with that task? I understand that angels and teachers aren't God. The step of seeking counsel and pursuing turning an issue straight to the Father's may be of assistance in determining the appropriate Paradise pattern for our mind field.

Elyon: I admire your perception. Yes, as your neighbor, I too may be too powerless to jump the fence and join you in lifting this extremely large boulder from your field. The divine backhoe operator has the power to extract this large object if you give the call. It is important to remember the Divine Power and its immensity and its abilities. One of the interests of our Divine Source is the experience of the manner in which you overcome your hurdles. The writer of old spoke of a thorn in his side and credited it with being a divine gift, painful though it was. Each landowner perchance has an uneradicable boulder that can be landscaped, can be beautified, can be transformed. What was once evil, ugly to the eye, can become scenic and good. Seeking the counsel and guidance of the divine will reveal to you the proper direction. Do you bring in the cranes and pull it out? Do you modify your terrain such that it is transformed? By seeking with faith and acting in trust you open the channel of communication wherein these decisions can rise to clarity and confidence and subsequent action.

Mark: Thank you very much.

Stillness, Teamwork

Sivad: I'm drawn to the image of the mind as a mirror. In astronomy to study an image deep in space outside the range of our mortal vision, the larger the diameter of the mirror, the greater the capacity for resolution of ever deeper objects. When we encounter physical limits of engineering, we have learned to link mirrors in different parts of our world, combining their knowledge so we can calculate objects we have never before seen.

If this works for physical observation, how do we actively engage in linking our minds to focus on the love of God, and thereby magnify its understanding in our world?

Elyon: My friend, you have touched upon a subject of Supreme immensity. I will make some attempt to offer my input.

Your selection of these mirror-like antenna is a good illustration of what is often our central teaching of stillness, for these collectors are taking in light. They aren't broadcasting; they are receiving. As each of you incircuit through stillness you are creating that network, that enlarged receptive field upon which that immense imagery can be collected and become known. You understand that the Father can be discovered in the heart of any individual, but that the Supreme is discovered in the revelation of all. To gain increased ability it is important to spend your time in stillness, for this is a point of focus in the arena of mind without the distractions of the environment. It is the opportunity to remove the snow from the dish so that the incoming signals are discernible and undistorted.

The mind which is bestowed upon you -- and I speak to you as a large group -- has some ability to function independently of time, but it is still largely conditioned by sequential perception and duration. This collecting of the greater image can happen independently of simultaneous receptivity, but you as the one viewing can strengthen your reception of tangible feedback by collectively deciding upon certain moments wherein you will actively engage in mind networking. By doing so you are teaming up; you are creating in real time a network. This form of teamwork will reveal to you more of the great picture. As I say, it can be done independently of timing, but it is helpful to the human mind to deliberately create instances of conjoined seeking.

Does this address your question?

Sivad: Yes, thank you. I am led to the offer of Michael of his gift of mind, drawing as it does from all of his children's experiences. In the Supreme image he offers to us is this distillation of every mind from every part of his universe.

Mind, Soul

Gerdean: I have a picture of a field of boulders next to a field where someone has built a high rise that blocks the sun. A mirror could reflect the Father around the building to light my garden with the light that transcends the rudeness of my neighbor who blocked the sun. We spend so much time in our minds, the mind arena of choice where we live deciding how we will work our fields to be of the best service. I seem to be stuck here. I need to get out of my mind or get comfortable with it.

Elyon: May I for a moment address the high rise? The Father knows that you each have a plot in the reality of time and space and that the field of another can be too close, that adjacency can infringe upon you. This is where the teaching of the brotherhood of all comes in. But He has made provision to minister to these inconveniences, for, as we have worked this analogy, the sun will cross the sky through the day, and your field will receive the sun, even though there are moments when the shadow of your offending neighbor is cast upon you. This edifice, while an obstacle, can also be a blessing, for it may shield your field from the north wind. It may absorb the heat and forestall a frost.

To address this feeling of being stuck in the mind: This field has occupants besides yourself. You may be the landowner, but the Father has given you a landscaper, His own presence. The development of the partnership of the two of you creates the landscape of the soul that beautifies the mind field. To escape the mind transform it. When one beholds the work of a gardener who has created a balanced and inviting landscape, rarely does one notice the dirt. The soul is the landscape upon the mind which beautifies the personality. The mind, like the soil, will offer nutrients unceasingly. It will receive your compost as well. The Father will rain upon you and shine upon you from above, and His divine Fragment will cooperate in the planting of your soul landscape. Always will the foundation of mind remain to support and to contribute. But in the long run your attention will be focused upon that soul emergence, the ripe harvest of spiritual growth and morontia attainment.

Gerdean: That's what Ham said.

Elyon: I was wondering where my lesson plan went.

Gerdean: My first duty is to nurture my morontia soul. I forget that.

Mark: We hold dear our relationships with you, our unseen friends. We thank you so very much for your attention to us.

Elyon: You are welcome. I must add that while you who are invested in your own fields creating beautiful landscapes that reveal the divinity you contain, it is often that you will notice one or two weeds growing and throw fits. But to those who pass by and see your work, it is the beauty of the overall display that touches the heart and soul of another. Yes, I do encourage you to take after your weeds, for they are yours to pull. But do delight in your accomplishments and do know that others recognize them as well and as I see them in you.


I take my leave.