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Topic: Justice

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I do so admire your diligence, hard work and unity regarding the upcoming conference. Your experience together is somewhat forcing you to apply my lessons. Your unified experience is a good exercise to take out into the world amongst your fellows. You can open any book or listen to any teacher, but without experience the words you take in are somewhat meaningless. Experience is your teacher. This week we will continue on with justice. I turn my time over to EMULAN.



Greetings friends. Everyday I live I grow more in appreciation for Father's amazing works. I have seen firsthand how justice in our universe operates. Justice really has an energy all its own, but you can certainly count on Father's tireless workers to be ever vigilant in upholding the universal law of justice. If experience is your teacher--then certainly will you discover that no matter what the situation is--divine justice always comes out ahead.

A man who would perhaps cheat on his taxes, and seemingly get away with it, will certainly have that immediate satisfaction of things going his way. Those that know that he had escaped any penalty from cheating might view him as lucky. They might even consider cheating on their own taxes. What these individuals do not know is that the government does not know he has committed a crime, but the universe does. Many events will be set into place for the corrective action to occur.

You might feel you can transgress any law and escape the penalty, but through the natural outworking of universe intelligence--new lessons are forthcoming. Almost all injustice is corrected. Man's injustice can be divinely corrected. These corrections are not to strike fear into the hearts of mortals, but to continue the momentum of growth regarding the universe as a whole and the experience of the God in time--the Supreme Being.

Those with a clean spiritual foundation that transgress the natural law know that corrective action is forthcoming. They are not surprised by it, nor believe that God is an unjust Father. On the contrary, He is a very careful and loving Father. Those individuals with a cluttered background of religious faiths believe that God will punish them and their own guilt is an added barrier to receiving divine assistance or correction. It would seem that the world is filled with injustice and nobody really does anything about it. Most individuals spend time in just complaining as if that will bring about justice.

Divine justice is working throughout everything. All worldly injustices are subject to divine correction. You probably won't see it firsthand, but believe me, with time you will know how awesome and organized Father is. You have it within you to know if you have transgressed divine law or not. Your Indwelling Adjuster brings divine laws to light. Even if you have transgressed unintentionally, look not on these corrections as a punishment from the gods, but as a lesson from which to learn and become stronger and better equipped as a universe citizen.

The man who has cheated on his taxes may not deal with mortal corrective action, but certainly will divine correction be forthcoming. This is not threatening, no. This is a safeguard to you and to the worlds of time and space. Take the Lucifer Rebellion for example. Without force or the hand of a stern and angry God, the universal laws were put into operation. The rebellious ones were allowed to be subject to universal law. This is divine insurance that the Son of self-love was unable to further spoil Father's children. Divine law is protection for the universe citizen. Thank you.

I am ABRAHAM. We are grateful to you, our brother Emulan, for a well thought out lesson. I will accept a few questions.


CALVIN: Abraham, I don't know if we have introduced Angie or not, but we welcome her here tonight. (Greetings, my daughter. Yes, we have met.)


SANDY: Abraham, can you help me to understand the difference between flow and self-nourishment, taking actions for self? Do you understand? (Can you specify?) There is a release of self, of action for oneself in flow it seems. There is an action when doing things for oneself, whether they are in service or in alignment with the Father's will or not. To me it seems to be a distinction between the two? That is what I am asking. (Are you speaking of self-nourishment versus selfishness?) Yes. There is a distinction I guess. I don't know how else to put it, except for there needs to be action for oneself, yet without being selfish.

ABRAHAM: There is a line drawn between self-gratification and administering unto oneself? (Right.) We all know that the Master taught self-forgetfulness, but certainly did He need to do those basic things to occupy the mortal form. I believe the Master was so balanced in this area because His most effective self-ministry was spending time in stillness with the Father. A good relationship with Father is asking to be Spirit-led. In being Spirit-led you find areas which need attention and action. This world today seems to be overridden with self-indulgence and that is mostly due to an empty spiritual life. The line between self-glorification and service can even be confused--where one can find a great deal of gratification from serving ones fellows, who perhaps taking credit for acts of service--when the mind-set should have been doing work for the glory of God. Your own internal Indweller is the best measurement. In other words, how do these actions taken for self feel? Are they feeding the Spirit? Are they compensating for some emptiness or painful past event? Are they spiritually energizing? Many individuals will feel guilty or non-productive in doing something that feeds the self. Feeding self, if done in moderation, can be physically and mentally uplifting, if overdone--then there is imbalance and narrowed vision of what is around you, there is limited experience. Is this answering? (Yes, it was helpful, I am not sure if it is exactly, but I would like to read it and do some stillness on it.) Understood. You do well, Diana. Have not worry. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, I have a friend in North Carolina, who some time ago asked for her spiritual name. Her name is Martha. I don't know if it is appropriate to get it or not.

ABRAHAM: I am told--as she becomes more spiritized and involved--then will the time be appropriate for a spiritual name, yes. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, I understand from this lesson tonight that it is probably a delicate subject on the teacher side to teach us mortals about justice as a repercussion from our actions, cause you don't want us to do good so we don't get punished. You want us to do good because it is good. That takes the right intent of doing good, not so we look good. I am sure that is a delicate subject to teach, and yet put to us in a way we remember it to lead us, not to force us.

ABRAHAM: Yes. The universal laws are designed to protect its citizens. As we come to know the goodness of God, to give Him anything less than the best of ourselves is quite unfulfilling for us. We find it our honor to uphold these universal laws, for we not only love God but one another as brothers and sisters in the family of God. Teaching on this topic is delicate, for we do not want to be as many of the churches are today. We do not wish to enforce divine law, but to only make you aware that you are protected and the universe is indeed orderly--not rigid, but always moving, growing and progressing, yes. Is this helping? (Greatly. Thank you.) You're welcome. One more question.

Human Condition

MIRIAM: Abraham, I am getting ready to go down to be with my family. I am really weary. The lesson on logic helped, and I have been trying to use that in my day-to-day interactions. I am doing my stillness and my meditation in the afternoon. I have been so ever aware of the Thought Adjuster and wanting to serve well. I don't know. That is probably enough to help me. If you can give me some guidance as I set off for my journey? Your words help me so much.

ABRAHAM: Certainly, my daughter. I am perceiving you to be somewhat fearful of the inevitability's of this mortal life. Yes, these inevitability's are something you cannot control and this does bring about some anxiety and confusion. You are spending a great deal of time in service and helping others, but these situations, these real things in mortal life are somewhat depressing. It is hard to maintain an uplifted spirit when these natural inevitable mortal things are going on around you. Illness is a mortal reality that many will deal with. Old age is something many will deal with. These things are out of your control, but the reality of them is perhaps overshadowing your Spirit. Making the best out of every situation is not always possible. (Laughing--But I try.) Sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to cry or have some depression. It is natural and hopefully with the continuing exercise to align your will with Father's will part the clouds of reality to allow the sun rays of divine possibilities to shine through. You are a strength, my daughter, to many. It is acceptable to take a break and have reversion every once in a while. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You're welcome.


I leave you with my continued love and support. I would ask you this week to think about the value of experience and if you are a willing participant, or do you drag your heals? View events in your world, and even though they seem to have no divine repercussions, ponder how the Father might be intervening and applying divine justice. Until next week, shalom.