2001-01-28-Balance & Growth

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Topic: Balance & Growth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Abraham, Darid, Jansel

TR: Jonathan




This is Elyon. Today I wish to express a few thoughts on the topic of transition, and may I use an image of a popular sport of yours, skateboarding. I have spoken over these many years of your dual nature, and this imagery of skateboarding suits well, for we may assign the skateboard to the dimension of your spiritual progress and the sidewalk to the dimension of your material life. There are times when you are feeling the expediency of the skateboard; your spiritual travel appears quick; your progress is noted within reason, the reason of your expectations, sometimes even to the delight of the recognition that progress is more rapid than you had expected. There are other times when you feel that you have both feet firmly planted on the sidewalk and they are trudging along at a sluggish pace, wishing there were some change in the incline such that you may actually get a boost to help you along.

Most of life, however, is a balance between a foot upon the board and a foot upon the walk. This is the transition state that all beings conduct their lives in. One of the great lessons derived from morontia experience is the realization that in order to grow one must always be in transition. The desired attainment of any goal or ideal is only a lure, a catalyst, to draw you forward. But we have all learned that the goal is a propellant rather than a destiny, that the true joy of soul growth is the movement, the change, the discovery and application. The skateboard goes faster as you learn to use your material surroundings, your physical life, its conditions, to help you advance. Your material life also functions more harmoniously when you have the glide of your spiritual dimension to carry you through the rough times.

Those who enjoy the sport of skateboarding do not look for the end of the day when their event is done; they enjoy the moment of the practice; they enjoy the many antics involved, and the practice and the skill development. It is transitional activity that brings the thrill. As each of you more greatly recognizes the ever changing constant of life, and as you more continuously apply your understanding that personal change is your lifeline to personal growth, transition will become a sought-for adventure rather than an imposing disruption upon your condition.

Paradise in the Urantia Papers is described as a stationary system of reality. Implied in this description of Paradise is that no other location in the universe is such. All things whorl around the Central Isle; all beings descend therefrom or advance thereto. Everything moves. Transition is the way of life. I will pause at this time for the input of others and always welcome your input, as well.


Abraham: I am Abraham. Greetings to all of you. I visit today simply to offer a pep talk. We are all enlisted in the services of the Melchizedeks for the advancement of this world, for the continual spreading of the message of Michael and his way for spiritual living upon a material world. Be always ready to serve as an assistant to the Melchizedeks, who dwell at this time upon your world more so than they visit. You will not necessarily have the pleasure I did when on this planet of one such as Machiventa physically at my side, but you do, as I did, have the same assistance from such a regal and noble character in the unseen form of quite a few associates of Machiventa. No one realized, not even the Melchizedeks themselves, what changes were made to their order when our good friend Machiventa came to this world so long ago. It is to everyone's curiosity and often surprise what the Melchizedeks engage in– even though their order was not described as functioning in such ways.

They are a free body of spirits who are quite enlightened and creative. It is to the benefit of this world and our system at large that they have taken such keen interest in the goings on. You are not alone. An army stands with you. There will be times you will feel like the scout, alone in the field unsupported by the troops, but know that the Melchizedek governors and generals are carefully laying out the course of action for the establishment and victory of light upon this world. Thank you for receiving me today. Shalom.



(Gloria): I'm getting a picture of two stages, one of the ego in the solar plexus area and another in the higher consciousness. On the lower stage is a very dramatic actor playing out his role very seriously. On the upper stage is a beautiful ballerina dancing around lightly as though not using her physical body to dance. The lower stage actor has a tight jaw, keeping serious. The ballerina is trying to get his attention, "Look at me, how freely I dance, how connected to the Father, allowing Him to care for and support me. My body is surrendered to Him." The actor tries to ignore her.

[(Frosty): I notice that I have at the bottom a male and at the top a female. We need discernment when we have one foot on the skateboard and one on the sidewalk; we need balance. We could crash with both feet on the board. One foot needs to be lightly on the ground.]

Darid: This is Darid. Gloria's relating of the ballerina and the stage actor weaves well into your meeting last night with your visitor. I am one who enjoys the movement of dance and appreciates your value of the ballerina-like approach to conversation. There are times in life when you must face the gruff actor who has yet to discover that higher stage upon which to dance. There are times when an individual will be blind to higher expression, but a quality of the human mind is its ability to lodge impression for re-emergence at a later time. You have placed in this repository of mind viable seeds which can spring forth into awareness as experiences develop and allow such germination.

Evelyn: Thank you. I felt like I took a handful of seeds and hurled them into the ground. They may germinate anyway.

Darid: As Jesus gave his parable of sowing seeds, you are correct that there are times when many seeds must be broadcast because the conditions are too harsh for one plant to be planted and be successful.

Jansel: This is Jansel. It is fitting that I address you today, as well. This is a great pleasure to be in this mode of contact to bring assurance of assistance, to acknowledge your clarity in discernment in your times of stillness. The interrelationship of human beings is the greatest and most adventurous experience that can be had. Love and compassion and concern are always appropriate. Acknowledgment of your own needs, well-being, likes and dislikes and desires, is also important. As Elyon spoke today of transition, I would replace that word with "balance" and use the same principles, for ever and always life is a process of balance. Continue, my friend, in your care and your concern for your associate and for yourself.


(unidentified): To Gloria, I greet you. I must give you my compliments and do so before your friends, for you deserve such recognition. The many years that you have diligently applied yourself to spiritual development is not only to your own goodness but is a gift to those around you. You touch lives in ways that are not always noticed initially. The clarity and the joviality with which you express yourself touch the hearts of your fellows. I am simply making this known to you now because it is felt by others.