2001-02-11-Magisterial Mission, Michael's Spirit

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Topic: Magisterial Mission, Michael's Spirit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings. This is your homeroom teacher of the Melchizedek Schools, Elyon. I am always happy to be with you and to engage with you in the pursuit of greater understanding and upliftment in spirit and to better apply growth that occurs within to your daily life.


Service, Problem Solving

Among friends there is support, the joy of discovering that one's struggles are shared and that the individual's difficulties have been likewise encountered by another, and there is strength in commingling insights and relief in sharing burdens. Having spent these years engaged with you, I have seen increased initiative in each of you. Your abilities to further apply your enlightenment and awareness to your life situation are the blasting cap to the dynamite of Adjuster guidance. You strike the match and the fuel explodes. The desire to grow spiritually is often motivated by the desire for peace and tranquillity, for joy and happiness, for comfort, for answers; but there is a maturation in this desire over time where the aspirant desires to acquire greater insight, broader love, that the individual may better apply these answers, these attainments, in the ministry of another. To be satisfied in oneself over one's condition, one's position in the universe, is good and worthy of attainment, but I address you who this day know that beyond this level of satisfaction is the greater thrill of being of worth to one's fellows in times of trouble, in times of need. This is where the pleasure of spiritual attainment takes on a dimension of rigor, for there is no greater test to the truths of personal attainment than to apply and to repeated apply these truths to the difficulties that you encounter. The true test of faith is the ability to wrestle with these troubles, to find solution, to amend your awareness when solution is not attainable, to develop your comprehension of truth in order to better overlay this greater understanding onto the problem at hand. I have, to repeat myself, noted your increased enthusiasm toward intensifying the application of your spiritual attainments to your physical lives.


It is a joy to behold your levity. There is a balance to be found in rest, in humor, in relaxation. When one is young, at the early stages of a developing skill, there can be a danger of overmuch seriousness, an overmuch application, and a feeling of, if not engaged one is slipping, losing touch or time. But as circles are attained it is soon discovered that stepping aside from one's discipline is refreshing. This invigorates one toward even more profound advancement and readies one for even more difficult accomplishments. Always will reversion be complementary to higher attainment. Never as you ascend the universe will you encounter an individual who would admonish you to not take time to play. While housed in your physical bodies you have noticed that every episode of physical exertion exhausts, but that the interval of rest readies one for a repeated exertion experience, and you discover more strength, not weakness, through the period of rest. Spiritual endurance is acquired in like manner, through oscillations of application and retirement. Soon, given the transference of your seat of identity to the morontia form, you will discover that all of the lifestyle habits of the new realm are geared around this oscillation. Currently in your first life you have physical constraints that require these cycles as is found in your sleeping, as is found in your need to nourish yourself following great activity. But as society has grown more complex, the mind becomes more obsessed with increased activity, the "going after it" motivation that is fostered socially even when the individual wishes for a slower pace. This will not be encountered in the new life. All things are designed around the need to rest and apply in periodic manner.

Here is the importance of the ability to take initiative, for initiation is applicable to the start of rest cycle and also for its closure and the re-application of oneself to the vigorous tasks. This is your trait and is relied on by the Father's Presence that He may be able to guide you. Though the spirit does lead, you must choose. The spirit does not lead as one who tugs at a leash pulling you in a direction but rather stands as if behind you whispering, "Look this way. Look that way. Choose where to go and I will show you how to grow."

I am willing at this time to engage with you in dialogue.



Harold: We were discussing forgiveness. Could you comment on how it affects the person forgiving and the person being forgiven?

Elyon: First I would emphasize the combined quality of forgiveness that you have composed in your question, and that is the twofold nature, the one being forgiven and the one forgiving. Forgiveness is not an object that passes through the possession of one to possession by another. It is the dynamic of interrelationship just as is love. One may feel forgiven; one may feel that they have forgiven, but the real quality of forgiveness is in the engagement, in the relationship, of each one with the other. It may be difficult and it may be easy to intellectually forgive an occurrence, to perceive the relationship of what is wrong to what is right. That can happen like the flip of a switch. But real spiritual forgiveness is the continual sensibility or feeling that never quits. It is an energy that transfers back and forth between the individuals. This experience is living. It enhances trust. It encourages faith. Once one initiates forgiveness, one continually forgives. It is circuit-like in nature and does its healing through movement, through current, not potential, but in actual dynamics. Both individuals are elevated through the sense of the life-giving qualities of this energy, this transfer and exchange, or more appropriately, relationship. Through this experience is discovered that the article of offense, the action, the behavior, was an episode in time that has passed but that the individuals involved continue relationship, continue to foster the values of brotherhood, of respect, of love, of care and compassion. There will be repeatedly offense and forgiveness applied to a particular offense, but it is the dynamic of the exchange of forgiveness that will elevate the one in need and likewise uplift the one who gives.

Has this been helpful?

Harold: Yes, thank you.

Elyon: This experience and your understanding of this dynamic are very much equal to the experience of love wherein the more you love the easier it is to love and to love continually, constantly. Michael so loved the world because he always was in a mode of forgiving. Though he stood among those who could be labeled "the lowly" of mankind or even of evil intention, he was a fountain issuing love and forgiveness even before there was an act requiring such a response.


Harold: This question that came up in our study group: what is the difference between, "I am with you always" and, " Where two or three are gathered, there I am in the midst." Is there a difference?

Elyon: Yes. I would repeat an analogy I gave once before of the cotton ball. To be with you always is to be integrated in the very fibers that are you. To be in your midst is like dyeing the cotton another color. But this applies to the single individual. When in company, you experience the coloration of Michael in fraternity.

To be alone in worship is to singly experience the presence of our Sovereign Son and his reflection of our Paradise Father. But when you each are gathered, when you are assembled, you witness the presence of Michael in exchange. This is no different than the dynamic I have spoken of regarding forgiveness and love. To illustrate another way, every atom has within it space, and between every atom is space. But the space between atoms, though exactly like the space within an atom, these two spaces define different territories, a space contained and a space shared. Michael is with you always in the space contained. Where two or three are gathered he is among you in the space shared.

Does this provide insight?

Harold: Yes, very good analogy. Thank you.

Magisterial Mission, Materialization

Tom: In discussing some of the world turmoil and genocide going on, it was brought up that there are also positive things going on, often unnoticed by the media. Since a Magisterial Son is on his way, when will he arrive to save us? I was hit with a number of insights. First, when primitive man first made a will decision, the Life Carriers left. Attendant upon that decision was an Adjuster indwelt with the same constraints of hands off, free will. I wonder if the celestials have control over these issues.

In a transcript it was asked if the celestials have anything to do with sickness, and I believe the response was that you do not initiate but you allow it with respect to our free will. When the Master was one of us he did not tip the scales. He said, "If I could help you see the fullest truth without removing from you the essential journey of experience, I would do so. But that very experience is what will bring you along the path of the unfoldment of your own personality's pattern growing so as it stretches toward the Father who gave it birth." Again recognizing our free will.

Malvantra mentioned that when mortals are anticipating something great they have a tendency to wait, like the Michael Jordan syndrome; when he's in action even his own teammates stand and watch. Are we waiting for him, or is he waiting for us, to appear? The purpose of this Teaching Mission is to make us a living chain letter, that we initiate this new era. Is that in the ballpark?

Elyon: Splendid discourse, my friend. You have put your thumb on it.

The Magisterial arrival does take note of the progress of the world upon which the mission will take place, its status, its need, as well as its accomplishments. You and others like you are demonstrating accomplishments which signal to the administrators a readiness for assistance, that is your expression of free will. You speak of the atrocities around the world. These also signal to the administrators the need for a mission outreach. A Magisterial Son visits a world for the benefit of the world. A bestowal mission like Michael's is designed for the benefit of the Michael Son and has the secondary impact upon the world, not unlike a Magisterial outreach. Michael came to this world not so much because the world was willing, waiting for a messiah, but because his sovereignty development had reached the point where the mortal incarnation was necessary. But I must also emphasize that, while your freewill may desire, may petition, a son's arrival, this prayer, while noted, may appear unanswered as other conditions around the sphere take time to develop wherein the mission will be effective. I am speaking of a visual visitation where interaction with humankind takes place. So, along with your willingness there must also be a readiness. This readiness is not necessarily preparedness; it may be neediness.

I advise the continual development of your cosmic citizenship awareness, for every Son who has come to this world has required a staff, a group of disciples, coworkers, be they human, midwayer, ascendant mortal, or angel. You can be of assistance.


I also advise that every generation has looked for a celestial visitor to bring upliftment. They have arrived, but not on the schedule of the human heart but in light of a grander, more global, condition. You may hope and pray for the day, and the Father notes your desire, but there are billions of free will upon your world and even more so that are not visible to the human eye. There illustrates the complexity involved in determining the appropriate time of bestowal. Fortunately, as I have learned, there are experts in the local universe who can decipher throughout this complexity the appropriate moment. But you are part of the network, and it is important that each be about the Father's business.

The time that John spent on the banks of the river, though his teaching was not that of the Master, fertilized the soil in the hearts of the people of the time for the reception of Michael's message. Without granting undue titleship, I assert that you each have a forerunner role not unlike John. You have been given a text to clarify the context of such a mission. Much of the information contained therein is for your understanding should or when such a visitation occurs. The spiritual nature of the revelation can be freely shared with any individual in your life. But the administrative factors will fall on deaf ears unless one is willing to step into the position of being a coworker for the upliftment of this planet.

Has this adequately addressed your question?

Tom: It certainly has thrown some light on it. Thank you.


Elyon: I will now let you go your ways. I express my love once again. I share with you in the fellowship of Michael.

We are all blessed with the endowment of divinity. Remind yourself of this precious gift that resides within you, especially during times when you may feel unworthy. Remember that reversion is not backsliding; it is rest. When you are put to task, you are equipped with the powers from Paradise.

Until next time, be you well.