2001-02-18-Witness, Walking the Walk

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Topic: Witness, Walking the Walk*

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Elyon here, at your service. Though this is a ministry I perform, I benefit personally from the fellowship.



You have been informed of my morontia status, how long I have been in this state since my first life, but in spite of the time and the experiences gained, it is remarkable the similarities we share with one another. I am of human origin, as you know, and I do experience a deep affinity to your longings, your hopes and desires. Not all of these feelings are the result of your mortal condition and current stage of life. They are reactions that are also a part of your spiritual nature and will continue to motivate you and inspire you, even at times frustrate you in the lives ahead. Without these impulses it is easy to become complacent. During your past you have acquired wisdom and have interpreted and understand a great deal more of reality than you had possessed before your pursuit of the Father and things true, beautiful, and good.

Witnessing, Self-mastery

I have enjoyed your awareness and how you have used the phrase, "talking the talk and walking the walk". The acquisition of spiritual insight, some degree of enlightenment, becomes comprehensible through your efforts to talk the talk. You have been diligent in stressing the importance of your walking the walk. Everyone of you knows deeply the beauty of relationship with the divine Father, how comforting it is to share in communion, how assuring to know you are cared for through grace. This inspires you to reach to your fellows that they may obtain a similar experience within themselves. You have been exemplary in guarding against simply demonstrating your spiritual understanding for the sake of recognition, rather, you have done well to be concerned for your fellows and sharing when possible. When an individual initiates a period of spiritual growth coupled with increased understanding, there naturally follows the desire to act out, to walk your talk. This is the secret of true witness to another. All of you know the reactions that naturally occur within yourselves when, in a sense, confronted by one who is trumping a cause, seemingly unconcerned over your need to receive the message or apparently driven to preach in spite of who is present listening. I have noted the use of the word "witness" as a manner of describing one sharing their spiritual life with another. I find it interesting, a curiosity, for is not a witness one who observes rather than expresses? In that light, your actions create in another their observation, their witness of your behavior. This is the initiation, the opening, the beginning, the entrance to the conveyance of information you have gained through philosophic pursuit and comprehension. It is wonderful cycle how one first begins to understand and then begins to live what one understands, and for another they witness the living prior to obtaining the understanding and then again only to begin to live as they have come to understand. That is why the entire morontia realm is an unbroken line of teachers and students and students becoming teachers, all the while engaged in a broad range of universe activities wherein insight may be verified through experience and experience may contribute to the enlargement of insight.

The passing of time has brought graciousness to your composure. Of course it is not merely the ticking of the clock that has inculcated this manner within you; it is the fact that you have utilized your time to enhance and deepen your relationship with spirit in general and the Father specifically and have been aware of and active in your community, the children of God. This interest in your fellows ripens this fruit of graciousness. You can't have the blessings of spirit upon you, but it is only like pollen to a flower until you bear the fruit for another to pick and be nourished therefrom.


All beings like myself who are on assignment to this world and, for that matter, any world generally are saddened when observing that there are individuals who care less for their spiritual welfare. You know as well that every advancement spiritually has always brought benefit to your being. It is a wonder that such souls show so little keenness toward acquiring greater approach to morontia being. That is why I have taken that assignment; it is out of compassion and the understanding that many worlds of evolutionary origin are giving birth to souls who have inadequate training, inadequate administrative institutions of a morontia nature to guide. It is not rebellion, an active dislike; it is more the lack of education and the lack of demonstration of the realities of the higher life. Though I serve in the capacity in which I can, it really is your task to be a tangible, overt demonstration. Having been with you all these years I know you are questioning the completeness of your ability to demonstrate, but I encourage you to do so because any state of being short of Paradise status is incomplete and cannot fully demonstrate the high realities we all strive to attain. Every effort to demonstrate is new wisdom gained for yourself and could open the door to a great adventure of spiritual attainment for the individual who witnesses your actions.

The teaching staff of this mission have enjoyed the expertise of the Melchizedek instructors, for they have encouraged us to engage with you in spite of our own knowledge of shortcomings. We all have our pasts, our mistakes that have become lessons learned. We all know where we fail to comprehend the nature of reality and run the risk of expressing our limited understanding to your misunderstanding. But the educational structure of Nebadon is so wisely constructed by the great Melchizedek corps that it is ever impressed upon us that shortcomings to be remedied in the future and errors that have been engaged in the past all contribute to a broader grasp of reality, and that, in order to be part of this spectrum of advancing beings, one must appreciate and be active at the level of the present time. Never disengage yourself from expressing the reality of spiritual fellowship because you harbor a regret or are concerned over an un-obtained ability. You know with great conviction that the Father resides within you and that Michael and your Mother Spirit have also bestowed themselves upon you. Your current progressive state may be the precise level of attainment that is required in order for another to benefit from your actions and lessons.

At this time I open the floor to your comments or questions.



Tom: In our text there is a statement that it is the Father's will that we work persistently and consistently toward the better establishment of our own earthly estate. Aside from the obvious advantages of a little house on five acres and the benefits that accrue from self maintenance and self gratification and the world at large, that we work toward bettering the state of the world, could you throw some light on that statement?

Elyon: First I will comment by addressing that working for the betterment of your earthly estate is the development of patterns that, once acquired, are applicable to the development of your morontia estate. The things in your life that appear to be transient, that do not seem to foster higher development, do in reality contribute. The content will lose its relevance after your translation to the next sphere, but the context will continue to be worthwhile. You may not mow a lawn but you will still maintain your grounds, in a sense.

You have in your question indicated an important element of this when you spoke of the world at large as being your five acres and a house. It causes me to refer back to today's lesson regarding the importance of your ability to demonstrate what you have grown into as a spiritual soul, for how many times have you driven by someone's dwelling and property and remarked, "That is a nice place. What an attractive setting. How beautifully landscaped it is."? This is a demonstration of those who dwell therein. It signals to the observer the occupants' care and concern and inspires another, especially the ones who truly appreciate it, to likewise conduct themselves.

Secondly, my comment is that, though the Father is with you always and ever cares for your welfare, you are required to be your own boss, to tend to your needs and tasks, your requirements, and your earthly benefits, for as you, to continue your example of the house and five acres, develop your earthly estate, the Father is building your morontia home and planting your morontia garden in response to your temporal decisions and actions. Though you may wish to directly contribute to the project that your Indwelling Spirit has undertaken, most of your contribution is indirect as you apply yourself directly to the life you are living now. This will be different in subsequent lives, for you will have in your history, your background, a better understanding of the ways of personal growth. But in this life that you are in you do not have that backdrop of understanding, and it is best to engage yourself where you are here and now to acquire the foundation. Know and trust always that the Father is by your side addressing your future needs, preparing you for the future life. When you are at some time soon in that new life, you will have a more direct driving force upon the course of ascent. In some respect, in this life you are packing your bags in preparation for the journey, and the Father's spirit is developing the itinerary.

Has this been helpful?

Tom: Yes, thank you.


Elyon: I have stressed the value of your actions in ministry to others. I would close today by also encouraging you in dark times, at times when you are uncertain or confused, to look about you, for there are many in your life who are likewise demonstrating lessons to be gained by you if you but observe them. Note, never forget, the infinite light of the Father within you, your spiritual flashlight that can illuminate the darkness and help you to perceive the path that you may choose. You have this divine headlamp and you have a stadium of lights about you that are your fellows. The beauty of the spiritual kingdom of God is that we are all contributing to one another's upliftment, and it is only a matter of discernment that will determine whether you perceive and are able to act upon that support.


Until next time, farewell.