2001-02-19-Acceptance & Doing Father's Will

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Topic: Acceptance & Doing Father's Will

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I look forward to meeting with you here each week. I learn as much as I teach. I love the study on the universal laws. The momentum of time, space, eternity and destiny are fueled by the universal laws. I appreciate the universal laws of truth, beauty, and goodness because they start with you from the beginning of existence and carry you onward through eternity. Truth is our path; beauty helps us to appreciate the path and goodness urges us to move forward upon the path, yes.


We have discussed redirecting focus through worship and following this it is standard to discuss the universal law of acceptance and the doing of Father's will. A child who attempts to leave from his home for the first time is filled with the fear of unknowingness. He desires to reach his destination, but is loath to leave the parents side. The unknowingness creates images of unsafety in his mind and he cannot help clinging to his parent's leg. With a little coaxing and encouragement from a wise parent they can get the child to go a little beyond the front yard.

The child however, who is skilled in life's possibilities, might feel better equipped to handle those things that might come before him. With education and encouragement the destination is not so fearful. He is equipped with some knowledge and feels that inner confidence and strength. Your experiences today are your lessons to becoming skilled citizens in the universe. That Spirit connection is the encouragement you need to venture out beyond your own front yard.

Father uses various methods to educate His children, and although some of these methods seem painful and trying, He is equipping you to have less fear and feel more at ease in the universe. A parent who dares not send forth their child out to have experience tells the child that he is not to be trusted and not equipped to handle life's circumstances. He has little or no self-confidence and lives in a world of unknowingness and fear.

Father would not purposefully put you in painful circumstances, but experience at times does turn out to cause pain. Our Father, the good Parent, puts before us those values and meanings that we need to learn from life's experiences. He trusts us in our own ability and intentions. He trusts the universal laws will bring knowledge and balance. He encourages us to have faith in ourselves.

Many individuals would choose to stay behind closed doors in an effort to feel safe--safe from experience, safe from the pain that experience can bring. There is not much spiritual progress in this kind of safety. There is only the fear of unknowingness. You cannot gain strength from not exercising. You cannot reap the benefits of meanings and values if you shun experience.

The universe does set up certain circumstances that teach you cosmic citizenship. How can you learn when in a state of resistance and fear? How can you progress spiritually when you do not make effort to bravely face the road before you? Acceptance is key to gaining meanings and values from your experience. To accept the lessons before you is not an invitation to suffering, no, but to teach strength, endurance and self-confidence. Acceptance is the practice of letting go of what you think you know to being committed to staying teachable.

The worlds technology seems to promote a life of ease and many have such resistance to anything that takes real effort. Acceptance asks you not to do anything but be observant and spiritually connected so that you can find Father's meanings and values. You can have confidence in your abilities as a mortal child of God and cosmic citizen. So many say, "I would do the will of God if only I knew what it was." Without understanding the law of acceptance you will definitely have a difficult time discerning Father's will.

To have acceptance of those mortal things that befall you is to become observant of the lesson therein and through spiritual connection being able to discern Father's will in any given moment. To choose to be a doer of the will is not so much being submissive or laying down to be used as a pawn, no. Choosing to be a doer of Father's will is allowing your desired outcomes to fall away and yes, in a sense loosing yourself, to slowing down, becoming observant, not acting so much on impulse or emotion, but connecting with the divine Parent and receiving guidance.

To be overcome with emotion is to push forth your desired expectations and stumbling over Father's will. Our Master taught self-forgetfulness and in this there was the acceptance of Father's will, self confidence in the ability to carry out the will, peace in heart and mind that leaves you open to meanings and values, yes, new understandings.


Forget not this week to stay with worship. Strengthen your divine connection. Know that our good Parent is urging us onward through experience. Can you trust in a Parent who has created the universes and their inhabitants, and oversees the overall collective functioning? Do you shun mortal experience so you will be kept safe or are you observant to the lesson and open to spiritual progress? Can you live in this world as a divine being and feel truly at home? Can you say if choosing the divine will comes with a cost, and if so, what is it?

No questions this evening. Just know that I am ever appreciative to our divine Parent that He has allowed me to be with you. As always my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.