2001-02-25-Adapting, TRing

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Topic: Adapting, TRing

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Tomas

TR: Jonathan, Gerdean



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to each of you; this is your friend Elyon. I will begin this exchange today. It is a joy to receive feedback regarding lessons taught, to witness your processing, your integration of thoughts conveyed by myself into your thought system. I would add another comment to my lesson of last week which illustrates also the pattern of cycle.



All effort made to acquire a skill results in you becoming adept at that skill. In order to become adept you must learn to adapt. Adaptation implies flexibility in order to release from previous patterns, to be open to accumulating new patterns and skill. But it also implies application of that which you have attained to new methods of expression. This is part of a cycle that can yield insecurity or uncertainty, but it is also a time of excitement, the thrill of new territory, the chance for new expression or to express what one's ideals held but one's abilities could not express. When you have become adept there is the sense of accomplishment, that gratification that one is capable of growth and accomplishment yielding skill and ability that beforehand were not a possession, at times of doubt appear to be unattainable and yet in reality are now part of you. But every great skill teases the one who has acquired it to find avenues through which that skill may be exercised. No talent is satisfying to just be part of your portfolio. True satisfaction is in the continual outworking expression, the hunger for the discovery of new methods, new applications, and the cycle begins again wherein you adapt.

At this point I will pause and provide an opportunity for my associates to make comment to you. Each one of us is always willing to receive your questions.


Tomas (Gerdean): Greetings, I am Tomas. Today I am a visiting teacher, and it is good to be here with you, to feel your closeness, your connection with each other through our Father and the various circuitries that give substance to the family of man and morontians. The message I bring today has to do with the gift of foresight.

The practice of being in the now is always a good place to be, from where you can review what's gone before and anticipate in part what may come along, but for the most part your anticipations are mere hopes and dreams and wishes without being that keen sense of foresight that the Master enjoyed in his mortal existence. The promise is that in time in your evolution you will gain, acquire, a perception of what's to come with a certain degree of acuity.

I'd like to help you to discern where that ability comes from. In truth it comes from the First Source and Center who knows the end from the beginning. As you develop your association with the infinite God your vantage point is extended and expanded to offer up your mind and soul for those impressions that might lend your consciousness to a greater understanding of what can come to pass, not based on your wisdom or calculations of a logical outcome, but based on the glimpses of eternal truth that come to you from the source of your being.

The knowledge you have gained socially that constitutes the brain waves, the mental arena, the place where the Mystery Monitor maintains its mental connection with mortality, is said to be a point in the deep mind which will provide you with glimpses of truth and insights that are then assimilated by your subconscious and conscious minds and allowed to become a part of your superconscious composition; giving yourself permission to allow a glimpse of potential to rise up from your source as if you were in a fish tank observing the bubbles of spiritual reality rise to the surface of your mind. In these bubbles are the impetus and guidance for your spirit life. You can perceive the future through these gifts of insight that arise as a preview of things to come. At this point in your evolution they are infrequent, but in due course your communication with your Indwelling Adjuster will be such that your perceptions will be more wholeheartedly embraced by you, for you will have had an opportunity to play with your spirit awareness and familiarize yourself with your spirit essence such that you will begin to have faith in yourself because of your affiliation with the divine spark. This is certainly a part of the cooperative, co-creative effort, but it is another angle, another dimension, another appreciation for the relationship that is indicative of that which is to come for you as well as for all of humanity en route to its ascension.

You know about the factor that when you have certain perceptions or insights or thoughts that may provoke anxiety or fear, your tendency is to pretend they didn't cross your mind or wish them away. This is operating against the flow, the potential, offered you by divinity. In assessing, therefore, your skills and abilities in your own composition, overlook not those spiritual skills and acquirements of such a nature as to expand your console of operation and adapt a new dimension of truth, beauty, and goodness to that portfolio of qualities that you offer your arena, indeed, your very existence.

The rewards extend beyond your own knowing to fuel the growth of the Supreme which realizes, contains, harmonizes, assimilates, and utilizes all of those realities which you help create, having put your faith in that which you understand to be the God of your indwelling. How marvelous is this cosmic design affording you the opportunity to grow into yourself in such a way as to keep your psyche stable even as it is embellished and expanded through association with light.

Thank you.


Mark: It seems that today's lesson is geared at answering this, but recently when engaged with another I experienced the apparent failure of spirit to be a dominating force. I have the idea that, if it is right, then spirit would lead both of us down the correct path. Lately I'm wondering where I'm not getting it, whether spirit has been instrumental with any two individuals and I haven't perceived that, or whether we just run up against our dual natures and are unable to cross over. Can you wrap that up for me?

Tomas: You have already done that.


Mark: It's in today's lesson. Perception of success or failure is probably my own. My desire to be of service and what I perceive to be the needs are strong. When it appears to fall flat, I wonder if it really did. Could I have done better, been better prepared? How do you help a friend to know where to go from here?

Elyon (Jonathan): You have expressed to each of us here your episodes of outreach and your desire to be of service in the ministry of healing. If I may return to my comments on adaptation and becoming adept, I desire to add a third element and that is adoption. This may help provide some insight. You are adapting our lessons to your ministry, you are becoming more adept at in providing this ministry, but there is the element of adoption that is required of the receiver. There is the requirement of time for another to adopt the perspective and the motivations that you have in order to adapt themselves in willingness to the reception of the forces of healing.

It appears to any mind that is constrained to the continuum of time that a given event was fruitless. I know your wisdom provides you the comprehension that you have made progress though it is not visible to you, that every grain of sand leads to the accumulation of a mountain. If you find through your experiences in a repeated manner roadblocks, failures, so to speak, then it is time to inquire, to adopt, alternate methods.

Michael adopted the form of a human being, adapted the realization of his divinity to his life, and became adept as an ascending son and sovereign of a local universe. He diligently pursued a broad range of experiences to give him a base upon which to construct his ascending soul and from which he could effectively minister to as many as he could. The son of man met the Son of God to become the Sovereign Son. The mind which was in Christ can also be in you through this same process.

Know that resident in every human being you reach out to is the divine collector who can continue your efforts in succeeding days when you are not able to be in the presence of another individual, and can work from within to create a meeting ground for a later time. You may unwittingly be the precursor that establishes the willingness for the completion of a healing circuit that is later provided by another fellow who is serving in the manner that you are at this time.

Does this help?

Mark: Yes, it does, thank you.

Tomas (Gerdean): I see a picture here of an amusement park and in the amusement park there is a game of strength where the player picks up the mallet and smashes hard on the weight and in his thrust a gauge rises which indicates the intensity of the impact. In some cases it rises all the way to the top and rings the bell. In this feat we see his strength, his accomplishment. Many times when you seek to do the gospel you are like the strongman who wants to hear the bell ring when in truth the entire procedure is far more like a dance.

Both you and that mortal you would minister to are the feminine figures who follow the lead of the male, the male being the Indwelling Adjuster. They know what they want to accomplish. You want to help them accomplish their purpose, thus there is a certain amount of graciousness and even seduction involved. It's a conscious cooperation with something that has more direction than you can realize; you just follow. The fact that you are a willing participant, that you put yourself in the arms of the lord of the dance is an indication that you will step when he steps, dip when he dips, spin when he spins. He will see this appropriate pattern emerge when he consults with the lord of the dance of your friend, the other mortal participant in this game of give and take; for in the game of give and take, that is, the gospel, the dignity of the mortal must be upheld, and his intelligence needs to be upheld, and his experiences need to be validated. His perception needs to be honored.

It's a problem in administering the goals of apostleship when you have so much conditioning from your mortal race to go by. What counts in the spirit is often not what works in the material world. This is why you are cautioned against attempting to coerce or overwhelm with logic. (I myself have been counseled to use shorter sentences) for that too is part of the dance. It is necessary that we dance at the same time. In this there is harmony. In the end it is still true; the bell will ring, but the ring of truth will come in the form of the revelation that has been fostered by the power and strength of that divine spark that lies within.

Mark: Thank you very much for that response. That was beautiful.

Tomas: I will add that it is true that in your culture you men have a hard time putting yourselves in a position of allowing someone else to lead. It's just not part of your composition to allow yourself to be submissive or adaptable as is necessary in order to be a fluid font for others. In my gender remarks it is only fair for me to remark that women who have learned how to lead often lose a certain quality of grace that is an essential aspect of a child of God. These matters will be resolved in time, and they are not insuperable difficulties, just observations on my part. But I will be quiet now.


Gerdean: My question stems from correspondence with a couple close friends who have had grand mal seizures. Their brains are exploding somehow. The question came up wondering if the transmitting/receiving experience is detrimental to our health in ways unknown to us. Have the teachers who volunteered to work with us been notified of this possibility? Or is it incorrect?

Elyon (Jonathan): My response to the question is that from the higher realm reaching lower, there is no danger of precipitating a physical ailment or episode as you have expressed. The indwelling spirit of the Father is the stabilizer, is the voltage regulator, for our contact. When a TR volunteers willingly to be a mouthpiece, that willingness is also permission given by the indwelling spirit who is the gatekeeper and monitors the degree to which contact will be forthcoming, to what intensity or to what subtlety.

Now, on the other hand, the receiver, the TR, is not always ideally adjusted to the process. Unsettled issues, worries and concerns, fear and guilt can precipitate emotional states and mental anxieties that may help to foster an event such as you have described. It won't directly cause such an occurrence but may contribute to an already developing condition. We would be very hesitant to come to your sides in ministry if we would kill you. We trust the Father's expertise in permitting the flow of information and the sense of contact. Again I return to the point of the importance of stillness, for that is, from the perspective of transmitting, your exercise to be in shape; for the ultimate communion with the Father is the highest transmission to be received.

Gerdean: I thought that the Thought Adjuster would not permit the TRing process to go on if there were a threat to the mortal of its indwelling.

Elyon: Indeed, you are quite correct.

Gerdean: The guardian seraphim would probably have a few things to say too. I can't imagine that the spirit world would deliberately inflict something on our brains that would bring us harm. We do that well enough ourselves. Thank you.

Elyon: You are welcome.


I would draw closure to our class today, let you out for recess that you may enjoy your afternoon. I need not give you a homework assignment, for you ponder well our conversations, and you all are keen at observing the subtleties of your daily lives that contribute nourishment for the soul and exercises for growth. On behalf of all present, I say farewell.