2001-03-25-Addressing Questions

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Topic: Addressing Questions

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



This is Tomas. Yes, we have read your questions, and I thank you for composing. You have heard the answer to a few of them given by your own indwelling spirit. I will take up the others, and as we can in this session, proceed to answer.


Teaching Mission

Your focus in this dispensation, yes, has been as you say, the defense of this text, its independence from any religion about it, and so you wonder, is it our purpose in the Teaching Mission to build a ‘religious community’? My child, it is our purpose to build within you the experience of the community of creation that is composed in love, illumined by the light of our Father, and transmitted according to his will. In this dispensation whose text you continue to serve, there is the provision for the correction of this damaging thought that you and your fellows are estranged from the larger community in which you dwell.

A ‘religious community’ you say? Not as conceived by your world’s understanding of this, no, because it is the religion of spirit, the experience of this gift of spirit which we build, build upon, allowing others to do likewise, this progressive construction has been unfolding upon your world since the beginning. You know well the designs of the previous stages of its cultivation. Within the stage of this dispensation, yes, there is an objective; there is a plan. I have spoken of the logistics of our plan of establishing contact points throughout your world with this Corps of Teachers authorized for service by Michael to assist in the realization of the connection that you and your fellows have within you. Some will build temples, yes, others will sing songs; you have spoken of this well, knowing that there will be many responses to this gift we bring, but the community we would build is a civilization growing in health upon your world, drawing forth potentials of all your peoples in service to this emerging identity as a unique culture within creation, and you know well the unique pathways followed by Urantia.


Eventually, yes, there will be geographic centers identified in relation to a physical site. You should not however concern yourself with this construction. Too often when there is the realization of contact, the human goes forth to build a shrine. You would do well to focus your efforts at discovering this shrine, if you will, that is already built within you. If so, you will find that all other materials needed will find themselves in the course of your mortal living being constructed around you. No, I would not divert your focus, I would enlarge it and in regards to your attunement with our Father, I would enhance it.

We have a touched upon a few of your questions.


And what of the physical cosmology of your world, the barriers it presents along with its opportunities for engagement and enlargement as you have seen presented to you earlier? This follows the first, for all of this creation, pattern, instruction is within you. When astronomers stare into the starry realms studying the dispersion of light they view the outward patterns of this creation that is already within them. So it is with matter, its study by science at every level is inescapably linked to the probings of spirit within you.


And what impediments are here in this place for the focus upon attunement? The impediment is nothing but your own growth, your own path to walk. It is not an impediment, it is a provision for you to come and join us in this wondrous service of adventure and discovery. You do well, you are well, the well is within you. The well of light and life is the spring surging from within you, this experience of expression into which you have dived, splashing about, frolicking, even with your fellows. Give yourself this joy.


And what of the book you say that you have seen opened in the field of war upon this world? Now your mind would like to think it is the book, that text you have committed yourself to learning, and as you say given to its defense, the independence of it from the religions about it, but is much more. Yes, the book you have seen is the book of life opened to your world in the midst of its battles and its glory silences the guns. It is the glory of God unfolding in your midst.

You would ask the meaning of the promised Son speaking to you preparing your heart for his coming, urging you to recognize that you walk with him even now in spirit? Where will you see him, upon Urantia or from the Morontia Worlds? I cannot say; it is yet to be revealed. You hold the answer within you.


And the provision for your world’s culture in this time of transition? You know already the safeguards against profound discontinuities, the breakdown in transition from one level to another is provided by our Father in and through the contacts of the planetary government. The master seraphim enjoining the work of mortals in the tasks of building this culture of creation. Yes, you are right, yes this that you have seen, the currency of Michael’s government, the means of exchange assuming a value upon your world that would displace by comparison the value of those currencies of the nations of the world. What currency could possibly measure up to the standards of that currency that is Michael’s love moving within you and amongst you given freely, receiving ever more as you share this with others. The spiritual economy will find its reflection in the economy of your world. It is for this reason that this provision has been made to give you and others, as many as will come, this gift of his love that is in truth our treasure.