2001-03-26-Rejection & Restoration

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Topic: Rejection & Restoration

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



My friend, this is Tomas.


Presence, Renewal

I would not have you think that we would reject your offer of service. It is not your denial, but simply your misunderstanding, your imperfect knowledge of our ways, our designs, our efforts on your behalf, not only yours, but your fellows likewise. You have heard the sound of our voices bringing good news from heaven, the news of our reunion, the renewal of our family relations, and such an extended family you have. What you have lost in this world you have gained on high. All that you have suffered is used on high; all that you are is engaged in this service to our Father and the evolving Supreme.

What say you now, knowing as you do our nearness, our love, the affection with which we surround you, enfold you, and hold you fast in our arms? Do you cry, do you weep because you no longer feel us, sense us, or is it because having opened your heart, you fear its love will be taken, torn from you as it has before? You and many here whose hearts have been scarred by the denial of your hope, by the loss of your love, we would restore, remake, rebuild, reform; this is the work of correction which we undertake in this moment. Search your heart and see, find that truth that we have poured upon you and know that it has never ceased though you have felt its removal, you have experienced its dryness; the fiber of our Father’s presence, that leavening influence has been with you all along. What you have held to in part, even if with the suffering scorn of cynical regard, we would restore to the simple joy of its origin, its nature, and invite you into the realization of its destiny.

My child, I look upon you with great affection, I would not leave you. I am here to assist you and your fellows, your friends amongst you to tap the source of treasure, of truth within you. I am not your Father, I am like you, his child, but I know you, I have lived the life of a mortal, I have seen his glory, I behold your spirit, and I would have you joined forever. Let us proceed in this journey together, let us labor in this garden of our Father’s many interests together. Hold fast to the truth of Michael’s love whose affection I would nourish; he stands with us. His Spirit of Truth works within you leading you home where I am, where many are, where you live, this place of communion, connection.

Would you like to talk? Would it help for me to listen? Tell me your heart’s concern; share with me your questions. Do not hold back.


Memory, Thought Adjusters

Tomas, as you know, I have suffered experience of many denials. I have felt by means I do not understand the pain of these times in which I have turned away, burying myself in a cold and cruel place. My spirit speaks within me as if to tell me, it is his gift of experience to me. I feel nonetheless, it is my own, I don’t understand.

My son, you are blessed to know this depth of feeling, this passion of many. What has been a misfortune, in you is becoming a treasure. You have heard well. This is the beginning of your awakening, your own ascension. You will be flooded with light of experience that is not yet your own, but presently, will be yours mixing with your own, joined together, redeemed, rediscovered. What has been rejected you have now received, and how your spirit delights to find a home in you even as you delight as a child nearly orphaned to find in him, the embrace of his true parents. This is the story of love salvaged and restored; it is a story that stirs the heavens. It is your light which you bring to our home. This you are; let your light shine, let it be known. Share your joy, your experience, and in mercy, gather those who have rejected, who have closed themselves in that cold darkness that you have known. Enter these places with courage knowing there is nothing from which our Father is denied in truth. There is no place where he is not active with his love. There is no one he would not enfold to his heart. Yes, you have experienced the truth of his mercy. Show this mercy to your fellows. Extend with us the good news that all are welcome home.

The food is warm, it is healthful, there is no danger here, there is healing in our home. Gather as many as you will, touch them as we are touching you now. Honor them, respect their choice, and awaken them to the power of this choice; liberate them from the prisons of their fear. Work with us in this garden whose hope reaches the heart of heaven.


My son do you sense our success?

Yes, I witness a registry of your joy, a joy of my spirit.

Go now in your day; walk with us upon your world teaching this truth; in every opening, breathe light and love.