2001-03-27-Dreams of Fire

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Topic: Dreams of Fire

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas, Michael

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning my son! How delightful it is to join with you in your devotion. It is this worship, this adoration of our Father which is the joy of all I … yes it is true it is in him and in this celebration we are one, and through it we weave the tapestry of his total creation in this moment we know as the Supreme, this evolving deity, the god of time and space.

You have heard the voice of our Father; you have seen the preparations he has made for your growth and advancement. You have witnessed the sign of his glory flowing from your tongue as fire from heaven. It is his speech; it is his word that is the life, the light of the world. It is this action of transmission, of generation, engendering this love in our fellows that is our labor, a labor of joy and peace, progress.

We who are here as teachers, many of us there are, cannot do upon your world what you must do as we from on high. We would awaken you to his glory within you, but it is you who walk upon the soil of Urantia, it is you who hold the keys in this moment to unlock the flood of his glory upon your world moving from within you. We would encourage you to use it, do not fear, yes, sometimes you are inclined to fear his power for it is great, greater than any that you would know, and in the face of this power you would tremble, but remember this power is his love whose warmth enfolds, enlightens, illumines, adorns the lives of his children.

He would dress you in his glory; receive these gifts of his, wear them knowing these are the clothes of your true parents’ provision. They transcend the fashion of your world’s moment, and when you wear them they usher you and your fellows into this moment of eternity that is ever evolving in this present. Do not be reluctant to put them on, do not consider the world’s evaluation, the evaluation of those who do not know our Father. Let them wonder; when you are able remind them that he desires to dress all his children in this raiment of light; any who would come would be welcome. There is no requirement of them but a desire to wander in his wardrobe ‘til you find your name upon the suit of his making. These are designed for you and each of your fellows, and are perfectly tailored; there is no greater comfort, there is no greater warmth, no greater protection, and there is no greater means of expression of your unique personality.

My child, would you hold back from claiming what is yours? Would you wait yet longer deferring to another decade or another life, another time? It is offered now. You are ready; your readiness is your recognition of this truth which you have seen your spirit showing you, the glory of your union. Enter it with joy, proceed with all your passion, enjoin all of your mind; in this arena, your mind and your heart are one in the action of his movement. Do not fear the folly of any but walk in confidence.

Would you like to speak, do you have questions or comments? I am available.


Tomas, you have discerned my question, my concerns, you have spoken to them, addressing them, I can only say that I thank you. I am grateful for our friendship, I appreciate your perception, your understanding of what is uppermost in my mind and simultaneously upon my heart. I would simply know the joy of walking with you and our Father together for as long as he feels we serve his purpose working together as a team. I know there are others whose voices I love, but truly, I treasure a friend in spirit.


Michael, surely your joy is great to behold your children loving one another, laughing together, speaking to one another in tones that bespeak of your divinity, of your own pattern, that master pattern that you are in our midst. I thank you and Mother for the home that you have made.

Michael: My child, my son, my joy, sharing our Father, enfolding you and all in this love. Go to your world, to your work in and upon this day in the confidence of my presence within you working with our Father to manifest his glory. You have chosen a task in which you will delight. We share in this with you; proceed in peace. I am with you.