2001-03-31-Patterns of Dance

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Topic: Patterns of Dance

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Good morning my son; again, for the record this is Tomas.



It is my joy to witness and enjoin with you in these moments of communion. It is in this connection that our Father’s purpose is fulfilled. Do you think there is another; would some think communion with his ministering spirits or even myself and other teachers gathered here in this moment is your great purpose? No, far from it, it is our purpose to awaken you to the joys of communion and contact with your indwelling spirit, this fragment of all our source, center, of all endeavorings, the director of creation. And the promised Son, how can he come, what place is there for him if you have not first made a place for our Father in your life recognizing the place he has made to enjoin himself to you, the means of this communion, the source of all connections in spirit? We seek to nurture the highest, the greater, this contact and communion with our spirit fragment knowing from this proceeds all the fruits that is the banquet of light and life, and so, always and forever, this great purpose is the underpinning of all others.

Correcting Time, Magisterial Mission

Yes, in this moment there is the work of correction, and we do follow its program, this process, faithfully guided by the wisdom of Michael and Machiventa extending ourselves to you, our human siblings. It is in and upon this friendship of our Father that our work proceeds and while they can appear to some, many, as separate threads of endeavor, they are nonetheless one, even as we. There has never been a change of our program, but you have changed and are changing, the Supreme himself is constantly changing, changes wrought by our successes, our progress, our readiness to dance with greater efficacy, with greater ease, with more grace of movement. The Son is here; he is doing his work amongst us. You will observe him in time with your very eyes upon the floor, the soil of Urantia, but you must first discern him in spirit, and as you proceed in this gracious movement of communion transmitting effortlessly the light of this spectacle of our Father and his children working and playing together, it is inevitable that you will attract many. All eyes could be turned to this moment upon this world as the sound of this music is lifted in your hearts so that this Son, your promised visitor, will easily move into your midst, and those who have already begun this work, while rejoicing, will have already found him moving with them, and this transition then, the way for it will have been made.

Teaching Mission

Tell Charlie, that all of these efforts are enjoined together and as he seeks the greatest, Father within him, all these others are more graciously fitted together. It is our purpose in this Teaching Mission to assist you in this transition to the larger learning ongoing amidst those spheres unhampered by this temporary delay of darkness and isolation. Our purpose is to be gentle; would you having found a friend who had never danced and experienced the joy of turning amidst the many movements of his friends, thrust him into the center of the floor where his lack of familiarity, his lack of exposure and practice would perhaps make him self conscious, perhaps resulting in his wish to retire and withdraw from this delight in divinity attainment? Likewise, there is a plan of making familiar to you the general scheme of our common purpose, the many contours of contact that are available to each and all, the allowance for practice, the allowance for time to grow again this joy that was begun long ago in this world but was lost in the interlude of rebellion. And each of you as you will, will move into this larger floor, and as you do, you will encourage others.


There is a great fellowship; there is the broadcast of the heavens available to you, to any who would avail themselves of this service. Yes, you are being restored one person at a time and while this proceeds throughout your world in every city, in every village, the response is yours, the labor is yours. Well, yes, there appears the irony of this pattern of entry where often as ever the last are first and first are last, the greater is lesser and the lesser proceed with ease into the glory of our Father’s provision, but do not be concerned, accept the invitation, apply yourself to the practice and welcome any who would join you.

Thank you Tomas.

You’re welcome. Are there other questions, any other concerns?


Honestly Tomas, I find all my concerns and questions, at this moment anyway, resolved in this conversation. Clearly we proceed now into a new phase, the light of our Father is breaking forth, and I rejoice in the experience of this movement, and there will be obviously many different patterns and programs enjoined by each, and yet all of them coordinated so well. I guess I am thinking in particular of those who would build temples and those who would appoint them.

Yes, you would do well to observe these differences. They are natural evolutionary responses to this contact, and the engagement of different talents, different tendencies, different interests, each aware of their own unique clothing, if you will, that our Father has prepared for you to wear in this banquet, but the excellence of each is his skill, his beauty and grace which identifies each of them as his own. Relax, find your own and enter this celebration as you will, with him, as he has provided.



I still feel amazement that you would join me like this. I would not take you for granted.


Nor would I take you for granted, nor this moment. Yes, let us proceed. We shall have a season together, let us enter and enjoy it, let us invite others as well.

You think that this is again your imagination? Well, I am glad regardless. There are greater things beyond your capacity to imagine that we would give you.