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Topic: Encouraged

Group: At Large


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Tiahuan



Again I greet you, this is Tomas.



You have endeavored to come in this moment to hear the gift of your spirit and encouragement of those gathered with you here to proceed in the purpose of doing our Father's will. We would have you enjoy the knowledge of our love, our affection for you and your fellows recognizing the limits of your understanding and their accompanying frustrations; you should not be discouraged by these but invigorate in their presence. You may find it difficult, but truly all is a gift, an opportunity of advancement in this progressive experience of divinity, the reality of our Father's limitless love, its influence upon your lives, the methods employed to convey, to communicate, to give this to you. We would not hound you, harass you or hurry you or any. Simply walking with you sharing in your experience, encouraging you when we can, when needed, watching you propel yourself by the expression of your own desire, your own enthusiasm in this journey, If you should stumble, if you should hurt yourself, experience the suffering of disappointment or discouragement we would gather around you to remind you of our presence, caress you, kiss your injury and make it well. Does this mean that you are immortal? No, your flesh is vulnerable, this you know; all these things that your mortal life depends upon, yes these are vulnerable. As you have seen, you can lose things in this world, you can lose your health, even your life, but in all of this you gain in the experience of that love which leads you in and through this rugged terrain, and even now while standing upon this soil, you engage in a new exploration, pioneering a new world, one we would delight to give you. Would you turn back? Would you stand still and be content to build your house in this place and remain? We are all tempted at times by our own preference for ease, for familiarity and convenience, but Father is indefatigable, he would have us walk on with him, and we, your brothers in spirit, having walked with him a bit further would encourage you to continue. It is an eternal voyage, a venture whose purpose we only glimpse in part. The outlines are drawn; it awaits you and your fellows to supply the color, the forms of expression.

Student: Tomas I need to break for a moment. My cat has barged in the door…(moment)

My son, would a cat disturb you? Would this simple pet, so gentle, so quiet in its entry distract you? Does it not enjoy your presence in these moments? Have you not wondered what this creature enjoys in your lap? Or is it an open door that is more distracting. Is it the possibility of another joining us, sitting with us that is the greater distraction?

In this walk that we are that we share together, I would have you consider opening this door, inviting others, yes, even your cat. This is not to say that your moments of communion with Father are not yours in private with him though these too can be shared, and how wonderful when they are, but our work, yes, this journey of discovery must be shared. We appreciate your willingness to share with those you have, but these are not ones you know in the fact of your physical presence, you are more comfortable expressing yourself behind the veil of anonymity; your challenge is to invite those with whom you share your person, your life, the color of your presence, the timbre of those tones of your voice, the flush of feeling evident in any moment, the inflections arising from these, your living adventure. I do not push you, but simply point to this purpose, and would ask you to give it your consideration.

Do you have questions?


Teaching Mission

Student: I have one question at the moment, and that is, it is apparent that we look for new information as it were, sometimes I think we are only looking for information in the context of contact with you and others with our own Indwelling Spirit, yet I have observed in regards to my own Father fragment that information is extraneous. It seems what some would call content is absent; there is only the content of divine love, but in contact with you and other teachers while you primarily focus upon our own communication with Father, the experience of value, you sometimes impart information, data that is of interest, and I wonder what restrictions are placed upon you in this assignment regarding the sharing of information as well as your love?

Well, my friend you would know our instructions, you would understand the parameters of our operation at this effort at teaching. Yes, we are not here to tell you where to point your telescopes, how to program your computers; we are not here to supply any with a means to material gain, perhaps the answer to a problem which if obtained might result in a great award, the accolades of human recognition. We are advised to attend to your spiritual education, to supplement your growth in divinity attainment. This itself is used by some to promote themselves in the context of mortal gain and recognition. When this occurs, if it should occur, we would withdraw and look for another. No I am afraid we will not satisfy the hunger for human verification or purely human advancement. This is your task, but we are here to encourage you in it, and yes, there can be, as in the context of any friendship, material data that may enlarge your relations with us, with Michael and Mother, with our Father in heaven, and when these are shared as they have been, they are incidental to the primary task of growing in his love. It is this love that is his glory. Your world glories in another.

Someday perhaps your world will rejoice in the knowledge of this love. It is the destiny of all for it is the goal of the ages. It is simple, but it is at the same time, so challenging, often difficult to understand that this simple gift of his love is the greatest knowledge any can have. In this experience of value, this spiritual understanding you gather to yourself, that light in which then all other things material in their nature become more clear, your wisdom emerges as these are coordinated in the larger context of creation. Yes, the work of material life, material knowledge, simple information is yours to gather, yours to grow. In moments of epochal revelation, these can be upstepped, can be enriched as they have, but our particular mandate is to attend to the mission of Michael as he lived his life in this world in the flesh devoting himself exclusively to the spiritual education of his fellows. You have been advised that if he were here in person, he would be a disappointment to many because he would refuse to become involved, engaged in your mortal matters, but he would with sympathy hear your story and enrich your perception of purpose and deepen the experience of our Father 's love and feed the confidence of your capacity to address these matters with the effect that is desired, that would in fact contribute to your own civilization. But even in this, there can be and will be additional information conveyed, but again it is incidental to our primary purpose. I hope this helps your understanding.

Student: Well it does. It is as I have gathered as I have thought but it is helpful to have it more explicitly explained.

This is why we do not entertain so-called curiosity questions. It is curiosity of spirit, of your souls' endeavor we feed but there is many a time evidence of insincerity in some, a mere testing, a request of something that you might then go verify as if to challenge the truth of the gift of our love. We would not waste our time, this time is precious. We have a task and we would attend to it. The task is the spiritualization of your world that can be done, it can be accomplished only by the spiritualization of each and every person. This is our gift to you our mortal siblings, it is Michael's gift of mercy in recognition of your need arising from your deprivation, and what has been your misfortune has become our opportunity together to discover the marvel of his making, the glory of our Father's mercy and love enfolding his creation to himself, gathering his children together in this reunion.

Does this help?

Student: Tomas you know it does, do you not? I sense you know and understand; you have a means of seeing my heart and mind. Does a smile not emerge as if in recognition of my joy in receiving your word?


Yes my son, I ask only to be sure for your sake for your reflection for your need of the spoken word. I would bid you farewell at the moment. Go in peace this day knowing of the support that you have, the gift of our Father within you, and the many that surround you unseen to embrace those that are seen in a greater affection.

Thank you Tomas. I thank Michael, Nebadonia, Machiventa, Malvantra, there are so many to whom I am grateful and I know we all gather together our gratitude to our Father for providing this means of communion.