2001-05-10-Symbols of Reality

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Topic: Symbols of Reality

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you have come this evening.



We are going to discuss symbols and their power. The human intellect is engineered to respond to symbolic thought. Mathematics is the most coherent example of this symbolic reasoning. In a sense, all reason is symbolic. Thinking, thought, involves the use of word symbols and picture or spatial relationships. So in this sense, mind, as you experience it, exists on a level of symbols, a level removed from material reality.

Humanity has evolved through the progressive use of symbolic understanding. The first language derives from symbolic relationships which create meaning. Human experience is made up of man's experience of the material world and his symbolic reasoning concerning that world. But, in addition, human experience of spiritual reality and symbols of that realty are somewhat enmeshed in the symbols of material reality.

Human beings experience God and love in the material reality of living. Man reasons with the symbols of that material reality and yet those symbols can be brought to a higher value level in describing something spiritual. The man Jesus, as he lived his human life, used material symbols to illustrate the spiritual world. He spoke of the spirit being like the breeze which touches everything in its path and yet one knows not where it comes from or where it goes. He spoke of humanity as symbols of the earth, of gardens, even of sheep and their shepherd in the spiritual realm. He taught of God as being a Father, someone who is loving, concerned, forgiving, and all bountiful.

The human symbols are not the reality, the reality lies beyond the symbol. But, human beings can only understand concepts by using symbols. When you experience the love of God, the overwhelming attentive tenderness of his spirit, it is very difficult to put this feeling and this knowledge into word symbols. It is experience and at the same time transcends all earthly experience.

How then does man show that he knows God? Books upon books have been written. God has been explained down through the ages in word symbols and always do these explanations fall short. You must know in your experience with human things and natural things the love of the Father.

The Master never spoke of God except in terms of movement, of life, of transformation. Ultimately, he had to say very simply, "he who knows the Father knows the Son and hears the Father's voice through the Son".The mind, though very clever and adept at reasoning, cannot come to the conclusion, as in a mathematical theorem, that God exists. The mind is a small part of reality, but it is not the entirety. The mind can prove to itself that it exists, but it can't prove what is beyond the mind. The Father's spirit, which pervades all that is, has created all that is, is the only thing that can prove to himself his existence. Humanity must therefore grasp faith through the experience of the spirit. The mind knows that it knows, but it cannot prove to itself how it knows.

Theology is forever doomed to go in circles. God is that he is. Mind experiences the spirit, but the mind is less than the spirit and therefore cannot prove the spirit's existence with its meager symbology.

The symbols that represent God are very powerful. The awe of entering a grand Cathedral, the humility of bowing before a simple cross, all these things are welcome to the spirit and ease a craving of the mind. The mind, having been born of spirit, craves to know spirit. Human beings will endlessly use symbols to help satisfy that craving.

In order for humanity to know God, man must return the Father's love. When that circuit of God's love for man and man's love for God is complete, that is when the mind is given the gift of knowing. Individual believer's know that God is good. They know that God is true, even Truth itself. They know that God is beautiful and none of these things can be proved. Humanity has lived on this faith, this inner knowing of the faithful, throughout your long and tortured history.

Once again, the symbols of faith are all around. They are present in the courage and trust of a child's first steps. They are present in the aged eyes of wisdom. Seek you symbols of faith in mankind. Do not fear that such and such a symbol must be protected or might be denigrated. These things have no meaning in themselves. Their value and their meaning is beyond.

The Master spoke of everyday things, of life as it was lived in his day, and found ample symbols of spiritual experience. I say to you, be not slaves to symbols. Even great passages which have wonderful meaning are still only a shadow of the value and truth it is trying to represent. Many wars have been fought over symbols. But, humanity must go beyond this and learn to appreciate symbols, but not to make them sacred, even flags, the symbols of country and home. We must express to you that the symbol itself means nothing. The value it represents is important, but it is beyond the symbol. Sacred texts hold much value, the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the writings of Confucius and so on all hold value, but when human beings cling to symbols and make them more than they are, it is the cause of much human friction that is unnecessary.

When human beings grow to the point of placing the upmost value on spirit itself rather than the symbols of spirit, there will be peace upon this world.



Q: Two questions, there is a phenomenon sweeping the country based on the Old Testament and they recite this prayer and insert what they want materially and they claim that all they want is coming to them. Would you discuss this in the context of your lesson tonight?

Ham: Of course. The human mind craves proof of God and signs from above proving his existence. If one prays for something to happen and this then comes to pass, it is seen as proof of Divine care. At this time, there is great spiritual awakening and spiritual excitement. The human beings of relative spiritual immaturity crave those proofs and delight in hearing reinforcement of their beliefs. This really is the essence of this kind of phenomenon.


Q: Are there similarities in what you call symbols of faith between different cultures, races, and peoples of different levels of development and I am referring to the concept of the collective unconscious that Carl Jung postulated.

Ham: Yes of course it is very evident that there are great similarities because human mind is essentially the same. Human beings differ in their ability to access mind. You tend to think of mind as being very personal and very inner, something which no one else knows or sees. But, mind itself is more like a giant net which connects you all. This net is three dimensional and more like a web of circuits. Human beings with different endowments, different genetics propensity so to speak, tend to access this mind in different ways. But, mind reacts with human beings in essentially the same way. I would call it more a collective super-conscious than unconscious if that is helping.

Q: When we reach the level that you are and beyond, is there a way of knowing that goes beyond the symbols that we derive from our material experience?

Ham: Absolutely. Even in your mortal state you have glimpses of this through faith. But, as you progress in the universe, your experience widens, broadens, and deepens. The symbols of thought are much freer. The material mind, so to speak, the levels of mind that are attained while in the material body, are quite limited as your experience is limited. There is no substitute for experience, but there is what you might think of as thought that is beyond thought and knowing that is beyond knowledge.

Q: Someday, when we progress through the universe to Paradise we will be prepared to know God directly without symbols.

Ham: Yes.

Fusion, Thought Adjusters

Q: I would think that after fusion with our Adjuster there would be a new process, a new experience, and a new kind of knowing.

Ham: This is so, but mind is such that it cannot be arbitrarily expanded. You must still grow in experience and in trust of the spirit even though this might seem to be somewhat hard for you to understand at this level. Adjuster fusion does not equal man becoming God, it simply cements the relationship and makes your eternal journey more certain and easy.

Q: There seems to be a certain level of vibrational frequency during the night season, there is a so called dream when the Adjuster communicates with the human in symbols, is there something like that, am I crudely expressing something that happens, a teaching experience in symbols?

Ham: This is so more or less. Not every dream is divine communication, but dreams are often molded or influenced Thought Adjuster action. There are certainly times when dreams are very instructive, but not all dreams are and there are degrees.

Q: The adjuster does communicate at this time by use of symbols.

Ham: Yes.

Q: Within the symbolic vernacular that the human is used to

Ham: Yes.

Q: Ham may I have a personal message?

Ham: Certainly, my son. Life is good. You have been plunged in a sense into a realm which was once familiar and now is alien and now your world is righting itself. It is good to be humble and follow the Master's leading. Grateful with your life, grateful for the great blessing which God has bestowed, the wise man receives God's gifts, even those things which at first sight do not appear to be gifts. Walk humbly with him and the way will become clear.

Q: I'd like to know who my teacher is and where he is?

Ham: This is not important to know at this time. What holds importance is for you to understand the depth of the Father's embrace of you. When you accept the Father's love, when you accept his "sonshiping" of you, then you accept also your exact place in the universe. The acceptance of oneself and one's place is a great step, a step further than most of humanity has taken. This openness to God will bring also an openness to his servants. Know that the Father's spirit keeps you safe in all circumstances, no matter who you communicate with, it is his spirit that wraps you in his love. So have no fear of simple communication. When the time comes, and your teacher speaks, you will know and you will have no fear. Human imaginings sometimes tend toward fearfulness. So if you seem to get a message which invokes fear, you can know that that was your own interference.


Q: What is a good practice for realizing or receiving the love of the Father?

Ham: The love of the Father pours out upon you every moment of every day. Opening one's heart to receiving this divine love is the essence of spiritual growth. We recommend a practice called stillness in which you take a few minutes each day to still the mind and commune with the Father. But this is a fruitless practice unless it engenders a softening of the heart and an opening of the heart toward other people. You cannot take the love of the Father and imprison it in your own heart, this love must be shared and it is indeed evidence to all that you have found God and know him. There is no other sign.

Personal Counsel


Q: Ham, Elise would like a message tonight.

Ham: Certainly. My daughter, you are coming even more into a greater understanding of yourself and of life. The world is quite a harsh and unforgiving place and yet the lessons learned from the difficulties of life, the suffering of life, are vastly greater than those learned on the ecstatic mountain tops of joy and triumph. Do you want to be a whole person? If the answer is yes, then for you life will entail some suffering, some hardship. Do you want to be a loving person? If so, then life must make you aware of the hardships of others so that you can love them despite the handicaps of life. Do you want to be a resilient person? Then you must be bent and tested as to how far you can go before breaking. All these things have come to pass and you are wiser, more resilient and more loving that you were. Be at peace my dear, you do well.


Q: Ham do you have any message or advice for me.

Ham: Certainly. The passage of time is cyclical like the seasons. There is, as they say, a time for all different experience under the sun. Human beings make themselves unhappy when they wish it to be spring when it is winter, or winter when it is summer. Happiness is found in the cherishing of what is. You cannot stop time or change it. One can only adapt to its various requirements. Be happy in what is now and let tomorrow take care of itself.

Q: Do you have a personal message for me?


Ham: Certainly, my dear. You have been pushed and pulled in different directions. Sometimes made to walk faster than you are able. Take the time in your life to enjoy the journey. Not everything has value only as it relates to something else. There are many flowers along the way which have value in themselves. Friendship is valuable. All kinds of relationships are valuable in themselves. Take time to enjoy the blessings of your life. You needn't be in too big a rush to get to some idealized future. Joy is found in the now. Experience joy and let the future come in its own time. Be ready in yourself and when you are, that future will come to you.

Q: Do you have a personal message for me?

Ham: Certainly. Be aware that the time you spend dancing in the daisies now must be balanced with working in the field. If you do not plant, then you cannot harvest. Responsibilities that are shirked or put down will one day require dealing with. Not to say that you should deny yourself the time of dancing in the daisies, but simply understand that life must be balanced.

Q: May I have a message Please?

Ham: Yes, my son, have trust in the Father. Trust him for all things. Concentrate on your spiritual growth, your self-realization and you will have all that is needful. You have a very deep ambivalence about trust. This is profound and the only way to strengthen that trust is to live by faith. You are naturally a man who takes on responsibility. But, the time is coming when you must let go of the burden and to trust solely in the Father. Put away anxiety and fear and take one step at a time. You do very well my son, be at peace.


Q: Flash wants to know what is the purpose of war?

Ham: This is a great subject, one which requires a much more detailed explanation than I can give in our limited time. War is still a great menace and a great danger to civilization. But that is not to say that war has not served a purpose for humankind down through the centuries. War, on the one hand, and civilization on the other, have fed each other through the ages. But, the time has come when war must be relinquished or it will destroy civilization. War serves no great and good purpose. It offers nothing but destruction. Civilization must move beyond war, but this will only occur through spiritual advancement of the people's of the nations of the world.


Q: Flash has a friend where he works named Melissa and she wants to know will I ever be content with myself?

Ham: My daughter, the fact that you ask this question shows that you have a great spiritual goal to achieve, self-contentment. Self-acceptance, resulting in contentment, is only found through the acceptance of God's love for you. Human beings often think that they can perfect themselves, but this is not so. Spiritual progress is found in giving up on perfection and accepting oneself as one is. What you are is a beloved daughter of the infinite Father. He has created you out of his own pleasure, you are pleasing to the Father in every way. Gradually will you come to accept this eternal and infinite love a little at a time. As you do, you will come to love yourself as he loves you. This is sometimes referred to as a state of grace. Reaching this cannot be done through your will, but rather through surrender of your will. You cannot try to accept the Father's love, you must surrender to it. This is the key.

Q: Nicki wants a personal message.

Ham: My daughter, you do well. Have contentment within yourself as I have just described. Do not push yourself toward this or pull yourself toward that. Find contentment where you are and be at peace.

Q: Message for Ann?

Ham: In life's confusions, it is easy to stumble temporarily into despair. This is so because human beings do not see the world as it truly is. You tend to see yourselves as being isolated and fear that isolation more than anything. If you could see the angels surrounding you, if you could feel the tiniest part of the great river of love which flows upon you, then despair would be banished along with feelings of isolation and aloneness. Step-by-step open your heart to the Father's love. You are not an abandoned child in the universe. You are always connected to the Father of all things and all beings. Through his love, you were born of the flesh and through his love you were born of the spirit. Spiritual birth can be as stormy and traumatic as physical birth. But once it is complete, you need never return there again. Know that you are born of the spirit and thus all things are becoming new. Embrace this new life without fear or self-judgment and go forth in peace.

Q: Esmirelda?

Ham: Certainly, my dear, you do well. That which is hardest in life is that which holds the greatest gifts. Be easy with yourself, however, and do not push yourself too hard. You must be certain to rest enough and we foresee your health will be improving shortly .

Q; Elena?

Ham: My dear, you do well. Think about my discussion of the seasons and about being happy in the now. This should help.

Q:Charlie B.

Ham: Be rich in patience my son. Set a guard over your lips. Speak not in haste.


Ham: My daughter, you have great reservoirs of courage and fortitude that you have only begun to tap. Have the courage to write, have the courage to face rejection. These things must be cultivated.


Ham: Certainly, my son. You are never lacking in willingness to take up a banner and charge up the hill. But, understand that there is balance required in all things. A battle is won by strategy and forethought not just by the courage of the charge. Have both and the battle is yours.

Q: I still am avoiding the stillness, can you help me with that? I don't know if it is a part of that thing about the craven fear of being great that Churchill mentioned or the feeling of unworthiness or guilt?

Ham: It is a discipline and you have a tendency to rebel against enforced practice or discipline and yet, look again, you have the discipline of exercise. Once you get over that first resistance, as with exercise, it becomes enjoyable, something you look forward to. It is very similar, so take a similar approach.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course, my son. You do well. You are a person of great discipline and you enjoy self-discipline. Sometimes this creates a reliance on routine and an inability to break out of that routine. But to be truly in the now, you must break habits and explore new experience. Practice being spontaneous, if such a thing can be.

Q: I'll work at it.

Ham: Well keep it in mind. Do things a little differently just to experiment without thought of the consequences. And above all, enjoy life. Be at ease and confident in yourself.


You are all doing very well. Until next week, my love and indeed my prayers are with you each.