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Topic: Worship

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan


  • Father's Day


Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you today. This is Elyon, and I would change the pace slightly and ask that you join me in a moment of gratitude and worship, for today is Fathers Day and it is entirely appropriate that we spend a moment in recognition and awareness of the Father of all.

Dear Father of fathers, we acknowledge your light and your love to the very boundaries of our abilities. We understand your divinity to our full capacity. We seek only in our journey to you that we more fully grasp who you are and more fully become day by day all that we are to become. We realize that this journey is your gift to us, Father, and we understand that our only significant gift or contribution we make will be our journey and the accumulated experiences you have set out so generously for us. We ask to fully engage this experience that we may live to the fullest and contribute our experiences back to you, the one who has made them all possible. We realize this is a certainty, and we look forward with great love and anticipation to the fulfillment of this destiny.



Today I would say a few words about reinforcement, particularly positive reinforcement. As you know as an aspect of your dual nature, all animals on your world respond to tones instinctively and without consideration. They are either drawn to or away from any situation largely based upon the tones that are used in creating the situation. Your words can be viewed as less significant than the tone of voice, the phrasing, the welcoming, you provide in their delivery. You must grow to understand that it is not so much the specifics of what you say but the love with which you say them. When said with a loving, devotional, tone your words take on the tones of a heavenly song which draws the hearer ever deeper to you as they are instinctively pulled toward your positive tones. Likewise, using stern or negative images has the opposite effect of repelling your listener away, even unconsciously. It is much as drawing a horse out of the stable one uses soothing, calming tones to assure the animal that there is no cause for danger or for fear. Using sharp, abrupt tones sends an animal into frenzied flight unconsciously.

Whenever possible remind yourself of the impact of your words and the tones you use to deliver them. This is the very reason why we as teachers and parents come to learn that our charges are greatly comforted by soothing tones of appreciation and love, and the barriers fall away, the minds and the hearts open up, and subsequently the truths are able to penetrate deeply into the being. One in this life cannot err to the side of positive reinforcement. It is very important that those you contact perceive your accepting nature and your positive tones. Again, your words are not as important as the manner in which you express your natures, your understanding. We offer repeated head pats to your group that we may express our pleasure and beckon you, draw you forward, with our tones of endearment and love and appreciation. This draws the animal out of the stable. This brings the animal to be openly hand fed by the custodian.

That having been said, it is nice to appreciate all of you, sharing this time with me in recognition of the Father of all and in recognition of the power of the positive word to impact and make positive changes on our entire sphere of influence.

Those are my words for today, and I know of your appreciation for my lessons and my service to you. I send you my appreciation for your service to me and to the mission, as well. I step aside to allow for others.


Malvantra (Jonathan): I greet you, I am Malvantra. I will speak on the subject of worship.

We note your expressions of difficulty with the practice of stillness, for it is not the natural state of beings of your kind who are wired biologically for activity. On a world fraught with peril, established initially in the mechanism of fight or flight, the organism is not inclined to close all senses down and to sit. You will find periods of stillness in the Father's presence on the mansion worlds easier to undertake, for your very vehicle itself will be better suited to that activity. Once you overcome that difficulty, the practice is much easier to undertake.

It is up to each individual to discover techniques that predispose one to the experience of worship. Worship in itself has no technique, for it is the experience of personality with the Original Personality, our Father, and that exchange cannot be formulated. But given cultural conditioning, biological tendency, and personal orientation, you can craft for yourself methods that will bring the worship experience to you. If you picture a drop of water on a table and adjacent to it a dry paper towel, the methods you develop for worship are intended to close the distance. Once the paper towel and the droplet meet, there is absorption; there is merging. This is the worship experience. When personality of son or daughter meets in the embrace of the Paradise Father it is a form of oneness much like the meeting of water and paper.

All of you have been engaged in the study of the pursuit of the Father and the understanding of reality as a means for greater recognition of the work and nature of the Father. You know your purpose is to understand reality and to pursue spiritual experience. Michael has left you with a charge to go forth and preach the gospel. You also know that wisdom and worship are the highest forms of adjutant mind function. It then becomes apparent that these three: the pursuit of wisdom, the experience of worship, and outreach in service, become your primary purpose, your foremost activities no matter what specific undertaking or event you are engaged in. These overlay all contexts wherein you may acquire or express these three purposes. Each will reveal the Father to you in different ways, refreshing ways, and as I have indicated that there is no technique for worship itself, but technique to arrive there, the same holds true with service and the acquirement of wisdom. You must learn what methods are appropriate for you, the ones that facilitate the acquirement of these experiences, and by facilitate I mean not only that make it easier, but also may propel you forward when you are resistant, that dutiful drive, that sense of obligation, that knowing what is right even if you are not feeling in the mood for it.

There are teachers hanging in the wings, and it has been given to me to open the floor to discussion. You may request feedback of teachers in attendance.


Mark: I'm curious what any teacher might say about this upcoming Rob Cricket presentation. I notice it pushes certain buttons with some people. I'm trying to fit all that in positively and appropriately.

Elyon: This undertaking of your visiting fellow is being offered based on his experience with worship and is intended as a gift, as a sharing of what has been learned with the desire that those who attend discover greater intimacy with the Father, one that they will deepen and possess for themselves without any need to have continual instruction or guidance from your fellow. His methods will provide new elements that you may choose to acquire. It will also expose you to techniques that some enjoy.

I note your comment that others may not find attraction towards engaging in some techniques offered. You as a group are desirous of reaching to your fellow human beings to convey truth and to encourage a personal spiritual experience. Many you meet will not always enjoy the same practices that you have that have enriched you. To know of methods that are not ones you personally find uplifting but you recognize bring fruitful rewards to others is a beneficial acquisition. Everyone who attends has free will and must choose their reasons for being there and must on their own sort their experience for its worth. Be not concerned overly whether those who attend thoroughly enjoy it or are put off, for both experiences will contribute to deepening their understanding of themselves and what they enjoy in a worship experience. You have provided the grounds for the experience and for the sorting, the decision making, to be derived therefrom. Having observed your visitor in the past, I express anticipation that you will enjoy his visit.

Mark: Thank you. I'd like to ask about an observation of a principle and its relevance, that is, when an individual forms a technique, it is then available to others through the mind circuits. As a principle it becomes more effective for those who have mastered certain techniques to attempt to express those to others so more minds can share that experience. In part that is what we are expecting of ourselves. We are promoting what is the property of mankind, trying to jump-start those around us by example. Could you speak to the relevance of this?

Elyon: Yes, I will. You have discerned well this mechanism, this natural sharing, and the ability of mind to adopt the methods of others, the approaches of others. Your desire to jump-start another's pursuit of greater spiritual experience is quite similar to your anticipated weekend next week. Here is one who has the same motivations to share things learned on his own. This sharing is good. The greater it is spread around the world the more drawn closer the world brotherhood will be. But it must be kept in mind that techniques, constructs, methods, are stepping stones and not the path itself. All too often divisions are cleaved between different groups of spiritual aspirants over approaches. This is the very reason why Michael was reluctant to give a prayer form to his apostles. But if you can understand that these discoveries that you make that you wish to share with others are, precisely as you have stated, ways to jump-start, and let those to whom you have given this spark of initial energy the freedom to travel in their own ways, you have done the best, and you are allowing for the best to emerge.

Since personalities are arranged in types, you will experience expediency with some individuals at one extreme and resistance from others at the other extreme with degrees intervening. By working as a group, by exposing yourself to varieties, you can reach the broad spectrum of personal orientation.

I hope this has helped.

Mark: Yes, very much. Thank you.

When you say the technique is the stepping stone, I had the image that you could share the technique for crossing a river, but each crossing is of something different, unique to that individual's crossing. The skills may be the same but each crossing is distinct.

Elyon: Very much so. The rocks in the river bed have shifted; the speed of the water may be greater at a different time of year; the temperature, a branch to cling to at the bank, all could change. To return to the stepping stone is not the path, imagine the burden acquired if you took every stepping stone you stepped on with you to the next. The relevant stepping stone is the technique to use at the time.

Mark: Very nice. Thank you very much.

Elyon: You are welcome.

Mark: I'd like to follow Elyon's lead who says you can never say too much positive and once again express gratitude to the teachers and all those who are just behind the curtain. We feel your presence more and more as we engage in our lives' dramas. We yearn to commune with you and are thrilled by your words of encouragement. We send ours back to you, our support crew. You make our drama so much more fulfilling. We are very grateful.


Elyon: This is Elyon acknowledging the reception of your expression and grant mutuality in our feelings toward you. We are delighted to have students in the classroom who are eager to learn, who desire to do their homework. It is rewarding to any teacher to see students advance from lessons received, from lessons we give. I will now call recess, erase the chalkboard, and look forward to our next assembly.