2001-08-06-Nature of Dispensations

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Topic: Nature of Dispensations

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Benson, Lucio, Michael

TR: George B., Steve



JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be here tonight. Welcome to those who come here on a regular basis and to those who are here for the first time. It was very interesting to hear your discussion you were having. It was not my intention to create any sort of controversy in the group.



Tonight we shall focus on the love of God. The amount of it that He graces upon you everyday and the constant caring that He gives you. God will not abandon you. He is constantly there, willing to advise you, willing to help you, willing that you reach some sort of happiness in your lives. The only reason that He gives you challenges in life is that you may be happy one day. These challenges are nothing more than a test put in your way, to help mold you, to help to give character to your soul. Once your character has been built, you will be in a better position to appreciate the many things that God gives to you. Perhaps at this moment you are not seeing all the things He has given you. It takes patience and practice to do so.

Only the mature spiritual being is capable of seeing all the graces and all the things that God gives you. Only a mature spiritual being can appreciate to the fullest, Gods love. That is not to say that you are not capable of doing so, you are. But, perhaps in a limited way, because He loves you so much, you don’t see how much He loves you. It is for you to realize that His love is far reaching, that His love is all encompassing. This love is forever there and shall forever be there, take it, use it. He is there at your service. Even though He is your Father, even though He is your Creator, He still is there, humbling Himself before you to serve you. It is not for us to be ungrateful to this loving Father. It is for us to acknowledge His love and to be guided by His love so that one day we may face Him and love Him and be embraced by His all encompassing hands, encompassing arms, all encompassing love. The way God loves you is like a Father and like a Father, He loves his children so much that He would do anything to see them happy.

Like a Father He is wise to understand that His children must learn on their own. They must make mistakes, they must fall. That is why sometimes you think that God doesn’t love you, that He has abandoned you but in fact He has not. He is merely allowing you to pick yourselves up. If it was crucial He would pick you up personally and carry you. Since God is all wise and all knowing, He holds back and allows you to find the strength within yourself and find the strength within Him. As you pick yourself up you realize how you have learned a lesson. You realize that this lesson you learned is so valuable that you shall use it for the rest of your life and you are thankful for this lesson. You are thankful that God gave you that challenge in your life, so that you learned your lesson and no longer make the same mistake. Once you begin to mature you start thinking about many lessons in your life. You thank God for the bad things that have happened to you, even though you might have thought they were bad but they are not. Down the line you may see them as a valuable lesson or a turning point in your life that led you to some where much better. God never lets you down and if you want to get technical He never lets you fall, because He is always there and He shall always be there. You can count on that. The love of God for His children is so great and so magnificent. It is your job to recognize this. It is your job to understand the way He loves you. That is why He gave you the reproductive organs to reproduce your own children and to create your own children. So that you may love them and care for them much as the same way He loves you. Only then can you truly understand His love for you. God is your Father and you are His children. You all are brothers and sisters. Always remember that and always consider that and how you treat one another. I will now step aside to allow someone else to speak.

Sleeping Survivors, Communication

Benson: TR, Steve. Thank you JarEl. It is I Benson. Thank you for a very, very beautiful stated discourse on the Father's love. There is nothing I can add to what you said, it was so complete. Complete like the Father's love itself, it is absolute in all the Universes. I wish to set to rest some uneasiness on the discussion that happened before all of you went into the silence tonight. I may add that Hals words and cautions to watch our communications applies to this as well. Hence to the transcriber of this document, the decision to abridge portions of the communications that may be especially personal to members of the group or even which may possibly lead to misunderstanding, debate or controversy; the decision to edit or abridge them, is a prudent and wise choice.

However I will comment on the nature of dispensations. Yes a dispensational resurrection occurred on Michaels two thousandth birthday. We do not know for sure but we believe that this is the last dispensational resurrection that will occur on this planet before the new age. This belief comes from Michael's personal directive. Yes, quarantined circuits are no longer quarantined. Circuits are being restored and reconstructed. However the general rule, regardless of the fact that a new type of dispensation did occur about seven years ago on your world, still holds true in all of the Universe with the exception being, in this case applicable to Urantia. In general the rule still holds, however permission has been granted by the Ancients of Days to allow some limited communication by loved ones to individuals on your world who have at least reached the third circle of cosmic consciousness after the year 1994 as you reckon time. That is all I will say on this subject.

And now I wish to make a comment on your wonderful weekend of worship which occurred last weekend. This truly was the type of activity that creates great joy in all of us to observe when it happens among the members of the Teaching Mission group. It was truly a worthy celebration, for unknown to most of you, upon the completion of that weekend, many of you did not realize that you had been elevated to a much more competent level of spiritual connection in your communications abilities. You are truly Michael’s new disciples for this age. Many of his original disciples now sit on the Council of Twenty-four and shared the same joy and experience so recently felt. Almost all of you have changed dramatically and have, since the day you left this house, with such joy in your heart, begun to minister to ordinary people in your everyday lives. Some of you have been doing this before but now have expanded your ministerial efforts. The individuals whose lives you have touched will be forever changed as well. And this positive new way of truth, goodness and beauty will generate a brilliant ray of hope that all the world will eventually see. Prayers and the love and the support of a vast range of cosmic and celestial ministers are with you and on your side. Praise to God through His Son and through His sons. It is a wholly appropriate response, which creates a bonding, and a joy, which is shared by all of us whether we be material or entirely spiritual. Until we meet again. I say shalom.

Lucio: TR, George. Good evening, it is Lucio, George's personal teacher. Thank you for allowing me to address you tonight.


It is very good to be here among such highly spiritual and enlightened fellows. I look forward to every time we see each other. Although you can not see me, I can see you. I would like to talk to you about relationships tonight. Everyone here certainly has some experience with relationships. What I would like to address with you tonight is how responsible you are with your relationships. Ask yourself a question, is your relationship something that you value or something that you despise or something you just don't care about? How much energy and effort do you put into a relationship? Are you responsible enough to have a relationship to begin with? Sometimes we get into relationships without even thinking. Pretty soon we have no responsibility over it because we lack the relationship skills.

We must treat every person with whom we relate as a relationship of some sort and be responsible enough with that relationship; to nurture it, to care for it and to love it. Don't just get into a relationship and leave it out in the cold, that’s cruel. How would you like it if God did that to you? Say that the Father abandoned you. Of course that is not what God would do. But just imagine, would you feel badly? Would you feel lonely, not loved? You must understand that a person feels this way when you abandon them in your relationship with them; when you don't give enough care to the relationship, when you don’t give enough attention to the relationship. A person feels isolated and rejected.

Do unto others as you would like them to do to you. If you feel worthy in having a relationship, have it. But be responsible for it. For a relationship is a seed that you plant and you water it and it grows and it becomes a beautiful tree or flower and it gives fruit. And you admire the fruit and you eat the fruit. You are rewarded with the bountiful energies that it gives out to you. In such a way relationships are. Don’t just plant the seed and then walk away and expect that it will grow and when you come back it will love you and it will give you fruit. Because sometimes seeds don’t have the proper nutrition to grow. Sometime seeds are just blown away by the wind or they are taken away by the birds. If you know that you wont be too long in a relationship, be responsible enough to be assured that, that relationship, whether or not you are there, continues to grow in some way or that you affected that person in a positive way. So then that person can go away with a beautiful energy. In this way you should interact with people. In this way you should have relationships. Only then can you take those relationships into another level, where you can become more intimate. Or it becomes love. Only then can you understand another, and only then can you understand God. For when you love another, you are loving God. When you see love in another person, you are seeing God. Love is the fruit of a well-kept relationship. If you are searching for love, nurture your relationships.

Don’t walk away and expect that relationship to continue growing. Sometimes they do but it changes and you will no longer see it in the same way and therefore are incapable of receiving its fruits. God wants to have a relationship with you. He calls you on the phone everyday, the tone of the phone is not the same as it is here on Urantia. It is a different tone, its a silent tone. Not too silent because you can hear it, only you ignore it sometimes. For those that don't ignore it, they pick up and they understand. Because God brings forth understanding and He brings forth love. Understand this, if you have a relationship with God, God nurtures it, much like you would nurture a relationship here on Urantia. Nurture it because this relationship you have with God will be everlasting and will be there forever and will grow tremendously beyond any of your imaginations. This relationship that you will have with God, that you have with God, will become so real to you, more real than anything that you have ever seen here on Urantia. Reality will become something else to you. Right now you do have a taste of reality when you love one another. That is why I urge you to be responsible with this gift which is a relationship with one another. That is all for now.

Michael: TR, George. Good evening my children. I, too, would like a relationship with you. I am so joyful that you continue your studies, that you continue to come here to this group. That you continue to love one another. It brings me great joy to see this group evolve into the new spiritual light that I am bringing forth to this world.

Thank you so much for being a part of this great adventure. I appreciate all of the efforts that you put forth; everyone of you, for all of you are my children. All of you are worthy, all of you are dignified to enter the kingdom of heaven. Continue on in your loving and beautiful ministry. I shall be there with you by your side helping you and guiding you and giving you strength to continue on in this great adventure of Urantia. Remember that I love you and remember that the Father in heaven loves you and Mother Spirit, Nebadonia loves you as well. For she sends you her blessings everyday. She sends you her love, as well as I, your father, brother Michael. Take care of one another and continue to build this brotherhood on Urantia. Continue to push forth the Teaching Mission and my ministries, but most of all continue to love one another, for that is your biggest strength and your most enduring qualities. I give you my blessings. Thank you.

JarEl: TR, George. Good even, this is JarEl. Are there any questions here tonight?



Chris: Yes, I wondering how we deal with controversy. I am concerned about how we decide what goes in our . ..what’s personal and what is not? How do we confront Christian ideas that differ from The Urantia Book? Is it wrong to challenge these people to learn new ideas?

JarEl: Well, that is certainly a lot of questions. I will attempt to answer your first question, how will you deal with controversy? There will always be controversy, in fact there is much controversy on your world as we speak. You deal with it as you deal with a conversation, by dealing with it, by talking, in a calm fashion of course. By discussing your ideas but most of all by discussing your intentions. People have a tendency to assume your intentions therefore you have to discuss them and bring them on the table. Only then can you make your decisions regarding such controversies. Of course it is always up to the group as to what decision is made. Controversies are best dealt with compromise, you must bend with the wind. Allow some things to slip by in order to save grace. Know how to pick your fights. These are all great pet phases because you must realize the most important thing is to treat each other well in a loving manner. If you bring this attitude to the table in dealing with controversy many things will be resolved. So it is important to have an understanding and loving attitude. Now for your second question. Is it wrong to introduce new ideas to Christians based on The Urantia Book? Is that your question Chris?

Chris: Yes.


JarEl: No it is not wrong. A person might be offended of course. But is it not true that they offend you when they try to impose their ideas on you? They are just ideas. It is up to the individual whether he take the idea or not. Everyone of us has the Spirit of Truth inside of us which allows us to see the truth in every given situation. As you share ideas with a person, it would be their Spirit of Truth that allows them to see the truth behind it. No, it is not wrong to share ideas, however it becomes difficult when one person tries to impose their ideas on another person. It is then that it becomes wrong. No one has the right to impose ideas on another person. No one has a right to impose an ideology onto another person. Whatever spiritual state that person is in, it is their business. They are growing in the love of God much like you are. Ultimately the difference in ideas is basically semantic. They are basically just ideas. As you can share your love with that person. You can share the love of God with that person. It would be ideal. Wouldn’t it be better to share spiritual love with that person than to share new ideas with that person, Chris?

Chris: Yes.

JarEl: Then see it that way. Try to connect with the person spiritually. Instead of trying to collect the maximum through ideology or intellect. Because you will always run into controversy and different opinions, because everybody is different. Everybody thinks different. Even in this group there are many different ideas. The important thing is that all these ideas are allowed in this group. All these ideas are welcomed and are equally discussed. For only then can you build on your ideas and learn to settle differences. Does this answer your question?

Chris: Yes, thank you.

JarEl: Youre welcome.

Nel: JarEl, will you give us some direction in this group, is there something new there has been talk from the other teachers about a new face for the teaching mission. Is there something in store for this group or for each of us?

JarEl: I would certainly say as individuals, you all have your own destiny, your own mission. As a group, you still need a lot more work in collaborating to take on any project. You have done very well, so far. You have come along very well spiritually. And during your last weekend retreat, you’ve grown a lot. I am afraid that there is not much direction I can give you as a group, other than the direction that you have already taken. The reason I am without any sort of direction, is that I want to allow you to make your own decisions. I want to allow you to take on your own projects and chart your own courses. I am just here as a guide, not as a director. I am a teacher, not a tyrant. Therefore it is important that you all find your own courses. It is not that you are alone in this mission, you are very much guided and helped. In fact any project that you undertake shall be very much appreciated, rewarded, urged and supported. We welcome any ideas from the group. But ultimately it is the group's choice as to what direction you want to take tonight. As a group you become an entity. As an entity you are very powerful in your decision- making, because you get a lot done that way. As individuals you are still powerful but in a limited fashion. As you come here together you have your Teaching Mission or you have your study group. You are creating a powerful dynamic for each of you gives one another energy and knowledge. Each of you have different opinions that adds to the group. Therefore, with all of your different opinions and all of your individual minds you are more than capable of directing your own entity. I am part of this entity in only an advisory roll; not as a directing roll. If you want my advice, certainly there is much to do in the world. There is much need out there for a group such as here in Arcadia. As an entity you are capable of doing great things. It is up to the individuals on how much contribution he is willing to give to the entity.

The need out there is great. There is much of course, I wouldn’t know where to begin to advise you. I can point you in any direction and in every direction that I would point you in - there would be a need. Ultimately the best I can do is not to tell you where to go. Leave it up to you to figure it out. Ask God and He will back you, He will show you. He has much need for you and all you have to do is ask God what is Your Will and I will do it. It is as simple as that. Now if the group wants to do that as a group and ask God what His Will is . . . and certainly He will give you an answer. And it will be a very clear answer. For there are many people here who have received messages from God and are capable of understanding His Will. But I see this group as taking on your own individual projects. And I see them flowering in their own individual projects and in this way the group is more diverse. Because they all add to each one of your experiences. They all bring into the group their own experiences. They are dealing with their own projects. So I guess I ultimately have no direction to give to you, but to ask the Father.

Lucille: JarEl, when we originally started we wondered where the people would come from and he said just meet and people would come. But I understand from other teachers... we have not enlarged our group much lately but its certainly a lot more close-knit. How do we go about starting new groups?

JarEl: Expand. Expand, reach out. Tell people about the group. Tell people about the Teaching Mission. Let them know it is alive and well and it is thriving. They will come. It is true that we do need more souls for this Mission for it is vast and it is very important and Los Angeles is a big County with a lot of hungry souls that are looking for this type of information. There are many ways to advertise such a group, such a Mission. There are many ways of telling people. You have at your disposal many resources in communications. Part of this Teaching Mission, a part of what you do in this Teaching Mission is very effective. For you take the transmission and you transcribe it and you send it out through the internet. In turn it reaches many people. Perhaps they might print out a copy and give it to a friend who might give it to another person. Even though this group has not grown in size the information is still going out. The knowledge is still reaching many people. It continues to grow everyday. It continues to reach more and more people. Ultimately that is our goal to reach as many souls as we can. Yes we must expand as well, but you will know how, you will know when and you will know who because God will guide you. Trust in God and everything turns out fine. Lucille: Thank you for your advice and help.

JarEl: You’re welcome.

Lucille: You have given wonderful lessons.


JarEl: Thank you Lucille. One last thing I would like to tell all of you, is to trust one another. Trust in your intentions. Trust in the love that the other person has for you. That is all. If there are no more questions, I bid you farewell.