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Topic: Service

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Jessona

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): I bring you greetings this morning, this is Elyon. I welcome the regular opportunity to come together with you, my steadfast associates, to once again meet in the spirit to work together to be about this business of spiritual enrichment that we are all engaged in. To see your devotion at maintaining regularly scheduled meetings is truly an inspiration and causes one such as myself to be inspired to deepen my own commitment, as I see the purity with which you each unfailingly take the lessons we discuss and attempt to integrate them into your lives, then notice the subsequent reactions, and bring your observations back to the meeting that we may all share in the spiritual enrichment. It is a highlight of mine and many other spiritual assistants on my side to make our appointments with you, our spiritual assistants on your side.


Spiritual Pressure, Opportunity

As you are no doubt all becoming aware and as we have spoken of, the spiritual pressure is increasing daily, and we are all expecting to see many and varied opportunities to roll our sleeves up and be about this business of spiritual enhancement. On my side we act as the cheerleaders, even the prompters at times, but you choose the scripts, and we are more than happy to work with your decisions and with the opportunities that you seize within your realities. I recognize that growth rings are being formed, notches are being carved as each of you transcends phase after phase of spiritual accomplishment and becomes the better equipped to maximize the spiritual effect of any given potential. It is truly a joy to witness this spiritual education becoming manifest as spiritual living, becoming expressed through the avenue of service and the intentions and orientation of the self.

As I mentioned, the opportunities for such involvement are compounding and becoming more available. The spiritual pressure has the effect of producing within individuals a yearning, a seeking, for that which is deeper, more significant. These are the opportunities we look for, seek out, and when we have determined that an opportunity is at hand, we are made bold to take that extra step to extend out beyond ourselves for the support of others. In gaining that support we also gain our spiritual courage and acknowledgment of our support network which is there at our beck and call. We are never alone when we are involved in spirit; we always work together. Sometimes you work together as two mortal individuals or a group of mortals, but you are also in concert with your unseen associates who are likewise seizing your opportunity to minister as their opportunity to minister, as well. Realizing that you function in this chain of spiritual progression provides you with the strength and security to reach out beyond your mortal confines and meet others in this spiritual plane. When you do this you are adding them to this spiritual chain, which does not stop until it reaches the First Source and Center. We in your lives are about adding links to this chain on the end and lengthening out link by link this spiritual chain with each individual we are able to draw into this spiritual arena. This is how links are added to the chain; this is how the chain becomes long enough to encircle your world and strong enough to maintain spiritual control.

The metal smith is aware that attention must be paid to the detail of completing each link in the chain accurately so as to provide an equally strong link to the rest of the chain, and that is your work here, to add individuals to this chain and to secure the link with your personal and your spiritual experience. Individuals are yearning for the rope to be thrown to them, for the chain to be dangled in front of them, that they may grasp and pull themselves up. We must work to gain a strong footing and a sure hold on the chain we pass down to others that they may find adequate strength to pull themselves up so that they may take their places on our side and help us hold the chain for others who make their way up.

Enough analogy of chains and ropes and links as we are here by the water on a wonderful day. Once again it is an accomplishment that we are all here together. We may each realize that this is more mortar in our building, another link on our chain, another notch in our staff, that each time we meet we do so and form a stronger spiritual connection, a more tangible spiritual bond between us. I greatly appreciate this opportunity, and I know by your very acceptance and diligence that each of you likewise feels an appreciation for the process we share. I now withdraw allowing for others, but I always remain in attendance for any purpose that may be desired.

Malvantra (Jonathan): I likewise greet you, this is Malvantra. As one of many who are engaged in the upliftment of this planet, I count you equally on the staff of the outreach ministers of the Melchizedek corps.


There are two aspects of the spiritual life. Of primary importance to any personality is the further development of soul, and subsequent to any degree of progress in this manner there is the desire to contribute to the efforts of another striving soul for attainment. Any point in your process you will experience fatigue or doldrums, perhaps even a sense of loneliness, for it becomes more apparent the degree of growth in the many who pass through your life, how variable it is. This association you make with one another, as Elyon has emphasized today, is of great importance in sustaining your levels of energy and your emotional enthusiasm.

Remember at all times the background radiation of grace; it is ever-present impinging upon you in all directions, even radiating from your core and the presence of the Father. You are being rained upon by this grace, and you are being filled from within that you may radiate this same grace out from your being.

Three dimensional creatures find it hard to incorporate this element of ever-presence, of deity contact, for the Father appears distant when, in fact, this very God of all is ever-present. Because of the divine magnitude of the Creator there appears to creatures a great distance because of the high spiritual refinement of this same God. Spirit presence can seem intangible to those in the coarser realms of physical life. Because of the simultaneous truth and reality of the infinity and the infinitesimal-ness of the Father and the Father's presence, it becomes difficult to reach, to grasp, both the enormous and the minuteness of God's presence. This is why you have the presence of Michael in this region of space to be your local parent and guardian to reveal the Father in a more tangible form, to be the extension of the divine hand into the realms of time and space. Just as there is in your physical universe background radiation, there is also a blazing orb, your sun, that nourishes your world with a discrete and verifiable form of radiation.

You are approaching your annual celebration of Michael's bestowal. It is a time to acknowledge his unceasing work for the great Gods of Paradise who he is a reflection of and in no way less than to his creatures in Nebadon. Your gathering is a time of upliftment, for huddling as a conclave. This is an opportunity, as you have selected your theme, to be solar collectors, to be stadium lights, to flood one another with the same radiance that you have absorbed throughout your days that you each may be in exchange of loving energy, of wisdom insight, and of practical application. It is unnecessary to state that we will be in full attendance. Though our hands are not composed of flesh and bone, we will be hands on with you, touching you in the deeper recesses of your being. Look to one another for encouragement and upliftment.

I have observed great success in all of your progress, and I do also encourage you to refresh yourselves with the presence of your fellows, for, just as you have experience in entering water, it can appear discomforting, or perhaps from my analogy better to say, noticeably stimulating. As you dwell within that water you become acclimated, and it becomes easier to remain there. The spiritual life initially has this same striking stimulation which you can also become acclimated to. Souls like yourselves are needed to go around to many who are on the path to remind them that always there is the ever-presence of the Father, that as you have become acclimated you have also become accomplished in your contact with spirit. Being wet with these divine realities you are ready to shake and to spray this divine enthusiasm and this awareness of this true presence on others.

Be always steadfast in your faith and always aggressive in your progress. Hold steady and move forward at the same time, for every minister to this world counts on you to be a tempered link in this chain, to be able to grip firmly to the experiences that have confirmed your faith and to be ever willing to undergo the strains and stresses required to tug this world to a new level.

I conclude my remarks at this time. Thank you.


Mark: Thank you. At these gatherings we look to have you spiritual mentors as active players in our activities over the weekend. We pray to be receptive to your influences that we may accomplish something that you would have us accomplish.

Malvantra: I receive your comments warmly.

The Master has made it clear that he would like to see in you the recreation of his life anew. Every life that re-manifests the spirit Michael has demonstrated in the life of Jesus multiplies his ministry upon this world. So may this gathering in his honor underline this re-creative ability. But as you seek to better recreate his spirit approach, also recreate, dwell in the joy of your fellowship with him to experience those Wednesday days of rest wherein you can enjoy the fun of association as well as those times when you realize you are on the brink of a difficult mission to be accomplished for the Master.

Pedagogy, Teaching Mission

Tom: I have a question for Jessona. With the advent of the second phase, are there any new lessons that we might link to the old lessons provided we are ready for them, as regards healing?

Jessona (Mark): This is Jessona.

Yes. I would state unequivocally that, as you may have observed, all lessons that have been delivered, whether on the topic of healing or any other subject, have been designed over the course of our time together to be cemented directly over previous teachings as a means of building a strong foundation. Any lesson which appears to be new to you may actually be a deeper restatement of an earlier principle you are familiar with. In this regard we build our understanding out of our previous interpretations and expect that clarity will come as we cement more and more of our spiritual structure together.

It was necessary in the beginning to start with some very fundamental building blocks and cornerstones. We have successfully passed through such a phase and are now actively engaged in the rest of the structure which rests firmly and completely on the previous work we have accomplished together. It is not that any old lessons are incorrect or false, rather that the new understanding of recent lessons may be deeper and more comprehensive, therefore seemingly to eclipse a previously delivered lesson. However, these are like building blocks that stack so neatly one upon the other and are all necessary to the raising of the roof. Each plays an integral part in the stability of the structure. Just because a lesson was old and a cornerstone of your understanding does not mean that it is not still an important aspect of your spiritual structure, merely that you have grown beyond the need for such a cornerstone and such footings and are now involved in different aspects of your structure, which you will continue to build until you are engaged in the most minute and finest details of the finishing of your structure upon the mansion worlds.

At this time we are still busy coming up with the shape after having laid the foundation, and looking forward to the roof. There is much work to be done, and all stones which are used as stepping stones make excellent walls as well. So, collect them all, mortar them in where they fit most appropriately, and count them all as your spiritual possession in the spirit structure you are constructing.

Does this make sense?

Tom: Yes, thank you. Nice to hear you again.

Elyon (Jonathan): This is Elyon returning to you, and I cannot resist the temptation to follow upon the heels of our master seraphim and make some comments on this topic.

Our "phase one" program can be likened to introducing you to the supermarket, showing you around the aisles, what is available for consumption. There is the healing department of personal hygiene, medication. There are the nutritional departments as well. We have endeavored to unfold in the form of lessons recipes whereby you may take these nutrients to compose artful dishes. Much of phase one has been to present to you these dishes that you may take in.

Phase two is where you do the shopping, and you write the recipes, and you present your own forms of meals. In doing so you will expand the Supreme. Pay attention always to the nutritional content of the ingredients that make up your demonstration. Be on guard not to be distracted in the mere forms of your presentation and to lose sight of the content that is of spiritual value to the souls you feed.


That is all.

Tom: Thanks, Elyon.

Mark: Elyon had one more analogy. When he was going with the chain I got this image of a rope, how ropes are composed of many tiny strands. Each one by itself isn't capable of supporting anything. When you braid the rope together from these tiny strands you get something powerful enough to pull up anything. This rope is anchored on the stability of the Father, and we are the tiny threads, with Elyon, Malvantra, weaving ourselves together to be thrown down to any who would lift themselves up. Working together is how it gets done.

Tom: I like that better than the chain. If you feel like the weak link, the whole thing comes apart.

Mark: With a rope, if one little strand busts, the rope's still good.