2001-09-09-Practice The Presence of God

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Topic: Practice the Presence of God

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Olfana

TR: Ginny, Jonathan



Elyon (Ginny): Good morning, friends, this is Elyon.



It is very heartening indeed to hear you speak of applying what you have learned to your everyday lives, for this is exactly the heart of this phase of the Correcting Time. We have been with you all these years patting you on the head, holding your hands. Now we would like to push you out of the nest, so to speak, so that you can spread your wings and fly. This is what our ministry is all about, that we learn to apply the lessons from the heart of God into your everyday lives where they do not have light unless they are practiced in real time. I know it is easier to stand and talk about the ideas, but the proof of your lessons being learned is in how you take these lessons into your daily lives and how you decide on the method you will use to bring the lessons you have learned and put them on the table, so to speak, so that you can actually make them a living lesson.

When you study the papers dedicated to the life and teachings of our master you will note that everything he taught was always accompanied by the practical example and that he ministered always to the practical needs of those about him. The fact that he was able to give his attention to individuals in need, the fact that he was able to focus on them, look at them, and speak to them was the first step in getting their attention, and then, as always, reminding them of the kingdom.

You can be assured of our assistance at any time. You can be assured that we will assist you in changing patterns of thought or behavior if you but spend a few minutes in stillness so that you can get our attention and so that we can get yours.

Again, I am most happy, as you all are, at your willingness and at your determination to make these lessons a real and practical part of this time on Urantia, for this is exactly how it all comes out, that we look for the presence of God in each individual, even though the outward trappings are not very attractive.

That is my message to you today. Good day.

Malvantra (Jonathan): Greetings to you, I am Malvantra. It is good to be in your presence to enjoy your fellowship and to hear your feelings throughout your week.


Though we have the advantage of observing your activities from a perspective not of a manner that a human being is capable of perceiving, as individuals each one of us is not always monitoring your activities. So when I arrive to be here and to make an exchange I often need to have a report of your recent activities and even the locations where you were when these activities transpired, for an event is important in its contribution to your accumulated experience. An event is not disassociated from location. Location plays a role in how an event is received by an experiencer. It contributes to the good value or the less value. As Elyon has expressed the value of living the teachings, I would return to a subject we have covered before, that of practicing the presence of God.

I am aware that you each know, not simply with faith and trust, but truly know that you are indwelt by our Father. You have enough human experience to have realized it's true, even to the level of understanding where it becomes extremely difficult to fathom the idea of human consciousness without the presence of divinity. The word "practice" is somewhat sidetracking the goal of the entire phrase, for it implies that you are attempting the presence of God, running through drills, doing your workout in training for the actual experience. This is worthwhile; it develops spiritual stamina. It teaches the human intellect how to pursue when the chips are down and the weight of the world appears against you, how to reach inward and acknowledge and realize the presence of God. However, I would prefer if you view the word "practice" more as is used for a doctor or a lawyer. By the time professionals of these categories begin their careers, they are no longer practicing in the sense of attempting to work their profession. They are in practice.

Each of you is practicing the presence of God now, this moment, without any conscious effort on your human part. This is the secret to the phrase "behind the eyes and between the ears". This method of practice enlarges your ability to be the conduit through which divine spirit moves in the world. The Father can bestow billions of his fragment entities upon any given world. The divine luminosity will appear radiant to the celestial observer. But you would witness no activity upon a world such as yours if these fragments of the Father were not encased in your being. They would stand autonomous but would be ineffective and incapable of creating any activity, for their presence is truly divine and highly refined, timeless and space-less. That means you are a critical element to the motion and work of God in the world. From one perspective, practicing the presence of God is the human attempt to reach inward and to actualize, realize, the divine gift that dwells within. On the other side you are the practical form through which divinity works in the world. You are the practice; you are the career for the Father's presence. You can know the teachings and recite them, and it is best to live them. You can know the Father and speak of him. But the great goal in life as demonstrated by the Master is to stand, not only as though in the presence of God, but practicing the presence of God. This approach is one of exuding the spirit luminosity, the divine love.

With careful study you would know that I have not said that you "are" God, for you rightly understand that you are a child of God. But that does not discount the reality that where you stand is God. This divine being loves you and loves all around you and is within everyone around you.

Make it an exercise when you have a moment to pause and reflect no matter what the time of day, no matter where your location for reflection, to see from behind the eyes and between the ears, to view with God's view. You do not need to set aside your human self, for the Father chose you to view the world through, and this should forever eliminate any sense of unworthiness of self.

I hope I have encouraged you in this twofold application of the practice of the presence of God.


Olfana (Ginny): I greet you, this is Olfana. As a conclusion to the meeting this morning I encourage you to avail yourself of the wondrous beauty around you: the sounds of the wind and the animals, of your voices, of your breath, of the sun and the shade, the warmth and the coolness. These are your gifts and these are your tools. Be grateful each day. In the many duties [pause] for a moment to take a breath and be thankful for your wondrous mechanism of the body which is tuned to all forms of energy, and with this you can adequately and admirably perform the dance of life.