2001-10-14-Balance, Mediums, Anthrax

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Topic: Balance, Mediums, Anthrax

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy that you are here this evening. Tonight, we shall talk about balance and being centered. It is easy to feel spiritual peace and balance when your lives are going well.



When you have few worries, it is easier to feel confident and balanced. It is also easier to be balanced when you have time to yourself and are not pushed and hurried and sleep deprived. During these times, when you have enough rest, when you are not worried, then you are much more able to utilize stillness and to be focused in the now time. Most of you will go through stressful periods followed by periods of relative calm and constancy. You must learn to utilize these calm periods to really establish a good balance so that when you go through stressful times you are not so easily knocked off balance. When you are in a state of balance, you have no fear, your mind is a peace, and all your energies are distributed in a well balanced manner.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and to imagine the energies on both sides of your body as being evenly distributed. Let the worry from the mind release into the body and if you are feeling any tension or pain, imagine that dissolving or spreading out so that it is not concentrated any more instead spread out over a large area. Keep breathing deeply and imagine the tension or pain spreading farther and farther. Let the muscles relax at the point where the pain or tension was focused and imagine the muscles spreading out over a large area. Now imagine that there is a light beam coming down from the heavens through the top of the left side of your skull and through the left side of your body down into the ground.

Next, imagine another light beam of a color, whatever color you would imagine, coming up through the ground through the right side of your body, the right side of your skull, going back up to heaven. Both of these lines of energy are moving, one is moving downward, and another upward.Now concentrate on stopping the movement. This time, you will bring the white light from heaven, down through the right side of your body and let the colored light go up through the left side. Notice if the color has changed. If there is still some pain in your body, imagine these tubes of energy expanding until they reach the painful areas and then imagine that the pain is swept away with the energy. Let these tubes of energy expand until they completely engulf your body and touch each other in the center. Any pain that comes up, any tension, release it into the energy streams.

Now begin to slow the movement, slowing gently, until the energy streams can merge together because they are stopped.

Now imagine this energy becoming like a calm pool, as though you were seated on a lily pad in a pond. This energy is calm.

And now you are releasing all your tension, all your fears, down into this pond. You can imagine the pond growing deeper and darker as you release this energy. Let your muscles realign. Now imagine as the pool grows darker that you are growing lighter, that your body is glowing, shimmering in a bright white light. This white light is a healing light and wherever there is darkness in the body, the light concentrates there and dispels that darkness.

Imagine the white light growing even brighter at the crown of your head and gradually the brightness moves down to your eyes, to your cheek bones, through your mouth and throat. This bright light is pressing down, coming down. Now it is down at your shoulders, pressing down. It is brilliant, white, beautiful, it is pressing down to your heart. All your internal organs are now beginning to feel the light in your lungs, in your heart, your stomach now. It is also going down through your arms. Now it is beginning to go down even further, down to your hips, down to your legs. Pressing down. The rest of your body is white, brilliant light. Now it is pressing down through your legs, to your knees. Imagine all the darkness is going down and out through the bottom of your feet. The brilliant white light is pressing down through your calves, through your ankles, to your feet. Now your body is very light, it feels lighter. You feel much more at ease now.

The pain and tension is removed. Imagine that this white light is healing everything that needs to be healed and your body is coming into balance and health. Use this exercise during this coming week. Do it again on your own, taking your time. Sometimes the mind and the body can become disharmonious and this exercise will help you to balance mind and body together.

Communication, Afterlife

Human beings are quite sensitive instruments and there are somehuman beings who can sense ideas , thoughts, memories, within the minds of others. Especially they can sense fears. Often times, these people can be like a window into your own unconscious mind set and can sometimes be helpful. But, those who claim to be in communication with the dead are mistaken. Those who have passed on to the mansion worlds are sometimes allowed to send a message via another being, but rarely, if ever, is there some kind of direct link from them to here.

The souls and personalities of the departed do not remain here, they go to another world separated in distance and in substance from this world. The universe is an orderly, well regulated place. There are no problems about souls being stuck here or having to make decisions of letting go. That is not an issue.

Know that your son is doing fine, that you will be reunited with him, and it will be as though no time had passed so strong will be the connection. But during this time, when you are separated, it behooves you to accept it, as a separation, and to live your life fully in the secure knowledge that you will meet again and also in the knowledge that just as you will remain loving your son, he remains loving you as well. These time periods of temporary separations will become less and less a bother and a fear as your progress in the universe. Realize that you will have an eternity to spend together and this short time means very little in the overall scheme of things. I do hope that this will be a help.


Biological Warfare

Student: (What about) Biological Weapons, Anthrax, Small Pox

Ham: Yes, these biological weapons are so far not very effective as weapons even if large amounts were to be sprayed over a wide area anthrax would not be very deadly. These things are more disruptive for the fear factor than the actual virulence and deadliness of the bacteria. In a society like the United States where there is mass availability of antibiotics, even something like smallpox, while being terribly disruptive, would not be terribly deadly. You should be at ease concerning these things. Fear is never a helpful reaction over the long run. To be fearful for a few moments when confronted with something is, of course, but to harbor fear and worry is usually all done for naught. Be at ease, my son, and have no fear. . . . .