2001-11-11-Communion of Love

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Topic: Communion of Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM


Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield

Session 1


Note: Prior to the group stillness practice and welcome to the teachers, a discussion included concern for a friend, X, now caught up in a rather bizarre, off-balance, conspiracy theory.

T/R : Father, Mother, I surrender my thoughts, my fears, my emotions, my judgements. I give this time to you, that I may serve thy will and allow your love to fill me, to guide me, and pass this love on to others. Thank you for your ever present love and guidance. Thank you.

Alana : Yes, I am here. This is Alana.

O : Thank you for coming, Alana.

Alana : So. So willing, each of you is so willing to listen. So willing to listen and to follow the guidance brought to you. We are grateful. Each of you wrestles with your fears, separately, alone, and come together and share your fears and your love. We are grateful that your persistence continues. We are grateful that you demonstrate the commitment you have made to surrender past ideation, past preferences, past beliefs, angers and confusion, in order to continue with us in this small classroom, which, as small as it may be by your standards of measurement, is yet greater than you imagine, for every contribution we make to you which you accept and allow t o become who you are, is then passed on by you to others, and yet again, and yet again.


Love, Assurance

Fear, stimulated by your recognition of the smallness of being, limits your understanding of the power of love. Your fear limits your understanding of the power of love as it is allowed to enter your heart, to penetrate your mind, to shape your thoughts, to coat your tongue, and to spread from you to one another, again, and yet again.

We seek a slightly altered point of view about your individuality; not to emphasize the individual in order to aggrandize the self, but to encourage you, each one of you, to focus deep within, and to open your individual hearts and minds to the great love that embraces all. Open. Allow love to inform. Allow love to permeate. Allow love to infuse your individuality with the greatness and goodness and power of God’s love.

In complete surrender to love, you allow love to flow from your individual seat, if you will, out across to the ones before you, out to the ones at either side of you, even out to the ones who hide behind your backs. You have opened and allowed God’s love to be within and without your individual experience. You surrender your fear, your doubt, your many concerns about others, as you first turn to God’s love, and secondly, allow God’s love to fill you completely. Once so allowed, you gladly give love away.

It is true that those who would not surrender their fear and their doubt to God’s love will turn their minds to many distractions, picking those distractions which most satisfy. They will manage to box up the fears and doubts in a package they can carry with them to open and study when fear an d doubt begins to run away with their temporary comforts. Or, when the isolation of fear and doubt would have company, they will seek others to join in this temporary self-congratulation for wrapping up the fears, doubt s and concerns so neatly. I use the word "temporary," for the package, the wrapping up, the tying things up in a neat little ball, comes unraveled when challenged, and they must continually reassure the troubled mind, "I have it!" "This is it!" "I am right!" The fear and doubt do not go away, but indeed remain carefully wrapped up in the package, making the package heavy , bringing the heaviness of that distraction to others, to reappear upon unraveling. Whereas, my beloveds, although we give you words, and you put them on paper , even publish books, which could be sent to others as "a package," we have made it known to you that our message of love is a living message; it is always and ever Now! Always and ever a matter of opening to love, allowing love, filling, resting, and allowing love to pass on through, giving it away. Yes, our words can be put in "a package," but we do not wrap up well. We permeate you. As you open and fill, as you allow love to flow from us into you and out everywhere you go, love permeates all others as well. Fear leads the mind to search for answers, explanations, alternative methods and means to conquer fear. We do not try to conquer your fear. We love your fear away. We say to you, "Surrender your fear to love. Bring your fear to the heart room." We will, we do blow love upon your fear. We will, we do blow love upon all the limitations and the circumstances of your existence upon your planet, Urantia, which cause you to fear. We embrace with love your doubts. We say unto you, "Surrender your doubts," even if only for a moment. Surrender and allow love to permeate your hearts, your minds, your fears, your doubts. Love, my friends, is no explanation. Love is not a reason. There are even very reasonable beings who would say love is unreasonable. "Surely," they say, "given this circumstance, given that circumstance, love is unreasonable. How can one love such as this. How can one love such as that! " These, my friends, are very reasonable protests, but reason unravels before love. I speak to you, my beloveds, of a love that surpasses reason, surpasses your understanding, allows you to forgive that which you do not understand, allows you to transcend fear that would keep you small and trembling and paralyzed and unable to think or to move. I speak of a love that erases doubt, even if you have written that doubt in your minds in capital letters . You know this love. In that moment of surrender, that moment of turning within to that still point in the stillness within, in that moment of pure peace of pure surrender, allowing, allowing, you know God’s love is there, is real, is for you. The task, you are learning, is this: to turn again and again to love, to re-turn to love, now, and now, and now. Fear will return to the mind as you walk upon your planet. You will see fear. You will make doubt. So, you reaffirm your commitment. You persist. With determination, with steady patience, fortitude and conviction, love is made real for you, love’s reality is known by you. It is with steady discipline that your strength to greet fear with love grows. As you grow, as your strength to allow love to enter, to be known, and to be given away grows, so the message of love’s reality expands, not as a distraction from fear, not as an explanation, but as a real force for good, a true power for harmony. Thank you. So, having pounded the table, so to speak, how are we doing, my beloveds?



S : Well, I am feeling a little better and reminding myself that there is no need for me to fear for the planet, that the outcome is assured. Thank you very much.

Alana : Yes, this is a very disturbing time to the minds of all human beings cognizant of the extraordinary numbers of activities of war and dissension taking place across and around the globe. Your mind, certainly, is among these. You have access to the information almost immediately as any new saddening event transpires. It is characteristic of the intelligently conscious human mind to immediately begin to respond with "counter-terrorism," as they call it now. For you, S, it would be more accurate to say your mind immediately wishes to come up with counter arguments, or feelings of sadness and helplessness, or the struggle to answer in kind with reasonable statements that might lead the one distracted to where you are and how you think. You are not to be ashamed, nor guilty, that the remarkable entertainment, if I may call it that, provided by distracted minds should temporarily unsettle you, for you continue in your practice and you grow stronger in your certainty, something for which I am very well pleased. You, beloved, turn, and turn again, and re-turn to the stillness, and to the practice of stillness with your beloveds, your group, your friends. The attraction of fear (and I use the word attraction as they do in the circus, "Come one, Come all, See this, See that!") will no longer attract you, nor trouble you with fear and doubt, as you strengthen your practice, strengthen your learning, strengthen your spiritual muscles of certainty.

S : I realize that I am capable of being frightened by fear, others’ fear, the fear of what might happen with the power of fear as it takes over the minds of a nation and our world. It is terrifying. I have my own faith, and I pray that the love of God will overcome this fear on the planet, but meanwhile it is scary.

Alana : Yes, beloved, and that is the fear to which I speak. You are learning and growing in your ability to know within yourself God’s love, no doubt, no fear. You come, regularly, to this group to, shall we say, strengthen that individual certainty. Also, you are learning to share; that is, learning to share your certainty. Not so as to convince so that others will agree, "Yes, you are right. You are right, there is no need to fear or to doubt." But rather, beloveds, you share in order to give love away. Yes? So that those who may, will be given an opportunity to open and to allow love to speak to them within, to touch them within, Beloved, were the fear and terror that burns mightily in some places upon your planet, were it to be here and now right before you, there would be no shame were you to experience fear. But you grow in your certainty. You grow in your ability to share, to give your love away, that it may pass from you to the next, to the next, and to the next. Soon those who come to you with their conviction that their particular distraction (that does not eliminate fear but gives them reasons to fight fear with fearful ideas, methods, and means) will not distract you. You will, instead, bless them with your love: "I greet your fear with my love." "I embrace your fearful ideas with my love." "I will put your terrible, frightening propositions into my heart room of love."

S : Well, you must know I was praying for that while we were in our circle of stillness practice.

Alana : Yes, my dear. We will put X in our heart room. Yes? Group : Yes.

Alana : Now. And blow love upon X, now. (Long silence of heart room practice.) Is there any other who would speak to me today, for this is your day, beloveds?

D : Mr. Practice is dying to speak to you at this moment, Alana. (Laughter. )

Alana : And what, beloved, does he die for? (More laughter.)

O : Yes, David, tell us how you are reading me.

D : Just felt it, I guess. Telepathic, I guess.

O : Yes. D : We all seem to be tuning into that capacity more.

Alana : That is to be congratulated. That, as you have well understood . . .

Stillness, Telepathy

O : Alana, when we believe we know how another person thinks or feels, has this to do with the two Thought Adjusters talking to each other in that moment?

Alana : We will return to what you call telepathy between you. This is to b e congratulated because it is a product of your growing understanding and your regular practice of what we have taught: the stillness practice, the opening to God’s love, the surrendering of fear and doubt. As you expand your ability to practice the stillness daily, as you live your daily lives, as you strengthen your ability to turn within, even as your daily lives become disrupted, or your minds and hearts become disappointed, or filled with confusion, as you become practiced in the ability to choose to turn to God’ s love within, to God’s love within the stillness within, and to allow love t o inform your daily lives, to inform your minds and hearts in the presence of fear, doubt or confusion, or sadness and grief, as you become more practiced in allowing this openness to love as a reality that permeates you, and permeates others, you begin to experience what you call telepathy, the surprising coincidence of thinking the same as another, or finding yourself exactly where it appears you are meant to be in order to grow, or to greet the learning you have previously avoided. You begin to experience a communion of thought that indeed can only occur in love. If you think of this love reality, which permeates all, as a kind of liquid, as in, shall we say, a great big pond, then you can understand how the opening, as represented by a pebble dropped in the center of the pond, sends ripples out to every part of the pond. Think of that pebble as one individual opening, opening, opening, to allow love to pour in, to fill, an d then dropped in to the center of the pond to flow out, out to all. Of course, you must understand, the love of which I speak, there are no edges to that pond. I endeavor to clarify to you the possibilities involved of the kind of communication that does take place in the stillness of communion that is the communion of love. Yes, it could be one mind telepathically communing with one other, or many. Yes, it could be one mind communing with my mind, as you say, my message. Yes, it could be one mind , as you say, communicating with the mind of God, which is love. And yes, there is in the communion of love the opportunity for one Thought Adjuster to influence another and to be influenced. But I would encourage you, as a practice, to focus your attention on the stillness and the opening to love. Allow love to permeate your mind and your heart. Allow love, as it permeates you, to expand your understanding into the communion of understanding that already exists among us, among Thought Adjusters. If it is God’s will that your thought adjuster should speak, as you say, to another thought adjuster, then in the communion of love, so it shall be. We are here to focus your attention on opening your own hearts and minds, filling your stillness practice with love, bringing you deeper into that still point wherein you may commune with us, with others, with your thought adjuster, and allow. Allow this communion of love. Allow this love to flow, to share it, to give it away so that this small spot on your planet with these few small beings may expand your communion of love out to the world beyond numbers. Thank you. Was that useful to you, my friend, in your particular preoccupation?


O : Yes, Alana. My mind needs to be able to visualize how the spirit circuits function and your example of the pool of love without limits helped me very much. I think a fearful mind, like our minds, can be helped by practices. You have given us the heart room. This week I came across something that Machiventa Melchizedek said. He was talking about us little human beings able to influence the leaders of the world. I am really interested in this aspect of prayer. Melchizedek was saying that the changes on the planet could be done without us but there would be no reason to do it because the experience is needed. Could you give us help on how we can actively pray for world peace, and in the process even change the minds of leaders? I find that a fascinating possibility to consider.

Alana : This subject, as you have stated it, is vulnerable to distraction; the distractions, of which we have spoken, that keep one, if you will, fascinated. The human mind begins to seek proof as well as power over others. "I have prayed these many years. I have belonged to a prayer group that has prayed these many years, and that prayer group existed before I belonged to this prayer group and they have prayed these many years to change the minds of our leaders. It does not seem to me their minds have changed. This must not work." Do you understand the little snag that is available in your thinking? So, let me bring you back to the heart room. Into your heart room you have brought your prayers. Let us say your prayers are your so-called problems. You have brought those you love. You have brought those you would love better. You have brought those you find difficult to love. You have surrendered them to the heart room; which is to say that you have surrendered them to love. You have experienced beyond doubt the truth of love, the truth of this heart room, this practice. You have known greater love within, you have known greater love with those you have brought into the heart room, those you love and those you find difficult to love, those you would love more. And so it is with your leaders. And so it is with change. Embrace change with love. Even the desire for change, embrace the desire for change with love. Surrender it to the heart room. It is understandable, that each of you would, if you could, take every single leader on this planet, not just your leaders of your nation, but every single leader of every nation and every pocket of unrest within your nations, and you would shake some sense into them. Yes? (Laughter. "Oh please yes!")

You would change them, yes? You would change them toward love . Embrace that desire to change them with love, with the same love that embraces your desire to change yourself. Your heart room, my beloved, is the construction of prayer. The heart room is constructed by the light and the love brought down by God and by you co-operatively. You believe, and rightly so, in the power of love. You believe, and rightly so, in the power of God’ s love.

O : Alana, I have also come to understand that we live in an orderly universe, which is not very obvious on this planet. There was a very practical aspect to what Melchizedek said, that if we bring these world leaders into our heart room, our heart room of love, the celestial agencies can better work with them. That, actually, was my question: can we here at this table actively work with prayer to set these possibilities into motion .

Alana : Yes.

O : OK.

Alana : Yes, and yes, and yes again. I return to the possible distraction. Beloved, your heart room has been given to you to open your hearts and minds to change, which is to open you to change, which is to change you. If you understand the communion of love that is this heart room, then you will understand that as you change, the ripples of that change of love flow outward. The heart room being, my friend, no different than the pond without edges, yes?

O : Yes.

Alana : Do you grasp that little bit of possible distraction that I work with your beloved transmitter to speak? (Silence.)

S : No.

Alana : Thank you. It is, as you put in the heart room one whom you can not forgive, one whom you see clearly is on the wrong path, going in the wrong direction, one who is wounding you and others, as you do this, and as you successfully, shall we say, open your hearts and your minds and open your heart room and so completely permeate yourself and that one other with love so as to PUFF!! Blow the love!! Disappear that wrong direction, that wound, that inability to love, to forgive, to understand that one other! My beloveds, do you understand the power of that one little tiny event between just little tiny you and just little tiny that one other being? Do you understand? (Alana’s voice is very excited and intense.) It is like an explosion, that nuclear explosion that so terrifies you that has the power to extinguish, yes? But this little explosion! Ah, I wish, she, the t/r, says, that they could see what I see.

(T/R : I was overwhelmed by light in me and flowing in from outside of me. I saw a ball of light, it grew huge and the light was a blinding light. I could see the ball was made up of billions of strands of light, like the lines of light of the heart room. The ball looked rather like a huge ball of fine string, but the string was lines of light.)

S : I’m seeing the heart room in the Oval office of the White House.

Alana : Yes. So, yes, it is a very good practice to place Mr. Bush and his advisors in your daily practice of the heart room, in your daily prayer. An d yes, it is a very good practice to place the Taliban, and the guerrillas in Africa, and the killing squads in South America, in your daily practice of the heart room, and in your daily prayer.

D : Well, thank you Alana. You are really stretching me to put Bush in my heart room. (Laughter.)

Alana : Yes. I would remind you, not so long ago it was a stretch for you to put your beloved daughter in the heart room. (Laughter.) And it was a stretch for another to put a beloved father in the heart room. And it was a stretch for another to put one who had betrayed in the heart room. And it was a stretch to put an ex-wife or an ex-husband in the heart room. Do you grasp what I am saying, my beloveds?

S : Yes, Alana, thank you, thank you, thank you.

O : Alana it feels so good to know that we have these possibilities of putting more and more of the fear creating aspects on the planet in our heart room. Thank you for reminding us.

S : It is a great weapon against fear, it truly is.

Alana : Yes. Thank you. I usually post only the group sessions, due to the private nature of other transmissions. A part of the following "private" transmission, however, seemed useful in connection with the above.

Session 2

S: November 14, 2001 Private Session concerning X.

Legion : You have one to be considered, yes? One whose fear and doubt creates greater images of fear. Yes?

S : Do you have some words of guidance, or ways of loving this dear brother ?

Legion : Love is always the answer. Carefully asserting your limits, as well, in the framework of embracing this one’s fear with comforting love. X would turn away from that which he has believed, even followed. His mythology collapsed and so he has constructed a new one, grasped hold of another story; equally disappointing, shall we say, for to grab hold of a belief and to follow this belief without the willingness to surrender fear and doubt, will not succeed. Those who would listen to me as you do, must surrender fear and doubt. And allow my love to enter and embrace. No doubt a difficult accomplishment on your planet for there are so many hidden agendas and hidden powers at play. X's fear and doubt have rationale from that perspective. The many wounds suffered by so many upon your planet , from those powers wielded visibly and invisibly behind curtains of power, create minds and hearts unable to trust love. Some even know love so minutely it is a major task to surrender all fear and doubt to the way of love. But those who know love, embrace love, allow love, surrender all fear and doubt to the way of love, these humans provide the example, the demonstration, that allows for the leap of faith to be taken by those embraced and touched by the light and the love so given. Continue to bring X into your heart room. Continue to offer X comfort as a man. Give X reassurance that he has the ability to face his fears and doubt s and to choose the way of love. But always remember the choice is his. This is not your task, to make him choose. His investment in fear, his sense of irony toward respect, his lack of trust in himself prevents him opening, opening, opening his heart wholly and completely to the possibilities available in the heart room.


The following quote from another "private" session seemed particularly relevant to the above. Alana gives a little perspective to anyone working at developing patience, particularly those of us who hesitate to set limits, or may demand more patience of ourselves than is wise.

Alana, "I would warn you against the tendency, if you will, or the potential weakness in asking yourselves to extend to each other the level of patience that you experience given unto you by us, for, of course, you are well familiar with the reality differences between yourselves, as human beings on the planet Urantia, and ourselves."