2001-11-25-Thought, Word, and Deed In Harmonious Counterpoint

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Topic: Thought, Word, and Deed In Harmonious Counterpoint

Group: Cincinnati TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra

TR: Stephen Mark



As has been foretold the Garden, crisis was not a fall, or a default by Mankind, but an error of judgment and mistaken choices by the spiritual wards of your planet. Mistakes are made but can be rectified. Learning is an experiential process in which we learn from our mistakes. We can review past history, or, you can continue to consider your own life, analogous to a planet's development. You can review and consider your own choices, your own pattern of decision making, and from careful analysis of your choices you can determine if your correct course of action has been chosen, or perhaps, erroneous pathways are presented to you while you repeat certain learning experiences to their fullest. When the lessons have been fully and thoroughly learned, you are prepared to begin anew - a new lesson, a new experience, perchance to accept opportunities as given, and utilize, maximize, the experiential opportunity you are presented with. Often times it is orchestrated with angelic intervention. As such, seraphic involvement in your life is an element oftentimes neglected. Passages of time, happenstance of circumstances, meetings between parties, meetings between people supposedly accidental or coincidental are, in fact, oftentimes preplanned or pre-manipulated for a purpose of presenting a learning experience and opportunity for growth - an opportunity to exercise a particular skill or characteristic, a way to sharpen your, not so much personality, but your character.

You have all achieved a level of understanding commensurate with ability to apply learned lessons in your daily life. You are seeing the connections between the intellectual understanding and the practical application - the thought and the word as harmoniously linked with the action, the activity, as you intermingle with your brethren, as you continue to decide best practice, best method of translating gospel language into daily everyday vernacular.

The art of proposing a better way to your brethren is three fold: verbally in the vernacular of the day, to present the enlightened message in clearly understandable tones; you role model the message in your daily behavior and how you present yourself to others; and three, your natural, sincere, genuine attunement to your Internal Guide, your Mystery Monitor, your Be you perfect: even as I am perfect presenter of divine, qualified attributes from The Source, the Inimitable, The Source Indistinguishable - the ultimate source of all loving energy, the emanation of true over-control and complete universal maintenance. You must harmonize your understanding of your readings with the intent of applying the concepts to your daily behavior patterns. So, too, with your awareness, "Be you perfect even as the Father in heaven remains perfect."

You're simply a joy, all of you, to observe. Laughter is a human trait, however, amusement and camaraderie are attributes shared far and wide throughout the spiritual circles. You continue to excite and enliven our Teaching Mission through the capability of advanced learning - advanced in terms of cognizance of essential values, spiritual values taught in the papers that you read. You, all of you in. group total, should have the confidence that your capability far outdistances your actual decision to activate the values. You're all highly capable, yet hold back, tentatively, cautiously, hesitatingly, slowly willing to divulge the light - not hording or guarding, or selfishly contained and hesitant to share - but, anxious, or fearful, or confused, unknowing as best approach to utilize.

Remember to apply the patterns that you're aware of from your readings. The Trinity is comprised of three parts: The Universal Father, Personality Circuit, Thought Adjuster Giver, The Gift Giver of Life; The Eternal Son, maintaining the spiritual circuit, the Word from The Father's Thought; the action of the Infinite Spirit's mind circuit, the gravity circuit of the Eternal Son, the spiritual gravity circuit of The Son. Using your known awareness of the pattern, apply it in your life with the presentation of thought, word, and deed to harmonize the flow as you process on the verge of morontia mota. Facilitate the intellectual process as you grind the understanding of the thought, word, and deed in harmonious counterpoint of application for the furtherance of your accepted, divine, entrusted covenant of accepted gospel proclamation in ways, gentle at first, and moderate, to explosive displays - depending, perchance. Each personality can develop their own particular style. Nevertheless, present the gospel of loving service and acceptance as a gift - the eternal nurturance, a verbal, thoughtful, actively presented gift to your fellows.


You sense the message drifts, as a fog across the waters, with lights shining through from afar, distant shore. And we bid good night.