2001-12-02-Morontia & Spiritual Senses

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Topic: Morontia & Spiritual Senses

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you. This is Elyon, your friend. It has been delightful to be in attendance. The many of us who are here today to experience this conclave have enjoyed a form of laughter as we have watched you discuss in depth many topics. How much we hope that all the world would find such support in this form of sharing; it is one of the greatest experiences personalities can have. It also delights any teacher to be witness to such activities of students engaged as you have been on your own without our immediate input, though naturally we are, like your angels, always hovering, and hoping and helping you to realize more profoundly the meanings of your conversations. You have discussed Lantarnek's lesson on growth. I wish to speak of a primary inhibitor to growth, that being fear.



With reflection it is observable that fear has two basic forms: one is of the unknown; the other is from experience. That of the unknown is a difficult fear to overcome, for it offers little information which may be collated to establish understanding which would displace the fear with more helpful reactions such as keen discernment, cautionary observance, that would encourage and strengthen you to proceed into the unknown to make those discoveries and grow. This can take away from the energy needed to grow. When encountering this fear of that which you do not sense enough to grapple with the growth, be not concerned, for, if your motive is growth, you can transform the fear rather than fight it. It is unnecessary to fight fear to make way for growth. In this case fear is your signal for the acquirement of data that will encourage your development. So, never mind growing. Begin accumulating the required experiences or knowledge so that you will have the tools on hand to undergo the growth.

The fear from experience is easy to overcome as long as you have held in your experiential background the realization that growth is always rewarding, though it was attained through hard fought battles, difficult or painful experiences. Experience always deepens the qualities of soul; the more experience you have the more substance of a morontia quality you are. On a world like Urantia where lessons are not forthcoming in a tidy, well thought out manner as they would have been, given the proper institutions of planetary assistance that are established on normal worlds; you have oftentimes had to gain experience through disasters, conflicts of greater intensity than is necessary for lessons to be learned. Thus arises the fear from experience, and unfortunately following comes reluctance and avoidance or denial. But those of you who have pursued through such pains are aware of the delight of overcoming, of breaking through; the joy that follows, that coming through to clear air, in a sense, that breaking of the sun through the clouds. This is the reminder to give yourself in those times of hesitation, knowing that you will experience some pain making the transition. An athlete encounters this very mechanism of growth when training. Experience has revealed the aches and pains, the injuries, the sweat, the heavy breathing only to discover strength and endurance and stamina as the reward and willingly undergoes this pain for the benefits involved.

As I am often oriented to say, fear is good for you, for it is a signal that your growth opportunity is ahead, and it is the door that may be opened by placing your keys in the locks of denial and reluctance that keep the fear door shut. This key is one of many that have been given to you by the teachers. Several are from the chain that Lantarnek presented last week.

I have said my two cents in this meeting full of things to ponder. I toss it in with your well-stated comments of this day. I detect a question is at hand, and I am willing to accept it.


Morontia, Senses

Tom: In keeping with our roles as morontia representatives and spiritual warriors and that you wouldn't send us out unarmed, we know there are seventy morontia senses (14:2.3). Are your lessons really on making these latent senses bloom on this plane? On our plane we have body, mind, and spirit with five senses of the body. I read recently that mind was a sense. Is the mind not only the mother sense but has some sub-senses like intuition, insight, instincts, dreaming, telepathy? Are there even more spiritual senses like praying, worship? If love is all there is, it would have to be sensed, too. Does this make sense?

Elyon: Indeed it does. It is difficult to describe the morontia senses, for they are numerous. It is better to use the five you are familiar with to draw comparison, but I caution that the further away from the physical one goes, the less accurately these bodily senses you have will describe the morontia counterparts.

You are correct in observing the sensibilities of the mind such as insight and intuition which do take in data for processing just as your eyes and ears do. The internal environment of the personality is a realm of its own and does have the ability to touch and to hear. Of course I must also get in another plug for stillness, for this is the means whereby you may sharpen these senses. Obviously, to use the physical forms, there is touching and the sense of feeling, of seeing and the sense of looking, of hearing and listening. One is physical; the other is the meaningful side on the level of mind. As you have asked, are there spirit senses? that is the value level. So you have been encouraged by our lessons to sharpen the meaningful and the valuable, that when you are clamoring about in the world, your grosser -- in the sense of coarser -- senses of your body will also be working in concert with the refined senses of mind and those deeper senses of spirit. The morontia senses do function in this pattern.

You are aware of the confusion that can follow extremely intense and multitudinous sensory input. It can be disorienting. When the mind is uncentered, rather than being the director and compiler of the input, it feels tossed about by the incoming stream of information and recoils. Imagine seventy morontia senses all bombarding the personality at once. This is not entirely the case, though I must speak to you who are currently more familiar with the physical framework of sensory input. The morontia realm draws from the physical, but it also draws from the higher spiritual realms in its pattern of manifestation. Some of these senses are superimpositions, higher levels, octaves, if you will. They are reflective upward and downward. They are detail contributors to one event. I can coordinate all seventy at one time, for they are compounding. The appearance of one enfolds into another . .. combined, compounded, give result. Just as in your geometry two angles compound into a resulting angle, this happens with all seventy.

Back to the import of your question, you are training to manifest the sensibilities of the higher realms here on earth. It is those values and meanings I spoke of that will be the fields from which you will sharpen those senses just as your environment is the field from which your physical senses draw information.

Have I been helpful?

Tom: Yes, you have. We have our five basic senses. They reflect upwards into five counterparts of mind, and they reflect up into five counterparts of spirit. Fifteen senses? I'm not trying to put a number on it, because there are probably branches off each one. I'm not content that we have five senses. I'm intrigued with the idea of mind as a sixth sense, but we're still dealing with just five senses?

Elyon: Before I continue I will remind you of my disclaimer of comparison of morontia to physical, for the inaccuracies inherent in the comparison make for difficulty of understanding. We could approach this topic as you have just done with six senses: the five that feed in through your neural and glandular network to the mind, the mind being, as you say, the mother sense, the sixth. Then mirror those into the morontia form and you would have twelve. You would have the same five that give input to the mother sense. It is fitting for me to say at this time that this mirroring, when considering the mother sense of mind and the mother sense of its morontia counterpart, is the mechanism whereby you may exchange the mind you have for the mind of Christ. So, whether we speak of fifteen or twelve the truth of this discussion is that there is a reflective quality, a replicating pattern inherent in sensibilities.

Tom: Thank you, that was excellent.


Elyon: If you are content with our contact today, I will, on behalf of all who have accompanied me, give you our best for your week ahead. We are always busying ourselves with assisting you in your ascension to the Father. Though you will traverse many worlds and cross light years of space, there is a great amount of ascension to be done while domiciled on this planet. The going to Paradise is as much of an inward journey as it is a traversal of space. So, no matter where you are, on a mansion world, on any architectural sphere, or here on Urantia, you can proceed as fast and as soulfully as you are willing to go.

I take my leave.