2001-12-20-Thought Adjusters, Part 2

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Topic: Thought Adjusters, Part 2

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: George B.



Thought Adjusters, Fusion

Donna: All this talk about experienced adjusters, you were using the word recycle and talking about the experienced adjusters have possibly indwelt at least twelve other mortals on other planets and who for one reason have failed to choose eternity, am I correct to this point?(Yes)

So therefore, in these experienced adjusters we are getting the recycled remains of these mortal lives and combined with our own lives and choosing eternity and fusion, then in a way we have helped all of those other beings, we are not only helping ourselves, But also picking up the remnants of those who have failed and making it all be a success.

JarEl: This is well said. The Supreme is the ultimate qualifying of experience. For example, (I wasn't talking about the Supreme), no I am, but what you are saying is that you are acknowledging collective experience. (Yes) Those beings don't exist anymore. They have since been erased from the registers, but the values of their experiences have been used by the adjuster to finally work with a mortal capable of choosing eternity, partly because of the experience of the adjuster who as worked within these mortal minds.

Doesn't take a genius to figure our what it takes to work within a mortal mind. Take a look within your own mind and what you have to work with.

Nel: So finally the adjuster gets one who finally says, Hey, I want to go the whole way here. Then the adjuster must be tickled, (the adjuster is lit-up).

JarEl: This allows the adjuster to move you into greater areas of tests because you have to understand, you have to earn adjuster fusion. It is not a reward, it is something which you completely earn, test after test. You will have completely earned your marriage with God. This is not the gift yet, this is your certificate.

What happens is that by acknowledging to the adjuster to move forward, this is what the adjuster is trying to do. It doesn't take very long. Consider the Master who reached adjuster fusion in only twenty-four or twenty-five years.

Nel: We also have to do what the Master did, which was He has to remember who he was.

We need to do the same, for us it just takes much longer.

JarEl: exactly, Nel. We came from eternity, Michael just came from Nebadon. He came from three blocks away, and a few hour away. Who knows how long it was for us. Eternity is a long time. No wonder we have forgotten as mortals, humans. It is through the awakening to the adjusters call that we finally hear the echo of the adjusters call to attract your attention. He is saying, " I am here". The beginnings of this acknowledgment allow the adjuster to positively move forward, this is all.

Jerry: JarEl, before this evening, I was under the impression that most mortals have chosen the ascension career. Now it has occurred to me that over the million years or so that humankind on this planet, life experience for many has been such that they may not have wanted to continue anything. It is also my understanding that in the morontia worlds, they are given another opportunity through another perspective to choose again, is this not true.

JarEl: Lets take out the big map again, do not loose sight of the fact that until Michael incarnated on Urantia, and within the perspective of a larger picture, we can say this was last year in relation to time, Yes very recent. Previous to Michael's bestowal, thought adjusters only indwelt mortals of promise. What I mean by that, the mortals earned the status to receive an adjuster through the actions of their mind and will. Many of these beings and we are just talking about Urantia, and not the hundreds of millions of other worlds, we are not talking about adjusters from the eternal son, and adjusters from the eternal spirit. We're just talking Father adjusters. The premier adjusters, the adjusters of choice, the adjusters who will take you to eternity-the limousine adjusters.

The collective experience of these adjusters are held somewhere within the secrets of Divinington.

These lesser adjusters and mortal relationships culminate in a potential status for these mortal beings whether to eventually become candidates for father adjusters, and also become candidates to become embraced by the Trinity for other forms of service in the universe. It is quite a large picture.


Hal: JarEl, you started out with a large picture about who we are, and where we have been before. The adjuster is a fascinating topic which could go on all week I could say. I would like to ask another question in regards to a discussion I had with a devout Catholic I had the other day. We immediately started talking about the devil and its influence on us and I said, well there is no such thing as a devil anymore and he said, Yes there is. Is there good and is there evil, or is it all within the Father itself. Of course the First Source and center created everything, so he must have created the potential for evil, so that actually it is a part of the Father, error of our life's experiences. Is there some good answers as to why the God of love also contains evil.

JarEl: I don't know if I have answers for that Hal, but I can give you an explanation which may or may not help. (It is probably beyond our ability to conceive) No it is not. It is actually quite simple.

Good and Evil are products of time and space. Where God created the opportunity to choose it also creates a differential. God is not time and space. Time and space is just an arena. Ii is an aspect of reality. (Yes, but God did create it) God created the arena and God created man, yet man's personality is endowed with will, creative prerogative, choice. In the choosing, man is wither empirically choosing eternity, choosing God or is not.

TO further complicate or to further add to the drama upon the stage of Urantia, An emissary of God, a brilliant being in his own right, choose to defy eternity and choose time and space. In so doing created a relationship liaison with subordinates that insured the perpetuation of evil, or the wrong choice. Evil of course, is a quality term. It is basically the wrong choice.

Hal: It is still a part of the Father who has created everything.

JarEl: It is part of the reality that God choose to manifest. TO qualify this as part of God is correct, but it is part of the recycled material which goes into the evolution of God the Supreme. Good and Bad, or error of Choice does not exist on the Isle of Paradise nor does it exist upon the worlds of Havona. The creatures of habitation on these worlds are endowed as is all personality with the prerogative of will.

Hal: The subject of Good and Evil is as old as man. It is a subject which always comes up because we do not have a firm answer for it. This is what I have been looking for, a firm answer that clarifies it once and for all, is there a Devil or not.

JarEl: What do you think Hal.

Hal, Well I don't think there is, but it is all part of the Father and it is within the Father, just as the Father has feminine and masculine characteristics. He has the potential for evil and good as well.

JarEl: God does not have the potential for evil.

Hal: Well where does it come from then.

JarEl: It comes from an individual personality choice.

Hal, but that individual also came from God.

JarEl: Do you have children Hal,

Hal, Yes,

JarEl: Are you responsible for their mistakes,

Hal: to a degree, yes, (why?) Because I have raised them and given them genes and .

JarEl Well would you say that the Jews should be held accountable for the death of Christ?

Hal, as a race? (Yes) No!

JarEl: Why not, their forefathers killed the master and you just said that you are responsible for the actions of your children.

Hal: I just said that I influenced it.

JarEl: Then is God responsible for the actions of his children. Inherent in choice is the prerogative of personality. God choose to separate through choice, the ability for an individual to exist.

Hal: What should I tell this Catholic( Tell him whatever you want, Hal) That there is a devil.

JarEl: Maybe it is up to this Catholic to find out for himself whether there is a God or Devil.

Nel: Have him talk to the Father during the still time and if he seriously talks to God his answers will come.

Hal, yes, but that is evading the subject as far as he is concerned.

Much discussion, not all transcribable

JarEl: The resonance of the Lucifer Rebellion is still affecting Urantia today.

Hal: this is why the Catholics have that belief.

JarEl: It is allright that they have that belief.


Hal: I have it clear in my mind, yet God is everything, he is this table, it is part of God. This chair is also part of God, He created everything that there is.

JarEL: God is not everything, The Father is a personality, The first Source created energy which came from the original thought of God. A tree is not God. A tree is not indwelt with the essence and spirit of God. Animals are not God, but you have earned the privilege and honor to house within the corporate temple of your form a Divine spark and essence of Spirit. You have the potential for God to exist here and through your love others will know that he exists.

God is personality, he is not matter (not matter is he) he is not energy (well where did it come from). God created it, it came from Paradise.

Hal: Well the tree that this chair is made of is part of God too.

JarEl, Lucille, and others: No. It comes from the life and energy that God created.

Steve: Would it be correct to day that when we speak of personality, and throughout this long discussion which we learned that this originated in this material life, literally as a gift from God, applied to energy, mind and spirit, and now connected to the adjuster which indwells us from a very early age, that literally this is an original, first time creation extension of God, yet an individual of free will. Our personality being a gift in that personality is God but from God. Our individuality is bestowed upon of as God's will and prerogative.

JarEl: This is correct,

Steve: furthermore, getting into the area that Hal is discussing,


JarEl: When the First Source qualified himself in eternity, took the first step of action, what happened was the second person of deity came into being. At that moment, concomitant with that thought and action a universe age and reality also came into being, the Eternal Isle of Paradise. The beings who live and dwell on Paradise also came into being, being created by both Father and Son. Those beings are all representative of the Father and the Son. The Isle of Paradise is not God.

One does not have to go to this Isle to find God. You can find God here, Why? Because God is not confined to energy and matter, He is confined in the personality, the spirit of God. That Spirit of God as been sent to confine himself in you, therefore you who are quite far removed from Paradise, can still find God and discover perfection, originality.

The Father and Son together created the third person of Deity and concomitant with this creation the worlds of Havona came into being, These one billion perfected spheres of original pattern and identity. Havona is also not God, nor is it Deity. Paradise gravity is not God nor is it Diety. Segregata. The primal energetic force from the center of Paradise is not God. He created it.

God also created time and space, but this is not God. Time and space are a stage for the reflection of God, for the march of evolution of perfection.

More discussion . . . .

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