2002-01-05-Order & Chaos

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Topic: Order & Chaos

Group: Spokane TeaM


Teacher: Timothy, Delores

TR: Ginny, Gerdean



TIMOTHY: This is Timothy. Greetings, my friends. We have been immensely enjoying your discussions before our communications with you. It is showing us that you indeed are progressing very nicely. We are so thrilled to be able to be among you and hear you speak so eloquently of spiritual things, for believe me it is not a very frequent sight. On the whole, who can discuss without fighting or arguing? It is a great step that you have taken and it is a great comfort to us to know that our mission is succeeding very nicely.

Can you imagine what this universe would be without order? Can you imagine this Grand Universe and the Master Universe existing without order? And, as you have so eloquently discussed, there are times when chaos is creative and there are times when order can be stifling. So I would like to simply add a few comments about your discussions. I have been coaching this T/r for awhile and I am pleased that she is listening to me.

GINNY: Thank you, Timothy.



TIMOTHY: Yes, it is very difficult on your world at this time but not so much as it was before, to listen to divine or spiritual guidance, since there seems to be such a scramble by most people simply to stay alive or to keep on top. They are both very exhausting.

And another word you might toss around is balance. We do not like to see scramblers who simply need to disregard the needs of others to get to the top, nor do we like to see scramblers who are not even able to have necessary things and it will be a great task for your world at this point to begin to find the balance between the haves and the have nots, for peace also exists where there is balance.

Your body is not at peace when it gets out of balance. Your society will not be at peace when it gets out of balance. There is a beginning sense on your planet now that things need to be in balance but it will be a little while yet before that will actually occur. There will be yet more conflicts, more destruction, before you can find that middle ground.

Keep your eyes focused on your potential. Keep yourselves uplifted by knowing who you are and not worry so much about how you fit in, for there will be a time when we will all be aware of each other, that Urantians will be comfortable with meeting and knowing beings from other planets, and there are many people now who are eager to see them and meet them.


I would like to speak a little bit about two things that keep you from being aware of your true selves and that is fear and ignorance. Most of your suffering - mental, physical or otherwise - is caused by fear and ignorance. You were not put here to see how much you can suffer. You know why you are here, all of you, each of you, so we don't have to tell you that, but we do have to keep reminding you that fear and ignorance are great barriers to spiritual freedom. Your spiritual growth is not meant to be a burden. We are not here to see how much you can suffer, to see who can suffer the most. So learn to be aware of your fears, of your ignorance, and do not allow those things to become so immense that you forget who you are and where your destiny is.

It has been a pleasure talking with you today, and we are immensely pleased with your repartee among each other and your willingness to share and your stunning growth. Good evening.

DOLORES: Good evening, I am Dolores, on the heels of my associate, Timothy, with words of encouragement and camaraderie for you who are with us in this effort toward bringing greater light and life into your world.

GINNY: Welcome.

DOLORES: Hello, Daughter/ Sister. We appreciate your allowing yourself to be used, to be moved by the Spirit, to serve by allowing the sensitivity of the faith child to respond to the Master's touch in and through these many avenues wherein you may find yourself and where you may hone your awareness of who you are and how you will operate on behalf of the Father's business.

Timothy discussed balance, and I'm looking at the two-sided coin which encourages your development and which also curtails your growth because of your desire to stay in control of where you perceive yourself to be. The making of decisions is allowing change, encouraging growth, and therein you find that the life which you knew has become a new energy pattern.


Even as one of you may enjoy a new relationship with another, the molecular characteristics of your arena alter to accommodate the new relationship, and yet again as you become a group and emerge into teamwork through three and four and more, each time your environment alters to provide for the energy patterns of each other. When you disallow another's energy patterns, you invite chaos.

I speak to you as if you were all enlightened. When you are invited to know yourself, it is the emerging soul self which we refer to. In this way we become a part of the organism of life, the spiritual organism. We've become connected. There is appropriate self-forgetfulness as you embark upon the pattern of working together in unity of purpose. The advantage of an ability to work together in this way is that you begin to follow the guidance of the greater reality, and as a number of you together are enjoined in this synergy, you gain strength exponentially.

And so, even though there may be few of you of like mind, even so, the power that you potentially have may, through creative order, bring about that impetus to alter the course of destiny. Love is more contagious than hate. Light is more powerful than the darkness. When you begin to work creatively within the divine order of the universe, your chaos makes sense. It's a part of the reconstruction or the reassimilation of those energies which combine together to exalt the purpose of the infinite, and thus inherently the universe is working with you.

If you think about it, you can interpret that the Pope has already endorsed a galactic neighborhood, in that he has acknowledged the existence of angels. And the thing that holds you back, as a race of people, from embracing the cosmic neighborhood as your own back yard, with all its particulars, is the residue of fear and ignorance that the universe may not be a friendly place after all, and that is based upon your mortal experience as having shown you that your immediate environment is not necessarily always a friendly environment, but putting these perspectives into your overall comprehension of where we are in terms of planetary evolution, epochal development, it will give you additional impetus to encourage the concept and to even assume the faith of others as being not too far removed form your own. It's when you look upon each other as enemies or as on opposing teams that your obstructions become tangible and problematic. Lead the way. Pave the way, then, into the new dispensation by revealing your relationship with the universe.

The marriage of science and religion will come to pass when we are able to feel comfortable that what intelligent life in the universe is, is an extension of Paradise, and not an extension of the baser nature of unevolved chaos.

And so I reiterate with Timothy how happy we are to see your perseverance, to appreciate your companionship. We delight to be your friends and associates in this wonderful opening of the circuits that have kept you isolated for your own protection, but that now has eliminated the danger and encourages your advancement into your cosmic neighborhood, the kingdom as it has come to be throughout the far-flung universe, in all its many variations.

Are there questions, or do you want to skip right to the party?


GINNY: I just don't know, Dolores, who you are. I enjoy your communications with us but I'm not sure I know where you came from and who you are.

DOLORES: I will give you a bit of background. I am a part of the Teacher Corps. I am what you might call an intern, as I had been assigned as a personal teacher to one of you who has gone beyond, and while I have an interest in the "Teaching Mission" and since I have experience, inasmuch as I regard you my friend, I have asked to be of further service and my request has been granted. I am thus in training for a group. In time it is hoped that I will be "picked up" by one of the fledgling groups now in formation. It feels more comfortable for us all when we have had some sense of practice in this process. And thanks to you, I am gaining experience in this process of being a group teacher as compared to being a personal teacher.

GINNY: Thank you. I'm glad you're here.

THOROAH: I used to give substitute teachers a real hard time, so I learned my lesson there.

DOLORES: I want you to know I have friends in high places. If you want to play rough, I'll call them in to accompany us. You have challenged me. I'm willing to dish it out if you can take it.


THOROAH: I've learned enough not to overstate my case. I was thinking along the line of chaos, that it's also a part of a perception and perspective sometimes, is it not? I mean, we can go along in an very orderly fashion and then something comes in and disrupts that order, which is basically change, and without realizing it, it is probably a part of a new order that we are going to be moving into but we just don't recognize it as order, at first. We recognize it as change or chaos at first, but then it evolves into order, and then something else will come along and try to disrupt that, and it's a sort of a flow. But our perspective sometimes makes something seem like it’s chaos when it might not be.

DOLORES: It is mota, yes. These lessons are only learned as you ascend, even as you ascend in this experiential existence. For what else is growth but to assimilate a farther view, a greater grasp of reality? I'll call attention to the story of the flood. In that time the records indicated the world was flooded except for Noah and his family and this legend has survived through centuries of retelling and still today they search for the remnants of the ark, and we know that the world has not been flooded since it has been inhabited by man. And we only know this through revelation. And the appreciation dawns that what was true for a certain mental framework serves until such time as the capacity for a greater mental framework is constructed, and then the message is broadened to expand your perception, even the perception of the universe. So you see how it is that as you pay attention, as you seek to know, you will be given answers, you will be broadened, your perspective will be increased, but this causes certain chaos in the mental realms until such time as the situation is such that the change is appropriate. And then the old structure falls and the new structure takes its place. What chaos that brings into the mind will depend upon how far aroused the mind has become to assimilating spirit values. Part of your eternal career is in allowing the ignorant and the untested to fall away, to be replaced by that which is tried and true in a bigger reality.

I'm going to go so far as to say that in one of your human strata stages of development you may have enjoyed the perception of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, for a moment or two, but you grew away from that understanding of icon to the more sublime realization of the Gift Giver and the Resurrection. It's just a matter of soul growth, spirit comprehension, and certainly while in the beginning it creates great havoc, as you pursue your faith path, the chaos is lessened because you have experienced time and again that the order that you have come to regard as divine order will resume, in fact has never been out of order, but only has changed scrims in order for you to enact your next plateau of human drama.

Dialogue, Evil

GINNY: I'd like to change the subject somewhat, quite a bit. And if any other teacher wants to handle this during the Christmastime I was with a friend of mine. We were talking about the September 11th disaster and as you were talking, Dolores, what you were talking about sort of threw me onto this idea of evil. I don't know why, but it did. And then I remembered my friend's concern. She looked at me very intently and said, "Well, you know, Ginny, there is evil in the world. You know that, don't you." I was just so taken aback by that statement. I even forget what I said. I think it was something to the effect that I did not believe (I tried to make it personal, on what my believes were, because I have a tendency to dump my beliefs on other people). I said that I believed that there was no longer a personified evil in the world, and that I thought that there's a lot that's going wrong in our world that is not really evil, and that people that we call evil, I don't look at as evil, I look at as misguided. And I felt a little sad that she would still be attached to that personified evil in the world. So I hope I was able.

I don't want to be silent when people say something to me like that, for fear that I will offend them. I want to be more aggressive and more assertive in what I believe, but at the same time I really fear starting an argument and spoiling a relationship with another person because of our different beliefs. But I did want to discuss that with her. So I guess my concern is not so much about the concept of evil in the world as how can we find a way to discuss things, especially religious things, without hurting each other or without starting arguments? That is so difficult.

DOLORES: Thank you for your question. I was going to give it to one of the more experienced teachers here but I was offered the opportunity to respond. The season and the circumstances of which you reference, presented indeed an opportunity to grow as a teacher and as a fellow, and we are comforted when you bring these questions to our attention for this is how the apostles once did with Jesus and he would sit and discuss their concerns. In this way they are shared with the other apostles and your experience becomes then the experience of others.

The evil of terrorism, that which your country was hit with on [911|September 11]], was a great evil indeed. When your friend suggests, "You know, there is evil in the world, don't you?" the truth is, "Absolutely! All imperfection is evil in some measure because it is imperfect." But this means you must define your terms. If your friend, by looking into your eye was saying, "You know, the Devil exists," which is what I perceive you understood her to mean.


DOLORES: You missed an opportunity by accepting her premise. And it might have been an opportunity for you to pause and ask her to rephrase or to reiterate what she was saying, for in saying "There is evil in the world" you could have agreed with her and become one with her, even with those who experienced the travesty of 9/11 and those who perpetrated the travesty of 9/11, allowing the concept to be a universal concept of anything less than ultimate perfection. You personify evil by diverting it to the icon of old, giving him power, bringing him back into her consciousness as a confirmed and viable reality.

It is a peculiarity of the modern races of Urantia that "the evil one" is implied by the nature of the existence of evil, as if to say there's no room for growth. You are either saved or not saved. You are either on God's side or on some other side. This either/or approach to theology is inadequate; it sets up a polarity that makes communications difficult.

Yes, there is evil in the world, and as Timothy was discussing, what is this but fear and ignorance. As the light of truth is able to cast out doubt and darkness, the light can shine. In this light is spirit luminosity. There is only God and those infinite shadows of degrees of not knowing God, but there is none beside him.

You will have other opportunities to discourse with your friend because you have not alienated her and have allowed her to express her raw feelings and reactions to something as terrible as what your mutual concern is about. But use your knowledge of Our Father and this planet's history to bring a new perspective to the table, a new dimension to your relationship. If you so choose.

GINNY: I have a tendency to be more concerned (I learned this by another exchange I had with my sister), to be more interested in whether a person is theologically correct rather than try to empathize with the fact of their sharing, that they are sharing of themselves with me. I do that quite easily, and it's something I would like to correct. So thank you for your advice and insight. This is still Dolores, right?

DOLORES: Yes. I will act upon your remarks to say your tendency is a remnant of your competitive practices. As you begin to look with a new view, you will relinquish your need to function tit for tat and your dimension of operation will provide you a great new range of operation. You'll have much more fun investigating the subject of spirituality as compared to religion, and you'll trigger in your hearers, in your associates, that which will enable you to become a fisher of men. This we will work with you toward.


How our combined cosmic heart swells in gratification at your yearning to grow and be more than you are and all that you can be in the greater reality . Little sisters and brothers, we lift our voice and our countenance to the Eternal Parents on Paradise to envelop us in their love and their grace, to strengthen us with their power, and to wash us with their mercy.

Be about His business in your business, until we meet again. Farewell.

GROUP: Thank you.