2002-01-25-Personality, Supreme, Michael's Plan, Melchizedeks

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Topic: Personality, Supreme, Michael's Plan, Melchizedeks

Group: Cincinnati TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra, Nero, Nebadonia, Olfana, Tarkas

TR: Stephen, Jim Cleveland




Your awareness of self is augmented by your true connection to your Mystery Monitor. The enhancement occurs because of divine elements that enter to influence your character growth. As you've been taught, your identity will change over time as you ascend and progress in the spirit. Your identity will move through transitional phases until you, yourself are spiritualized through fusion and through faith. Your personality remains changeless in the sense of the original gift from the Universal Father, connected most assuredly to the Father's personality circuit. Your personality is earmarked as a unique identification method for you to be known by through the far reaches of the universe. So, as your identity shifts over time your personality remains uniquely your own - unduplicated, unmatched, to be found nowhere else - before your birth, after, or through future time. Herein lies one of the great mysteries of the creative outpouring. For, through this personality manifestation, the emergence of God the Supreme blesses the seven superuniverses. The personalities connected to the First Source and Center journey and ascend back to the Original Creator and through this process - experiential, material, morontial, spiritual - through this growth and ascension process, God, manifested and faceted in the majesty of the emerging Supreme, will blossom forth, absorbing all magnificent experience, all the goodness and all the beauty generated by the sentient beings in the grand universe. He will be the nutrition and the fertilizer to help in the blossoming of the magnificent Supreme. Your joys unfolding should include the awareness that you lie in the age of the emerging God the Supreme.

During your time, as you travel through this very space, She grows daily and expands Her influence to the outer reaches of the grand universe in direct consort and alignment as a Trinity outgrowth - in complete coordination, unified eternally with the purpose and the manifest of the original Trinity, center and core of all reality, with the divine purpose of enfolding a plan, relatively mysterious, (depending on one's comprehension and awareness), but absolutely mysterious in terms of ultimate purpose and planning. So, too, the tension of the actual and potential in your own lives is matched similarly by the divine design of our actual reality and the potential, progressive enfoldment of divine, partitioned segmentation. Your lessons, as you understand them, propel you far into future ages. To imagine you're ascending through your superuniverse is tremendously difficult to fathom. However, your journey is preciously guarded as a unique experience for experiential mortals. Your reward for belief is a Trinity that explodes in wonder and purports through the visionaries of time of more magnificent enfoldings the closer you become to Havona.

By the time you have entrance to the Island of Paradise your comprehension of Trinity activations will be sufficient to allow for your presentation into the sanctity of the auspices of the Trinity's Dwelling Place. Perchance, your first taste of the splendor resides within the recesses of your being in your earthly life - your own Mystery Monitor, your personal connection, your personal friend, your guide, your eternal pilot, your gift from the Universal Father. The circuits of the Monitors is a direct, resplendent, bountiful, never-ending outpouring of our Father's love through the gift, the graciousness, of the bestowals of the Mystery Monitor. And, the Eternal Son exudes a magnificent spiritual gravitational pull, ever enlarging, ever widening, ever engulfing all spiritual reality, wedging through our material universe, pulling, shifting through time, pulling back gently to the Second Source and Center - to the cooperative efforts and the coordinated liaison of the intuitive, intellectual and intriguing mental mind circuits of the Infinite Spirit. This coordinated interplay of the three proportional dimensions of the Trinity 's expressional display of omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience will be eventually engulfed in the unified expression of a completed circuitry - successful, progression attunement. As the beings attune, the systems attune. The universe is in harmonious interplay and the age falls into pattern of the emerging magnificence of the Supreme. The Mother Spirit, the rose of ambrosia, the fragrance of maternal grace, whispers perfume through space as a purple rose, permeating, pollinating purposefully, for the preservation and the maintenance and the glory to come of all our everlasting life. May you pursue with vigilance your loyalty to the gospel of love and eternal life, your gift to your Father as your cooperative alignment, your sincere commitment, your overriding faith, you genuine belief, your wholeheart and your feeling of oneness, your sisterhood and your brotherhood as blended in you mortal connections that resound with the taste of the afterlife in morontia repose. May we guide and may we glisten your study with lessons aforementioned and consistent encouragement for the membership at large.

NERO (T/R Jim) Truly this garden grows beautifully, grows profusely and many personalities are here tonight. We will now participate in this glorious unfoldment. The unfolding of the beautiful flower which is you, growing together tonight in the garden and surrounded and encouraged by many teachers from the Celestial realms. Tarkas is here, Olfana, many others and many of their morontial students, as well, to participate in this unfoldment of your blossoms, of your fragrance. Imagine now that your are taking this form - that you are, indeed, a flower of this universe, each of you a unique and glorious personification and incarnation of the Great Creator's hopes and dreams. You are as a flower here in this unfolding world of time and space. Each garden's a progressive ascension and attainment. You are rooted in the very soil of this garden. Feel with me now, your feet deeply within the soil of this mother earth. You are rooted in time and space. You are rooted in the ascension plan, the glorious progression and in glorious co creation of the Supreme. As you are transformed, as you ascend, you learn to grow beyond the roots of your garden. You imagine yourself as a plant, strong of trunk, and reaching upward to bring forth your individual unfoldment in this time and space, where you are here to create. You are cognizant of the past, present and future. By this, I mean that you were not always rooted in this garden with these loving souls of humanity, of morontia, of mortal and celestial realms. You were once seed. You were each seeds and you were beginning the long, and glorious ascension as a seed. This is the pattern which is replicated again and again through all creation, through microorganisms to the massive universes of time and space.

From where you are tonight, you can look back into your history, a miraculous transformation of tiny seed to where you are. You have strong roots. You are growing and each of you is at a stage of tightly budding,, or releasing in glorious and ever more beautiful blossoms and fragrances. This is your quest to unfold and show your beauty to the world. The glorious aroma of your loving, caring, merciful compassion will blossom fully and you will be able to love all men, love all brothers and sisters as Jesus so strongly encouraged. And, as fully fragrant and beautiful flowers you'll make you contributions in grand and glorious ways. Of course, blossoms, in time, in their season fulfill their purpose and fall away as you will in this mortal flesh. But, you will spring forth in glorious new growth from the strong plant, from the strong roots that you have developed - new flowers, new blossoming, new, lighter, more beautiful, more attuned, more ecstatic, more enthusiastic, more invigorated and in invigorating morontian form of lightness which brings you ever closer to spirit. And so, cultivate your gardens well. Love your friends, and accept their love with humility and grace. Be joyous companions. Energize one another. Grow together toward the sunshine, the light, crowding out all weeds, all distractions of mortal self gratification in reaching ever upward to the beautiful light to become more energized and to continue to grow in truth, in beauty and goodness. And as you progress, as each of you in this room are progressed, you will truly know how easy it becomes to look upon fellow brothers and sisters who are twisted, misshapen, suffering, hurting from their own, often self inflicted torments, striking out in anger, petulance. And yet, you find it easy to love them. Is this not amazing? Is this not the full blossoming of your beautiful, beautiful garden, the aroma of which can not be seen by mortal eyes, but in your time your aromatic goodness will permeate the wholeness of Goodness of all the universes and become part of the great aroma therapy for mankind. As you look upon others and love them, so you will be magnetized and empowered by even greater abilities to do this, and doing this is what service is all about - love one another. I have spoken quite long enough and I would thank you for your indulgence and leave the floor to others or to questions. I am Nero.


Sussi: What do you look like, Nero?

NERO: I am somewhat elderly by your standards, perhaps, for I have served in many ways. Each tenure of service lends it mark upon your countenance. I am quite proud of the experiences, one by one, in these evolving worlds of time and space, which I have been fortunate to serve.

Sussi: Do you know what one tennis shoe sounds like in an empty dryer? That's what I have been feeling like lately - just spinning around and around and around. Somehow, I should be able to sit in the stillness and connect with all of you, connect with my Thought Adjuster and Christ Michael and make the spinning stop. But, to be honest with you, I lately haven't been able to do that and with all of you here I am sitting finally in a quiet dryer. I thank you.

MALVANTRA (T/R Stephen) Your spinning, a portion of your character, is but a portion, not you entire being. Your confidence can be lifted by the assurance that your generosity and your hospitality to gather your brethren in social embrace is your charitable contribution, bountifully appreciated, showing a positive characteristic - not the flow of spinning, but the graciousness of sociable hospitality - planning the ambiance, the calls, your greeting, the layout. Your purpose, a hidden agenda, perhaps, is to release yourself from the vicissitudes of your existence, overshadowed by the power of your need to make the call, connect again, pursue your dream, enlarge your vision. Nail down your faith, your everlasting trust in your faith, which overrides all frailties, all perceived negative attributes, and allows to the glory of your soul's expression - you membership, as you present yourself, is as real as any. Generosity is never to be underestimated, devalued or looked upon as substandard. Your motivation is pure, your purpose is dual fold - social as well as individual. There is no shame, there is no need to feel ashamed or disturbed in any way to the degree that you contribute. Each contributes to the degree of their capacity and to the portion of their own personal, gracious awareness. You need not crucify yourselves for any perceived inadequacies. Instead, smile upon your own image, mirrored by the splash of faith and the existence of your exquisite personality outpouring. May you be blessed in ages to come by the sense of humor, by your truly ministering spirit, by your act of giving, and your continued embrace of the infinite enlargement of all life - the love circuit, the life and the light that never dies. May the gifts of your table go beyond the material setting. Recognize the value of your camaraderie and your solidarity. In the time during your passing age, your brief life, you're spinning in the embryonic stage, catapulting to morontial existence where a partnership will become more visible, more enticing - a cooperative partnership in the service of Our Sovereign, the universal sovereignty of Michael, orchestrating by design.

The mission to teach the rebellion torn planets, damaged, despaired, disturbed, in turmoil, forgotten, are overshadowed with a net, colorful, glistening, composed of love. A gauze sweeps down, gently settles on your troubled world and through the gauze, like electrical sparks flashes forth with the power and the surge of Michael's divine realm. His reign is sweet and forgiving and succors the suppliants and soothes the fevers and the spinning to almost ceaseless. The surcease of sorrow is presented in the softness of the shepherd's call, gently whispering in the night, the fleece of love, the pat, laying you down in your own green pastures under the stars by the edge of a forest. The mushrooms, the fervent valleys are absorbing the love of our Master, Our Sovereign/ who recognizes that every spin and every sadness and every pain shall receive tenfold a joyous embrace, a soothing repast and a feast on the spiritual plains - never to be forgotten as you sup on the nectar of the ambrosia of time.

Nebadonia, her eternal mind of everlasting grace, is assisted by angelic support for the purpose of promulgating the mission of Michael's reign, in full accordance with the mandate of His parents, the Eternal Son, the Universal Father. Dictating Creator Sons within the seventh superuniverse will minister in full force, in excited expression of mercy, foremost, primarily to promulgate merciful compassion and over riding love to all beings - to purposefully soothe the troubled, painful state of affairs. Hesitate not to continue in your ministry. Accept the guidance, build upon your faith. Support each other in your social endeavors. The outcropping of your world will chip off, fade away. The internal core burns bright, refurbishes, rejuvenates, repairs all under the auspices of your sovereign ruler, Michael of Nebadon.

Now and forever more in the rule of the Supreme by the entreaty of the Trinity - in accord with the Ancients of Days, a mandated response of harmonious interplay in the unified authority of the magnificent administration, assisting in the outpouring of repairing the damage that's been done in your own lives. If it's spinning out of control, unstable, sad and despairing, forget not the message of the Master on Golgotha to the thief and murderer, "Today you will taste Paradise. You will be with Me," and your fears are forgotten as you translate with the children of light through the passage of time to the entrance to the gateway from your world, on the shields of the angels. You'll see spinning as you never imagined, propelled like a rocket, through Satania. For the feast we prepare awaits you all - victims and victors at the table of divine repast by the gracious generosity of Nebadonia and Michael in glorious consort for the true embrace of ultimate love. A long winded, about the town, answer for a short question to rest assured you are not forgotten, but held in the mental embrace of the celestial teachers as you mold your soul growth by concerted effort and by a faith, remarkable, outstanding in its light, and forthwith, you'll continue apace of you generous spirit.


OLFANA (T/R Jim) This is Olfana. Tarkas graciously allows us to speak in his stead tonight. I would respond briefly to Sussi, my dear Sussi, by suggesting to each of you, and at the risk of sounding simplistic, that you must live in balance of mind, body, and spirit and it would be a helpful exercise perhaps to look at your day and see how it's divided - activities of the mind, activities of the body, activities of the spirit, and as you balance, you will be happier. You will give more, you will be in a balance that allows you to be graceful and beautiful in service of your brothers and sisters. And so, find this balance. And secondly, I would suggest to you that you are not recognizing your own beauty, that you are not recognizing your own selves. I would suggest that each day you go to the mirror and look into this mirror and look into your eyes and know yourself at a deeper level.

There is nothing I could tell you or advise you beyond this, for it will be quite apparent when you conduct his exercise that you will find many questions and many answers. Each day that you do this you will encounter a somewhat different countenance and you will begin to see yourself and understand yourself in different ways. And so do this and know yourself. Our comrade, Nero, has often admonished us to know our mind, for too many times humans seem to not trust their minds and feel that they would be playing tricks on themselves because they don't trust their mind to discern what is true, what contains beauty, what contains goodness. They do not trust themselves to use the great endowment of mind.

And so, you must know your mind and trust your mind. This is a mission. This is a quest. You must know yourselves, and when you know yourselves you will be able to apply yourselves fully in growing your soul and helping in the soul growth of others by being there for them with full knowledge of yourself and your mission, full knowledge of them and their missions and their selves, in empathy. They are fellow humans. They are your brothers and sisters, Yes, they are your species. They are beautiful as you are, for they are God's creation as you are. It's a contract to love them. God created you in love. You are here to create in love. Create in love. You were given the power to create life - co-create life - do so in love. And love all creation and love your brothers and sisters as I love you. Thank you for listening. I will see you soon.

Gina: That was very interesting, but it also brings up a question. This is Gina and generally I'm fairly outgoing and I always want to do good to people... I don't know why, and lately, I am reprimanded for that. I mean I get really bitched at. So, how are you going to handle that part?

OLFANA (T/R Jim) Are your associates complaining that you are...

Gina: Probably too bossy, or too domineering. They say I scare them. I'm scary. I keep looking in the mirror, too, and I say "Can't anybody see that beauty within me?"

Sussi: Well, maybe they're afraid of something in themselves. You're a wonderful, beautiful, giving person. I don't find you fearful at all.

Stephanie: You're loyal and you're faithful.

Sussi: And you're not bossy...like you used to be.

Gina: Do you have any suggestion, Olfana? I'm open.


OLFANA (T/R Jim): Each of you have traits that are annoying to other people. This is a wonderful opportunity to practice your sense of humor, because each of you are so precious - such children - and you all mean so well. Irritations are almost like antidotes; they can make people more beloved to others. When you truly have a sense of spiritual joy within you then these irritations fall away.

But, so many in the world are struggling, hassled, and quite self contained in their defensive postures and self knowing and are often irritated by those who seem to be telling them something that they think they already know. And, it becomes somewhat of a threat to them. But, such a conversation as this can sink into a morass of misunderstandings, for truly, each of you is a different, unique, personality with you own styles and behaviors. You are so beloved to us that we look beyond minor irritants that, of course, will bother those of your brothers and sisters who are truly troubled and hassled and struggling just to make it through the day. Be not deterred but consider a soft approach, a loving approach, a graceful approach with humility and sympathy. and, Jesus, of course, is the perfect example. In the rereading of your text you find numerous situations. You could perhaps close the book and close your eyes and look within yourself and say "How would I respond? My blossom is partly open; I'm a growing flower; I'm a child of the universe. How would I have responded?" And it would be perhaps instructive practice to develop your own responses to situations that Jesus faced, situations that you face, and try to find the parallel and to blend your actions to what the Master would have done or said. Truly, this is the pattern example which Jesus' life presents to you. And, they're emulating this manner of strength and power enraptured in graciousness and gentleness.

Truly, it is a remarkable set of characteristics to which you can aspire. I would not worry too much, Dear Gina, about those who feel your personality is too hard edged, for, your commitment is getting across to these people, none the less. as you continue to soften and mature and blend your teaching, your guidance style, you will be better and better and better at loving and teaching and inspiring. You are doing as well. Do not be detracted by small comments of insignificant complaints. You are doing well and you are developing your personality constantly so that you are approaching those who need your help with greater maturity, grater balance, greater reason, and in greater knowing of what Jesus would have said, for truly you are empowered - as each of you are in this room to do good service and love you brothers in profound and meaningful ways. Thank you.

Gina: Thank you. You're my angel today. Thank you.

Stephanie: I would like to ask a pedantic question.

Sussi: I don't know what that is. Is it dirty?

Jim: Pedantic is not here tonight. (Much laughter)


Stephanie: I'm trying to bring together three strains right now and I'm really preoccupied with this. I would like to have a little more information if I might. I'm a teacher and I'm involved with students. And, of course, I'm a student, too, in the Melchizedek University. I have been studying some materials that pull together some information from the Urantia Book that, in the new dispensation, either our beloved Christ Michael will reappear on this planet, or an Avonal Son will appear, or both of them will appear and all twelve Melchizedeks will join them, incarnate, which thrills me to death.

I don't know whether that will happen in my lifetime, but the idea of its happening is thrilling to me. Of the twelve Melchizedeks, several actually teach. Malvantra is working with Stephen as a teacher. Certainly Machiventa works as a teacher directly through the T/Rs to the students in the teaching mission. But, I know there are twelve Melchizedeks and I'm curious to know if you teachers have the equivalent of classes with them? Can you tell me more about this wonderful corps of receivers that has been with us since the Adamic default? I seem to be so interested in the teacher/learner relationship and getting the message of these teachings out to the world. I'd like to, kind of, flesh out my understanding of the Melchizedek University a little more.

MALVANTRA: The Melchizedeks are universal teachers under the auspices of Divine Rule and their Father Melchizedek. They are assigned throughout the universe of Nebadon under emergency orders in urgent circumstances through rebellion and default. They are assigned to rebellion worlds. Their missions are varied. Their assignment as instructor, as educators, as explainers, to enhance, to counsel, to preserve the light of truth, as vicegerent to administer and to assist Michael's mission is not fraught with danger, but is assisted by able bodied Melchizedeks as a crucial element in the leadership of the teaching mission in Norlatiadek. They are assigned in a counselor capacity. Melchizedek Universities are administered by Melchizedeks in various parts of Nebadon. They are a corps, tried and tested. Rebellion has not tainted their numbers. They remain steadfast, their loyalties unquestionable. Their wisdom is respected beyond the bounds of Nebadon. They have a divine strain through their beings but they are localized. They remain in Nebadon. Michael's return to Urantia is a secret known only to Him. Melchizedeks are not privy to the sovereign's internal secret agenda. Gabriel would be notified of a transportation or appearance. Michael would naturally coordinate with the Nebadon Melchizedeks who all support and assist in such an enterprise. Gabriel has no knowledge, and does not presume to predict.

Second Coming

However, the Melchizedeks teach Michael's promise to return to Urantia is a fact in the waiting, potential to happen. In terms of time sequence, identity unknown. In terms of fact, the fact of Michael's return is the assurance of His word and the belief in His good will. The Melchizedeks of Michael's reign reveal nothing of His personal plans, and assist Him in the teaching mission, as is His wont. Edentia is rife with Melchizedeks. Jerusem has frequent visitations. Urantia, as rightly delineated, has a contingent of Melchizedek teachers whose purpose is direct coordination with the Midwayers, with angelic liaison administrations in coordination with celestial visitors under the auspices remember, of the Vicegerency of Machiventa Melchizedek, present on your world, unknown to many, but transmitting messages, and revealed to some.

Your attunement with your personal Monitor is the key to your questionable mystery. The more in tuned you become to the divine leadings, similarly, you will increase your awareness and your capability to receive and to respond to spiritual energies that occur in your path and that are available on the planet. Melchizedeks are powerful beings that emit tremendous amounts of spiritual energy. By your attunement to your own Adjuster, you improve you machinations and your capacity to receive, and your receptivity of their field of energy. Do not tarry in hesitancy to determine which pattern of incarnations would be applied to your troubled world. These are divine designations that rarely are revealed prior to occurrence to beings of a nature not equalized with the authority that is legislated.

That is a judicial determination. Forthwith, confused yourself, it's a quandary that perplexes us. We bask in uncertainty. We are unsure of the incarnation plan, however, it is incumbent upon us to reveal your planet is flooded with the receivership of celestial teachers under the loyal rule of Michael. I bid you a fond farewell and a sweet repose for your time and the gratitude we feel in your golden hearts as you attune to the messages. The glow of your faith is a blessing. Receive the love.

Stephanie: Thank you, Dear Malvantra. How wonderful.

Sussi: Olfana, I have a question for you. The teaching mission is bigger. You're touching all different kinds of people. I haven't been with the Urantia group here for awhile and I feel kind of disconnected. I'm wondering if the teachers are still watching us or able to be in contact with us? I feel like I've been in the stillness more and I'm still and block of wood at times. I'm wondering what your connection is? As a matter of fact, what you told me? Somebody must have been sitting behind me at my computer today because your answer was exactly what I was typing in a personal growth project for myself - it's a balance of activities in mind, body and spirit. What you said couldn't have been said without having someone standing behind me. Was someone there with me today? Are you still with me?

OLFANA (t/R Jim): Your sense of humor serves you well. Yes, we look at things from very different perspectives, so that we wonder sometimes at the questions you ask. There are many movements on Urantia. This is one of them and they emanate from the hearts and souls of individuals and through all of their organizations: churches, spiritual organizations, corporations, schools, everywhere. The Correcting Time is all encompassing. It is effecting every heart, every soul, every mind of people who are yearning for deeper levels of spirituality and knowingness of God. And so, yes, there are many, many servants to this correcting time here who are anxious to give their love and support and inspiration and we are with you constantly. We have our favorites, and you are one of mine, so I check in very frequently.

Sussi: Do you really?

Universe Broadcasts

OLFANA: It is much easier than you can imagine, for, we actually can broadcast here from far-flung worlds as if we were in the room. Mastery of Universal broadcasts and circuitry will be a profound achievement which you're probably a great distance from, realizing that these initial openings of celestial contact through this very simple means of transmitting, channeling, receiving, and presenting information which is common on many worlds is a beginning here. But, there is much, much, much to be done here. There is so much widespread suffering and torment. There are so many - not thousands, but millions - millions of you are suffering from the ravages of hunger, disease, bombs, murder. And, it is true that the Melchizedeks are strong in purpose, strong in commitment, their mission is going strongly in every way, commemorated by the universe broadcasts from Naperville on Machiventa's ascendancy here to employ Urantia as headquarters world in the reclamation of these many planets. So, Machiventa is here, but the advent of the Melchizedeks does not bring peace and good will on earth, just as the grand incarnation of Jesus did not, for many things must come to violent, and even a tumultuous head on Urantia for old grievances to be submerged in a new aura of love and brotherhood. And, you are seeing profound conflict and change all about you which will challenge you to bring forth a higher realization of you civilization. And so, these tumultuous times will bring forth great spiritual awakening, but not for some time, as the world works through these many problems - serious ethnic hatreds which have worsened through the centuries. These must come to a head and must be healed, and they will. In these momentous times you must be steadfast in love, compassion, and centeredness with God so that you can respond in your aura with the lessons that you can teach, the inspiration you can give, and the love which you can bring forth like a magnet to those suffering about you. As your numbers increase by scores, by hundreds, by thousands, by millions, people will clamor for a better world and people will build a better world. And we will do this all together in glory to the Father and to bring forth the great return of Michael to this troubled world - to bring forth the final resurrection into the joyous era of light and life - a long journey, and we are all privileged to be part of it. Thank you so much.

Sussi: I'm glad to know that you check in.

OLFANA (T/R Jim) We are notorious eavesdroppers.

Gina: Are you checking in on all of us?

OLFANA (T/R Jim): We enjoy you so.


TARKAS (T/R Jim): I am Tarkas. Just to squeeze in a few words and syllables - it's been wonderful being with you tonight and we look forward to continuing our frequent visits in the future. We will come back and we will bring our entire retinue again. Good night.

All: Thank you. Thank you. We love you teachers. We really enjoy it.