2002-02-10-Good Practice To Worship

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Topic: Good Practice to Worship

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your lighthearted atmosphere here this evening makes this task so much more simple and enjoyable. You each individually possess great strength and power, but collectively we are able to do so much more than you know. I am with gratitude to Father for His unfailing guidance and watch-care, for at this point in time I dread to think of what existence might be without it.


Through the power of worship I find that I get to understand Father a bit more, I perceive His true nature. As mortals we can assume a great many aspects of deity personalities, but it is through worship that we release our preconceived notions, and are opened to greater understanding of who our First Source and Center really is. God is who you make Him, so to speak. He is whatever possibilities that are in your minds view of Him. We can be limited by our faith levels or we can excel with divine possibilities. Through the good practice of worship we are expanding our thought reality into knowing the true nature of our Father.

To perceive Father as a harsh judge has us live our lives with the fear that everything we do is under constant scrutiny, and will be judged and either condemned or commended, depending on the situation--certainly a limited way to live the mortal life. As we better know Father, we learn He is a true Caretaker, in that He truly desires to see us excel in everything we do. With this faith level we will live our lives as if the universe is with us and there is nothing we cannot do.

At this point in time this part of the world is truly the hub of Urantia. With all the activities taking place here now we are learning to cross many historic barriers to incorporate the Brotherhood of Man on earth. While these Olympic games are competitive, they hold more now than ever such goodwill and sportsmanship. While each individual strives for their personal best, they are always working for the good of the whole team.

The energy that is being generated is definitely nutrition for the cosmic mind. While a great many individuals have come together to organize these games, a great many more celestial organizers have come to put this goodwill experience into a plan of action that will further generate new avenues of spiritual development. In the struggle of competition we are learning that no victory is ever worth hurting another.

As we begin to really understand our Father, we begin to love one another as He loves us. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your joy is my joy. As we begin to really know the Source from which all things stem, we see the connection between all of us. We see the downfall of another is our downfall. We see we have the power to heal or wound. When we understand the true nature of Father, we better understand the equality between all His children, all the races, gender, financial status and positions of power and prestige. There really is no seat any higher than another in the Kingdom.

To expand your understanding on the true nature of Father we feel we have a distinct place in the universe. We need not act out to draw attention to our own importance, no, for true joy comes from within. Joy comes from knowing the spiritual life is real. God is real and we live our lives as if we believe in that with all our heart and mind, yes.

[Last week we spoke of attachments and how they create a distorted perception of reality. Our priorities change from Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to selfish purposes or survival purposes, yes. The hardest disappointments to bear are those realities you have built your life on--revealing themselves to be unstable, as if you have wasted so much time and energy putting your heart and mind into these things.

Do not waste anymore time in the punishment of regret, the limited mindal game of 'only if.' Move onto a new thought direction, become enthusiastic over future possibilities from past lessons learned. Do not dwell in your regrets and become further limited by them, no. God really is who you make Him out to be. That concept is extremely influential in your own mind. You will definitely live your life accordingly.

Perhaps the best method of understanding the true nature of God is to strengthen your relationship with the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus of Nazareth, Son of Man, Son of God. What do we know of the Master? He was undoubtedly tender, and yet possessed an indescribable divine strength. He was personable, and yet able to relate with all people from all walks of life. He was indeed sympathetic, but never allowed His fellows to lay down before their troubles. The Master could be found doling out words of power and wisdom, and yet find humor in most everything--superbly balanced, yes. If you have seen the Son--you have seen the Father. While the two personalities are definitely distinct and individual, their personality characteristics are alike in many ways. We come to know Father through the setting aside of ourselves in worship. We come to know the Son through working out life's details through conferring with the Son.

The best that we can strive for is God-likeness and to reinforce these relationships with Father and the Master we learn their personality aspects, their attributes. In the God-likeness is where we will find the best of ourselves. It is where we will take up the banner of Brotherhood and lay down the shield of selfishness. In doing our best are we at a most awesome position to serve, to be apostles and ambassadors for the Kingdom.

As our perception grows of the true nature of God, then do we learn more about ourselves. Yes, there is a little more understanding when we make mistakes. There is a little more tenderness when we find we measure not up to our own expectations. There is always the increased hope that while we are fallible beings, our Caretakers lead us ever Heavenward, and the past is simply stepping stones.

You have great opportunity now, my friends, to truly touch the lives of those you come into contact with. Not through the preaching and teaching from the Book, no, but through simply showing that you really care, that you are really standing side-by-side with your fellows. You can make a huge difference in their lives by showing a bit of interest in who they are. People become more important when you understand the true nature of our Caretakers, attachments release their hold on you and you can really begin to serve, to make a difference, to be a director of destiny, yes.

This week journal your thoughts on the aspects of Father and Michael. How are you limited by your beliefs? How have your beliefs changed in just this past year and how are you better because of it? Continue to work on detaching from those things that do not direct destiny, do not leave a lasting impression of all that is good, yes.

This is a new time in history, children. The spiritual energy is becoming more potent, and of course, energy moves matter. Time will seem to move more swiftly and your participation in it will not only be of great assistance to us but a tremendous joy to you.


No questions. I do have a deep and abiding love for you each. I would be most honored to meet with you in your stillness Journaling time. Think not that you are unknown to me or the spiritual realm. Believe that you are an integral part of this wonderfully orchestrated universe. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.