2002-02-28-Magnets of Love

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Topic: Magnets of Love

Group: Welmek Group


Teacher: Machiventa, Abraham

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Machiventa: This is Machiventa Melchizedek who addresses you this evening. Your teacher, Welmek, has graciously afforded me this opportunity to address you now. And he will not be joining you this evening so I may speak a few words to you, and then teacher Abraham will be here for the lesson.


Urantia, Transformation

You have made a bold decision to be here this evening and to hear the words we impart to you. The methods of truth have long been subverted on Urantia. And now with the spiritual currents opened and available to all, the upreach by humans and the down grasp of spirit is complete. It is a time of great triumph and joy as we watch events unfold on this strife-filled world. But that time is limited. And as we boldly move forward into a new era, the dawn of truth, the era of light and life, it gives me great pleasure to address you personally, for each of you has chosen to be an instrumental piece in the healing of your world. We commend you for this, for it is your faith that is now setting the stage for this planetary transformation. And the more public you make your faith proclaimed to your brothers and sisters, the greater the healing and transformative effect it will have on the collective consciousness, social environment and physical structure of this world. Will this be an easy undertaking? It will have its challenges and it will have its triumphs, but I say to you there is no other opportunity like this now, and I encourage you to find those deep recesses within your being that call you forth into action now, and let them overtake you and move you more assuredly in this brave direction. What greater service can you offer your brothers and sisters than this, your walk of faith, your proclamation of faith by your everyday moment to moment actions? You are the brave ones my friends, you are the true heroes of your world. Step proudly into this awareness. Serve Michael! Serve one another! Love one another and transform this world! I take my leave. Good evening.

Service, Opportunity

Abraham: Good evening, my dear brothers and sisters of this planet. This is your brother once in the flesh, Abraham, who is now addressing you. While I am no longer in the form in which you inhabit, I do have many memories of that time in my life. And I tell you now, as one who was once like you, to cherish these moments of being human. For once you have passed from the form of the flesh, those opportunities that you now have placed before you to minister to your brothers and sisters as humans will no longer exist. Each person you encounter is a tiny helpless babe, who is yearning for your loving touch, for your kind words of encouragement, for your gentle ministrations. This is what each person on this world now needs massive doses of. As you open your hearts and allow more of the Father's love to flow through you, will you let this love penetrate deeply into your brothers and sisters, by your hands, by your arms, by your words, through your eyes? These are your methods of conveyance of the Father's love. And I say to you now, as wide as you can make them, let Him pour through each cell of your being the most concentrated and purest form of love, as you minister to your brothers and sisters.

Your bodies are being attuned to sense, open, receive, and administer this love. You may not be fully aware of all of the vibrational attunements that are happening within you. But I do say to you, when you are in your times of stillness, it is most propitious for you if you were to tell your body now to receive this massive outpouring of love in through you. By its very nature then you will no longer be able to contain it, and its outpouring into the people you encounter will be palpable. They will feel it. They will know you are the very minister of the Father's love. They will come to you. You will have that magnetic pull that will draw them to you. But what I am suggesting tonight is to be consciously aware of now of being this magnet - of consciously saying within your heart , within your mind, "yes, I am the Father's magnet. I pull everyone within my sphere of influence to me, so that they can know of the Father." There is nothing quite like this happening here and now that has happened before on this planet.

As we watch you rise to these challenges, to these opportunities of service, of loving ministry; we are filled with such hope, such anticipation and expectation of the unfolding of Michael's plan. I daresay that you can, from your perspective at this point, be able to fully understand and comprehend the enormity of what you do. But I know your hearts, I know your willingness, and I know you will rise to meet this new life that now awaits you. I would be willing to hear your comments on this, if you have any to share and then we can move on to your questions.



Student: Just a comment, Abraham. I was watching a video about an Indian enlightened teacher, a Ramana Maharishi. He sure was a magnet for the Father's love the way you put it. In the video there's all these people trailing behind him, walking. Wherever he walks, they walk. It's just pitiful. Sometimes there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people just sitting in his front yard, basically, wanting to be near him. And, what you said, made me think of his example of magnetizing people, through the Father's, through this love. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out, because that was the image that came to mind.

Abraham: Human love magnets are still quite the anomaly, are they not?

Student: They really are. I mean there are celebrities that attract people, but that's not the same, of course. It seems to be a rarity.

Abraham: And when people are in the presence, a soul hunger is touched, and the people crave this or they instinctively and intuitively know that this is what they need as their spiritual sustenance. And so, like the child, who clings to his mother's breast, these people cling to this teacher for they get their very souls' nourishment from him. But I say to you, in being a love magnet, this does not mean that you must have this ground-swelling entourage follow you throughout your day. For we encourage each of you, if you rise to this challenge to become this love magnet, to actually allow your brothers and sisters to find the independence that they need to stand on their own feet and become children of the Father in their own right. And so you help them find the source that is within them. You help them to find that. You help them stay anchored in that. You help them to stay confident in their own ability to connect with that on a practical and consistent basis. Do you see the distinction between the two dynamics here?

Student: One being a guru making people dependent on him and the other being a teacher who's giving people tools to take on their own, to do, to use without the guru's presence.

Abraham: Yes, exactly.

Student: To his credit, this teacher did not permit people to make him into a guru and he was one of the first in the century to really turn that away. But certainly your point is well taken.

Abraham: The true love magnet has no need for self-aggrandizement. The true love magnet will allow those individuals to become magnetized in their own right and to spread the love as they go by. But there is something inherent in human nature that cultivates this dependence. And it is within the humans as a bond that exists between the divine parent and the human child that is natural and that is one that will endure as the individual progresses through their universe up until the time when they leave for their spirit career in the greater superuniverse.

And so there is this somewhat of an artificial bond that the humans may attach themselves to the human love magnet instead of attaching themselves to the divine love source. And so it will be incumbent upon you to help the individual to expand their cosmology and to know who and where and what is the divine source, so that these individuals will be attached to the true source at all times. Do you see the distinction here?


Student: I do. And I have a follow-up question. A practical question about that, because you mentioned expanding the cosmology. Many of my friends follow this teacher that I mentioned and his tradition and as you may know I'm publishing a book about that as well. And all of these people are aware, through this teacher and through his lineage, of the indwelling spirit. But they don't have a cosmology, like you were saying, that includes the Paradise Father and Christ Michael and the Mother. And, I would just love to have your guidance on how to work with those people to expand their cosmology. And short of giving them a Urantia Book, I mean, how do you, how would you go about expanding their cosmology for those who already understand the indwelling spirit teaching, what Ramana Marharishi calls, "The Witness", the "Divine Witness within".

Abraham: I would emphasize the relationship that exists between divine parent and human child. Within these religious philosophies is a sense of self autonomy, is there not? (Byron - Yes.) And self-autonomy indicates a posture of independence. That I say to you, this sense of independence is illusory for in as much as you are children within a segmented section of the universe, you have obligations and responsibilities toward your divine parents. And they have responsibilities and obligations to help you mature, help you to grow in understanding of the environment of the universe, just as the human parents have the responsibility to teach their children about the ways of the physical world.

And so, if you were to use this simple analogy and say, in the universe there are many levels of worlds and experiences to come to understand and you live in a vast universe, teaming with life, awash in ideas and facts to learn. And you have these wonderful parents who want to teach you and help you to grow and to learn the ways of the universe. You have reached an age of maturity in your physical being, but have you truly reached a spiritual maturity that would allow you to know all of these things and to experience everything that you could possibly imagine? And so if a person is truly honest and sincerely seeking, they will answer, "no, I would like to learn more." And then you can introduce the idea of the analogy of the spiritual parents and help them to understand that there is no reason for them to be autonomous now and to be independent, but to go to their spiritual parents for their needs and to help them foster this relationship of being small children still of the spirit with tremendous potential and capacity to learn. Let that be the posture that will most serve them or best serve them at this time - one of spiritual dependence on their divine parents. Is this helpful to you?

Student: Yeah, it sure is. Thank you, Abraham. I'll be able to use that. And now I will yield the floor to others, unless you have any more to say on that.

Abraham: The eastern religions have fostered a great understanding of the nature of consciousness, but it has reached its zenith in that regard and now it is time for an expanded awareness of the intrinsic nature and the relationship between spirit child and divine parents. And this is one that will trigger great amazement, conversation, and interest when it is presented with love and with the true intention to serve.

Abraham: I will be most happy to entertain your questions.


Student: Abraham, I would first like to express my gratitude for your teaching and your wisdom. I'm just coming into an understanding of my own faith and beliefs and feeling called to speak it and not knowing quite how. I'm having some fear about how it will be received and so any guidance you can give me in that regard would be appreciated.

Abraham: My dear sister, how well I understand your reservations. How well I understand human ego resistance to hearing the truth, to being aware enough in one's own mind to embrace the light that another shares. I encourage your efforts to speak out and to minister to others. And as you find your confidence within yourself building, you will find your reservations diminishing about how the words you speak are perceived. For you will find that in connecting with your spirit and allowing those impulses you sense within you to grow stronger, they will begin to formulate ideas and words within you that will seem to be naturally spoken. This will unfold in time. This will take time for you to feel the faith pull so strongly in you that you can speak your truth with confidence. I am encouraging you to think about what it is that you would like to convey to people as you minister to them. What is it that your spirit is communicating to you that is something that would be naturally received by them. When you enter into a conversation with another person, take a few a moments to compose your mind, to open the spiritual current and to say, "Not my words Father, but yours." This is always the most effective posture that you can take in dealing with another human. For any communicating from the spirit, you will instinctively be addressing their spirit and their spirit will have an opportunity to communicate to them in their own time and at their level of receptivity. And one other communication skill or secret which I would like to share with you is to open your heart and draw a line from your heart to theirs' and say: "Father let your love flow from me into them so they can feel my sincerity, they can feel Your presence in me and know that I am representing you in speaking to them. Does this help? (Student: Yes. Thank you very much.) You will also have these words in written form to help you remember at a future date. It would be advisable to read this answer to you several times so that it allows the words to permeated and penetrate deep within your being.

Are there other questions I may address for you this evening?

Student: Yes, Abraham. This is D. I'm not sure if this is a question or not but over the past three or four months, I have been tested in my faith in deepening by connection and communion with God, my Father. And I feel like I have been succeeding in opening up myself to the love and to the excellent being, that love made. And it seems that over the last couple days, in fact, when I was at the stillness with D, It's like my whole being is opening up, but at the same time I feel very

(Tape ends and a portion of the conversation was not recorded. Tape picked up at the point where a student was asking a question about why a family member was having headaches.

Abraham: Answer continuing. It appears as if there is some incompleteness in some of the neuron connections and there are pockets of gray matter or shadows that are not allowing the neurotransmitters to complete their job and at times there are certain physiological conditions fostered by certain foods. This can trigger the incompletion of exchange and create pressure and headache. I encourage you to look at those healing modalities that help to re-electrify and re-encircuit the neurotransmitters. There are certain homeopathic and aroma therapeutic substances that will be beneficial. But I feet that this would be better addressed in another setting at a later date. For there is other information that would be helpful for you to hear and learn, but I believe for right now, this will help you in your ministration to her. Is this acceptable to you? (Yes, it is. Thank you.)


I perceive there is a natural shift in the attention span now in the transmitter so I deem it best to conclude, and to say that I have enjoyed my time with you this evening for I rarely do speak to this group. And so I send you my prayers for you continued growth and revealing of the Father's love in your life. Shalom.