2002-03-06-Always Something To Adjust

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Topic: Always Something To Adjust

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



George: "I'm quite aware of your presence, and I feel it is nothing short of a small miracle that you have found time for me on your extensive rounds. I greet you my dear brother."

Dr. Mendoza: "I greet you my dear friend and earthly colleague. It is with the assignment of keeping you healthy, crisp, and about your task, that I am visiting you on this occasion in your snow covered home away from home, and I want for you to straighten your back to allow me to do a minor operation."

(Two minutes go by as the Doctor makes some adjustments).

George: "There now. Done. "Crisp" again and duly stamped "suitable for human consumption".

Dr. Mendoza: "It is with those of you who are in a spiritual pursuit, and with some vengeance, that I exercise the particular care your animal bodies require, and it is on frequent occasions that I visit you, George, but it is hardly a matter for great delight on my part that I almost always find some organ to be in need of an adjustment.

"You advocates of Michael's care giving do not as yet have the resilience of a never-aging Celestial, Midwayer, or even that of a mortal who has found the perfect balance of a life in constant equilibrium. It is that aspect of human life on this planet, that gives you so many things to think of, to organize, to keep up with, that makes it necessary for you to be granted a Father Fragment for broad guidance throughout your stay in this realm -- assuredly a difficult, but also necessary, career of time/space learning -- and, occasionally, with a little help from the likes of me.

"You are of animal origin, and at the same time you are a potential eternal Spirit Being. And although our work is more difficult, and involves longer hours at the operating theater, we do not tire. Over centuries and centuries we gain more experience. We never forget. We never sleep. We never age. But in each twenty-four hours, we set aside time to commune with, and worship, our Creators.

"We remain young, lose no time in slumber, have excellent everlasting memories to help us go about our tasks more efficiently. We experience no fatigue, but treasure above all our interactions with our mortal cousins of generation after generation.

"Our ability to travel at great speeds, as you have witnessed, allows us to be on hand whenever emergencies occur. And it is there, in the "difficult" places -- the arena of your war games -- where I must so frequently be in service.

"I have looked forward to this visit, since I was, through duty, missing from the "entourage" that accompanied your recent travels, but I returned to be with you and to assure you that our association will always be strong, and that we will continue to be a workgroup even though in time, and for a time, we will be separated from each other.

"As your generation translates to higher realms, we carry on with our (indistinguishable -- but sounds like "earthly duties"). Also, this is an opportunity to cement our relationship and inter-species association in distant healing with the ever-growing list of subscribers who have the healing qualities, and have trust and belief in their abilities, and long to contribute.

"We need to work together, human and Midwayer, and the time has once again arrived when we will journey to far places and heal the hurts of countless souls.

"Right now, I prescribe much sleep for you, brother."


George: "..love you, Mendoza. Thanks heaps."

Dr. Mendoza: "I am Mendoza. I am MNO-8. Adieu."