2002-03-31-Be About the Father's Business

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Topic: Be About the Father's Business

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Michael

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to see you children at work for the Kingdom. Your concerned natures bring awareness to many, which helps shift the mind-sets of the masses.


Honesty, Responsibility

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty." This time of purification and liberation from the old has not been one of ease, no. It has taken courage and stamina to allow our divine Overseers to cut away at the unfruitful branches. Healed individuals make for a healed world. Our best hope of healing comes through education and a willingness to grow, no matter the cost.

Judas, the apostle of old, paid a great price for his unwillingness to be healed through self-honesty. He did not allow the spiritual life to remove his unfruitful branches. Judas harbored ongoing thoughts of revenge, which always--in his own mind--resulted in him appearing to be the victor. This man knew not the freedom in humility, the freedom in being honest with self and Father.

Other apostles also struggled with these mindal strains, and it was through their love for the Master that they were able to be honest in all situations with self, Father and their brethren, which led to purification and the cutting away of the dead branches, the spirit poisons, yes, dead branches or those things which do not serve in a wholesome manner.

As we allow this purification, this renewal, we are again becoming as little children, open to adventure, curious and enthusiastic about life to come. Judas failed to see the beauty in this freedom, in this releasing of old to take up the new. Although his upbringing had him believing he was superior among his fellows, he still had every opportunity to learn different, to learn better.

There comes a time in your spiritual growth when you must take full responsibility of who you are now. There comes a point when you can no longer blame others for who you have become. Judas failed to learn anymore because he believed he already knew everything there was to know. This is spiritual death.

As we are reborn as little children in the Kingdom are we refreshed and ready to take in more, take in new. We are moving. We are progressing. This is spiritual life. Healed people make for a healed world, which progresses into Light and Life. It has been our Mission to naturally help you to find healing and hope of a new and better world. I would offer a prayer:

Our Father, who can do all things, we are willing to be made new in spirit, mind and body. Our beloved Spirit Mother, we are open to your Adjutant Mind Spirits, which light our path to Paradise. Our Brother/Father, Spirit of Truth, Creator of our universe home, we are open to receiving your Spirit, your vision of freedom, your courage to live the mortal life as you did. Our beloved Caretakers guide us into that healing which also heals this world. Remove our unfruitful branches, those stumbling blocks, which blind you from our sight. Create in us a clean heart and mind. Open us and prepare us for that spiritual upstep we need to escort Urantia into Light and Life.

Presence, Service

MICHAEL: My children, believers in the eternal adventure, I am your Brother/Father/Friend and Co-creator with you in all things. I look at your faces and I am overfilled with a love that has had no beginning, nor will ever end. I see you as you are, the truly beautiful souls that diligently work toward advancement, toward knowing me and knowing Father.

You can hardly know the anguish I am made to feel when I see how you perceive yourselves and one another. This is not a world of chaos or an orphan who has been left outside in the cold, no. I have been here all along, your Paradise Compass, your Light in the storm, your Gardener. What I see before me is experiential beauty and eternal potential, a flourishing garden with a variety of harvest.

We stand together at the beginning of eternity, the beginning of all potential. Our real work now begins. I have lived to show you life. I have also died to show you life anew. I have, without ever questioning my Father, experienced this life, your life, to the fullest. I sought no escape--for you, for Father, for my universe. I lived so that you may know life, so that you may carry on in the face of all obstacles and challenges.

You, Mission citizens, are more than prepared to take up my example, more than qualified to show my flock life lived with courage, faith, and enduring, not wavering, enduring dedication to living a spiritual life, a life dedicated to wanting what Father wants.

As I review my Urantian bestowal I have no regrets. I have no desire to change one single thing. I am wholly satisfied with my adventure, for Father carried me through His eternal purpose and plan. He upheld me as a mortal, as a Creator Son, as His child. I found out who I really was as I trusted Him, as I relied on Him, as I held to faith, no matter what. Surely He will do these things for you. Surely you will assist your fellows in doing these things also.

Allow the unfruitful branches to be left behind. Allow the past to be the past, take therefrom the meanings and values. Take up your faith and be healed. Lay down your mortal guard of pride. Be refreshed in the Light of the new. Be cleansed in the water of life. Move with confidence that you are with me and together we will be about he Father's business. Together we will minister to your brothers and sisters, my children. Together we will take up our cosmic responsibility and usher this world into a new era.

Our work is great and our time is accelerated. We can no longer afford to be held back by the half-hearted. We can no longer afford to be dragged under by those who refuse to find healing. This is your career, children. This is what you have so long waited for. Put down your feelings of unworth. Take up your responsibility as my faith-son, as my faith-daughter, and go forward to work for what will surely be a historical event in all of Nebadon.

Know that I move through you like the wind. You cannot see me, but you can see my affects, my influence. Be not burdened by doubt, for our work is great and we must be about the Father's business. I know you. I know all of you. I am in all of you and you in me. My Spirit is about truth, freedom, and change. Before us we have a grand adventure. Speak to me, for I will be speaking to you. I am about details in all your spirit challenges. I am about peace and shelter for the weary soul. Know me. Work side-by-side with me. Allow my unseen Spirit to show you the changing influence we can create together.

Salvation has been had--you know that. Your work is not about gaining entrance into the heavens, no. It is not about spiritual favor or superiority, no. Your work now concerns the well-being of the universe. It concerns the growth of the Supreme Being. You are no longer about petty mortal happenings, habits, behaviors, past injuries, no. My Mission children, you are keepers of the flame, bringers of the light. Let us be about the Father's business. I am in you and you in me. Carry on.


ABRAHAM: Our gratitude to our Brother/Father, Upholder, Liberator, Michael. We are fully prepared to take up your challenge. We are determined to go forth with your spiritual confidence and power to allow you your work. We allow you your place in us, as you have allowed us ours in you. So be it. Until next week, shalom.